A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 7


“Now, things are going on smoothly, I think we can strike tomorrow instead of Friday.” Lawrence told his guys.
“Yes boss. What is the schedule for today?” One of his guys enquired.
“Visiting the Estate again, to ask for their room.” He replied.
“But sir, the money we’ve spent so far is very much, I still see the possibility of we spending more.” One of them complained.
“Yeah. To get a house to rent, within just a day is not a small things, also the way we’ve planned everything. But, the documents we have come for will make even my tenth generation not to suffer.” He grinned. “I ought to leave everything to you guys but I have to be here to see for myself.” He laughed.
“So, let’s keep hoping and preparing to strike tomorrow.” He said, nodding continuously.
“Who are you? Please tell me.” Richard asked Pemisire as she sat beside him.
“I don’t know the number of times you want me to tell you I am the unknown.” She smiled.
“Is it because you care so much because of me that has made you come early or you ran away from home? How have you been coping, leaving your house when your parents and siblings are around?” He asked her.
“Did I tell you I have parents?” Sher said taking her face away.
“Really? Please tell me your name. For you to have left your Bartendering job because of me, I wish to know you more.”
Pemisire laughed. “I am the unknown, that’s all.” She replied.
“I am sure my friends must be preparing to go to work now, but you are here taking care of me. I appreciate you.” Richard said.
“I told you earlier, maybe God purposely let us meet for me to let you know of his existence and let you know you have to forgive all those who have sinned against you, even when difficult.”
Richard smiled. “You are twisting the discussion again.”
Pemisire laughed.
“The Doctor has assured me that I’ll be discharged this morning. I wish to bury my sister today.” He said, changing the mood.
Pemisire sniffled. “Just.. be patient, take everything easy. I don’t want you to start crying. I will help you start the preparations now, I think I should check on Doctor Kate.” She stood up.
“Thanks so much, I appreciate you.” He said, trying not to cry.
Pemisire smiled faintly. “ALL is well.”
Pemisire sat down beside Richard and handed him her handkerchief. She just returned from Doctor Kate to know about Christie. “I know it isn’t easy, but you have to be patient.” She replied.
“You know it is not easy? As if you’ve passed this stage before. God is still merciful to you.”
Pemisire smiled. “Let me tell you a story about a set of twins.” She sighed and stood up, turning her back at him.
“The two were close, ate together, did buy clothes together, shared love and everything together with their only father. The two lost their mother when they were little to Cancer, lived all along without a mother. The father was rich, influential and really, he was popular. He did all he could do, by not marrying another wife,  a nanny or anyone else. See, the family became one that even if someone wasn’t around, others would not eat. Now, it was on a cold night that the family was killed but just one of the twins could run away. What do you expect her to do? Loosing the mother, father and even twin sister?” She said wiping her own tears too.
“Don’t tell me this is your story.” Richard said as he ,managed to sit down. He was in pain but could risk his wound to sit because of her.
Pemisire turned around and looked into his eyes. “Can you be trusted?” She asked as she wiped her tears again.
“About you? I can keep anything, you are more than a sister to me.” He replied.
Pemisire burst into tears again as she spoke. “I am the only one left.” She told him.
“No! Tell me this is not true, tell me it is a lie!”
“This is true, I tell you this is for real.”
“How have you been managing? You are a strong lady, rich in glamour, great in knowledge, I still can’t believe it.” He was shocked.
“It all happened in less than a month now. I was down! I was broken apart! Richard, I lost Pemisayo and my Dad to the hands of a evil man because of something precious.”
Richard found himself crying for her. “Until you get to another person’s farm, you won’t know your’s is even small compared to another’s.” He said.
“You have to lie down, you know the wound is still fresh. I beg of you, don’t cry any longer.” She sniffed as she wiped her own tears too.
“So, if I may ask. What is your name?” Richard asked.
“Pemisire,” she answered.
“Why would you be discharged as early as this? I never knew it would be as early as this.” Uche said.
“The Doctor said there has been a drastic improvement and besides my own case isn’t bad, if not, I wouldn’t have been allowed to eat for three days, would have been taking drips.” He replied.
“But at first, he painted it as if it was something so great.|” Jay hissed.
Richard smiled. “How has been the office?” He asked.
“Nice.” He replied.
“Where is the unknown?” Uche asked.
“She went home to do something important.” He replied.
“The unknown’s husband.” Jay laughed.
“Anyhow.” Richard hissed. “Guys, you won’t be able to return back to the office, we have something drastic to do.” He told them.
“Like?” Uche asked.
“We are burying her very soon.” He replied.
Jay sighed and sat down. His mood had changed already. “Don’t you think this can be handled when you are completely alright?” He asked him.
“The earlier, the better. The earlier, the memory fades away.” Richard replied.
“Yeah, but where is the place?” Uche asked.
“This hospital’s cementry.” He replied.
“No problem, all is well.” Jay sighed again.