A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 1


Richard slammed the gate as he entered into the house. “I won’t forget my words, if she dies, I die!” He muttered as he stepped into the house.
Pemisire paid the motorcyclist and stood at the front of the house. She shook the gate softly but it was locked already. “What do I do? I’m sure he has gone in to harm himself.” She said, looking around to get someone to help her out but none.
Richard on the other hand had entered into the house and went straight to his room. He picked Christiana’s picture on the Sony Television and started weeping bitterly until he thought of the best idea to end his journey too.
What would Richard do? She didn’t know him really but she could read it in him that he was about to do something annoying. Richard on the other hand didn’t know how to start with himself. He had been thinking if he should stab himself or maybe drink something poisonous.
“Christie! Oh no!” He wept more as he stared at her picture and made up his mind. “Why would I fear death? That man they call God too is a wicked man, even if I kill myself or he kills me, I’ll still surely die. Christie, wait, we are going to see that man together.” He said as he rushed to his feet and ran to the kitchen. “Stabbing myself is the quickest way.” He nodded as he picked up the knife as stared at it for a while.
He didn’t know how to apply it, death too isn’t that easy, is it? He placed it on his neck and shook his head continuously, that would be a very bad place to die. He remembered the smiles on her sister’s face, the tears, the affable characters and words of advice. “Christie!” He shouted and stabbed his belly and went down instantly.
“Boss, it’s done already.” Lawrence’s guys approached him, smiling.
Lawrence’s eyes widened as he stared at them. That wasn’t enough, he had to stand up from the exhilaration reclining sofa in the living room. “Are you serious? Are you guys real?” He asked as fast as he could to express his utmost surprise and happiness.
“Yes sir, she has sent her address.”
“That can’t be real, I don’t… just like that? Thank God for this diary!” He grinned.
“It seems they were so close when they were in school, she was fluent with us. But one thing is about the voice, she didn’t recognize the voice but I think her ecstasy has caused this.”
“That’s her own business, the only thing is to get that mission accomplished! Then, we move to stage two.” He grinned for a while and ended the grin with a frown. “We have to get to the study, I have some plans to work out. The work must start as early as possible.” He shook his head continuously.
“But Boss, that girl… she must not live too.” One of them said.
“None of them will live, by the time I’m through with them.” He laughed monstrously.
“I see trouble.” Pemisire said as she peeped through the gate. She didn’t know what to do, she was short of ideas at that time. “God, why?” She hissed dryly and sighed.
She rushed back to the junction and mounted on a motorcycle as quick as she could. She wasn’t familiar with that place but knew the motorcyclist would locate the hospital again. Immediately she rushed down from the motorcycle and paid he driver, she ran inside the hospital to check on the Doctor if she could be of help.
She hadn’t met Uche and Jay so she didn’t know how to approach them until the Doctor got the guys and took her along to get Richard from the house.
Pemisire was sweating. She was wondering how it happened, it was just like twenty four hours that she met Richard already and now she was running around to save him.
Jay and Uche rushed inside the house as Pemisire stood by the gate and watched until she heard the guys shout. She was filled with tension instantly, what was going on?
She was still wondering until the guys brought Richard out of the house, all panting and crying along. “What?” She asked them, the rate of her pulse was on a very high speed. “He stabbed himself.. just get that gate opened.”
“Stabbed?” Pemisire rushed to the gate but couldn’t get how it was being opened. Uche joined her and opened the gate.
They flew to the hospital.
This same day, he lost his sister, he had an accident and even his job. He hasn’t recovered from the shock of the accident when he got to know his sister has kicked the bucket too. I am quite sure he was discombobulated by the sadness, loosing a sister, hopeless. I believe when there is life, there is hope.But, no matter what happens, you must give thanks. Anaemia is baleful, kidney failure is very revolting too! He’s the awesome one, isn’t he? I pray you uphold the one you sent me to, I’m sure you sent me to this guy, I am sure!”
Pemisire tilted her head, thinking as she sat at the waiting room. She remembered the little time she spent with Christiana before her sudden death. It was still like a shock to her too, wondering how she could just die when a donor showed up. Her head was aching her already, she couldn’t tell if her stomach was aching her or if she was hungry.
Doctor Martins who had been attending to Richard walked out and called them into his own office to tell them about the latest development. “Did you say he stabbed himself?” He asked them.
“Yes, he did.” Jay replied.
“His situation is not really a challenging one but  i pray nothing has happened to his Vasculature, solid organs and hollow viscus.” He rested his back and swiveled the chair a bit.
“What’s all these about? Doctor, don’t tell me Richard won’t..”
“No!” Doctor cut in instantly. “He’s going to be fine but we have to get him operated. At first, this can lead to a term called peritonitis where stomach acids and bile will poison the system.
After some hours of the wait and patience, Doctor Martins that lead the surgery came out of the theatre with a knackered look. It wasn’t easy: tearing, cleaning, administering and enclosing. He walked to meet Pemisire and the guys and smiled faintly as he approached them. “It was successful.” He said after the guy had bombarded him with puzzling questions.
Pemisire heaved a sigh of relief as she sank into her seat again. It had been a thing of concern to the guys on how she could be ride herd on the person she just met. She was really nice and congenial. Why wouldn’t she? It was a sharp pain in her life, loosing her sister and father in the same hour. She also couldn’t tell if she wouldn’t join them soon because she had started hearing rumours concerning the attaché case with her. If Lawrence got hold of her, it might be her end.
Relaxing her back, she licked her lower lip and glanced at the Doctor. Past memories started flashing back her mind again, remembering how she cried on Pemisayo’s corpse and how Richard was shaking Christiana unremmitingly. To loose someone close to one’s heart might make one loose control totally. She had got engulfed so much that nothing could change her mind about God.
Yeah, some people might shoot off their mouths and pop off about his wickedness, but to her, she felt it was a man’s destiny. Since she met Richard now, their first conversations had kept her stewing over frequently. She had always wanted a chance to get hold of someone to talk to about life, that was why she had been thinking God really sent her to him because of his problems.
“He is resting and blood transfusion is also going on.” Doctor Martins said and left them for his office, perhaps to relax and eat dinner. “Thanks so much, sister.” Uche faced Pemisire, looking glad and at the same time unhappy.
It was a normal mood for them then, at least the two siblings didn’t pass on the same day. “I don’t have to be thanked, all glory to God.” Pemisire smiled.
“But, it’s still a thing of surprise to me, do you know him before?” Jay asked as he just picked his seat, since the Doctor left.
“No, I don’t.” She still smiled, thinking Richard was lucky to have the friends he had.
“Today is a bad day that can never be erased away from my diary. If I had my druthers, I’d bring that bright lady back to life.” Uche said.
“Diary..” Pemisire repeated keeping her head down and woolgathering where her diary might be. She sighed and raised her head again.
“Richard must really be hurt, he is lucky to be alive, after piercing his skin that much.”
Soon, a nurse walked out and informed the three about the Doctor’s wish to see them. The three hurried to meet him instantly.