Rob & Rape episode 5 final


I smiled to myself. It was obvious my plan was working, even though it made them very angry. Suddenly shots were fired well inside our lodge for the first time, almost killing me with shock. It instantly dawned on me that they were very determined to deal with us, perhaps for daring to challenge them. The guns that were fired outside the lodge were now being fired inside.
“God help us” i prayed.
The sound of police siren coming from a distance soon caught my attention. I breathed deeply and thanked God.
“Is that the police?” Jenny asked, peeping out from the toilet.
“I guess so” i replied and hastily headed to the window, smiling in relief as i saw the hoodlums racing out of our lodge.
“they are running away” i informed the girls. They all ran out of the toilet and joined me at the window.
“idiots” Jenny cursed. I closed my eyes and thanked God over and over. Seriously i can’t describe how relieved and happy i was seeing the police arrive that moment. They came at such a crucial point, who knows what could have happened supposing they came an hour late.
“how do we now clean the mess you left outside?” Jenny queried. I stared at her for a while before shrugging.
“i guess we have to leave it there. We can’t do anything about it” i answered, shocking her with my reply.
“Did you hear that?” she said to the girls,
“c’mon you girls owe me a lot for sticking out my head for your safety, So let it be our secret. It’s for our own good, you know the guys could return any day for payback huh” i addressed them convincingly. They all nodded in agreement and our secret it remained till we graduated.
Nobody else knew the story behind the mysterious human waste littered all over the first floor of St. Gabriel Girls hostel after the terrifying robbery. It amused the police even though they all admitted that the horrible objects might have saved the girls living on the first floor. I saw myself as a hero. A super girl, someone who did the unimaginable to save her friends, even though i saved only but few girls.
The horrible tales and cries from the unlucky ones however overshadowed my happiness. Till this day, i still dream about that terrible night.
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