A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 14


DOCTOR KATE WAS BRIGHTER THAN USUAL, she walked in smiling chirpily. “She’s fit.” She informed.
Richard’s unhappiness turned to joy again as he rushed to his feet. “You don’t mean this.” He smiled.
Doctor Kate kept on smiling, looking cheerful and giving a dazzling smile. I looked at her and smiled, I think lines are now falling in plesant places for me, I think God has finally heard me out to assist today. I pray this will be a new chapter in my life, to forget the moments of pains and agony, hatred and babbling, hysterical thoughts and berserk mood.
“Really?” I asked Doctor Kate, looking happier than earlier.
“Yes.” She replied me, licking her lower lip and moving closer to probably hug or shake me. “She’s now under a general anesthesia, the operation will commence soon but money must be paid.” She said as she protracted her hand, to shake me.
“About the money, don’t worry.” Richard said as he stared at her. “What.. I mean how much is the money?” He asked her.
“Ninety thousand naira.” She told him, blinking her eyes.
“Hmmn…” He sighed and rushed out of the hospital to get the money for the operation. My only concern is that how will he get the money to pay for the operation that day? I’m pretty sure he has no money with him, it’s a big thing of concern to know where the money would be gotten at ease.
“We’ll be back.” Jay said as he stood with Uche to leave. Who knows if they are going out to get the money too?
Thank you lord for sending the unknown to help me. If I even die today, make me worthy of your side.
Richard parked at the front of his parents’ house and stared at the building for a while, before knocking. “I want to see my parents.” He said to the gate keeper who was on fire on seeing Richard.
“They are busy, come later.” He said to him and wanted to shut the gate when Richard pushed the gate backward with full force and entered. “I think you are insane.” He said as he entered forcefully, breathing heavily as if it was a stationary car he pushed.
“Oga, you can’t go in..” The gatekeeper rushed after him and held him by his brown shirt.
“E be like say craze de worry your mama!” He wriggled off his hand and proceeded in his walk inside the house.
“Wait, do you wish to die?” He got his shirt again.
Richard wriggled off his hand again but this time turned to him and slapped him before he walked inside the house properly.
The gatekepper had no other choice after receiving a thunderous slap from Richard’s heavy fist. “You go learn today.” He walked back and leaned against the gate while Richard walked to the main door and knocked. He waited patiently until his mother walked out and got the door. “Good day.” He greeted.
“Yes, what can I do for you?” She asked, wearing an angry face.
“She’s down again, we need money now.” He said.
“Money? From who? Who’s your mother? By the way, what has come over Musa that made him let you into my compound? Now, leave!”
I’m pretty sure she’s is not her biological mother, not even mine. It is not possible for a mother who carried her for nine months and backed her for years will be rebuking her now. What has come over her? It is absolutely not possible for her to be the real mother.
“Do you want her to die?” He asked, looking ferociously.
“Do you wish to die even before her death too? I said leave!” She shouted. “Musa!” She called the gatekeeper from the was kept staring at Richard until the gatekeeper got to her place. “Get him out of this house.”
“Oga, abeg make u na dey go.” Musa said grabbing him from behind.
“Are you…” He couldn’t finish the statement before his phone buzzed. “Yeah, who is this?” He asked.
“It’s Doctor Kate, just come!” She said, sounding so frightened.
Is she dead? What is happening? Several questions ran through his mind in microseconds. “What? What is happening?” He asked again.
“Doctor Philip!” He heard Kate shouting beneath the call, probably calling other Doctors. “That’s the ward.” She told the man before she replied Richard again. “Please come, it’s urgent.” She said and ended the call.
Why are these Doctors rushing into Christiana’s ward? What is happening to this lady? Even the Anesthesiologist left me for her ward, God please don’t do this, don’t let her die, please!
My gaze swivelled over the waiting room as the ambulance doors swooshed open into chaos; beds lined in hall and each holding an accident victim, the nurses that were in blue patterned scrubs hurried up, shouting the names of the ER Doctors. The waiting room soon turned around to be filled with even some Doctors like the man who introduced himself as the Geriatrician to check what was happening, even the nurse that was with the digital thermometer had lost control as he approached them. Is the person one kind of a celeb?
My ears would soon be deafened by the squeaks of rubber soles against the tiled floor, then, the grinding surgical drills had gone down and the patient were rushed into the ER ward. I can’t see the patients from where I am all, do I even look like I care? All I want is for her to be alive, I don’t wish the patients’ death too but I don’t want her to witness any pain again.
I can see one, this is Richard! I shouted.
Wish to see you, wish to hear from you, wish to see you for the last time… Richard. There’s no friend like the lady you brought, you better cling on to her. As for our parents, I don’t think they are biological.
JUST AFTER, Doctor Kate walked out of the ward, crying already. She could see other Doctors coming out of the ward too, with sad faces as they returned back to their various posts. She became frightened as she moved closer to Doctor Kate. “Don’t tell… me!” She looked serious, her eyes already squeezing out tears.
“Let’s… let’s me in my.. my office.” She snorted as she walked to her office and Pemisire’s mouth was wide open, in the waiting room. “Doctor..” She called as she rushed after her. “Please talk, you’re crying already, Doctor what’s it?” She was shivering already.
“We.. we los.. we lost her.” She finally said as she held Pemisire’s two hands, weeping like a baby.
“No!” Pemisire shouted, pouring out tears as if she had known her for a while. Her mouth was moving so fast as she shivered and was sweating profusely within seconds she heard the news. “Tell me this is a lie… tell me.. tell me!” She shouted again.
“Please, don’t be like this. The next thing to do is just to know how Richard will be informed. You should know it’s not going to be funny.”
“Christiana… eventually.” Pemisire couldn’t stop crying and shivering along. What would be of Richard? How would he be informed? “Richard was involved in a ghastly accident.” She informed.
“Really? Was he the one that was brought in? Don’t tell him anything, don’t be sad.” She tried to pet her, wiping her tears.
“Is this a dream or what? Christi.. no!”
“Just take it easy, we have to be very careful or else!” Doctor said, weeping too.