Pills N Potions” season 2 episode 10 (Final Episode)


The pressure was on Appiah, he couldn’t take it anymore. All he could do was to push Dede away and escaped through the door.
He got home immediately and started packing all his belongings as fast as he can.  He got hold of anything portable that he can lay his eyes on and made away with it.
One thing he never forgot was his ATM card. Not only was he running away from Dede or Helena or even his brother Danny, but he was running away from something that at this moment was only to his knowledge.
He knew he had lost Dede and Helena. Now his only chance was with Ama, he thought. Perhaps, He knew Ama was the possessive type and was convinced Ama will do anything he tells her just to please him. If not for anything at all, he would take advantage of the love Ama had for him, little did he know that, he was digging his own grave.
The more he gets closer to Ama the more he becomes vulnerable to her vengeance.
Ama on the other hand, sat at the restaurant where Danny left her and was full of bitterness and hatred. This was all towards Appiah. She didn’t want to waste any more time, than to strike Appiah when he least expects.
Meanwhile at Dede’s house, Danny was lost and was even feeling like a stranger in the presence of his own wife, Helena.
“Can someone please tell me what all that was about” Danny anxiously asked.
Helena immediately knelt down right in front of Danny and held his legs.
“I’m really sorry, my husband, I have made a lot of mistakes and I ask for your forgiveness. Earlier today, I answered your phone” Helena said while in tears and still kneeling before Danny. “I persuaded her in telling me where her house where and here I am, standing with my best friend which I have lost contact with almost a decade now.” Helena continued.
“So, are you saying that you two are best of friends? Danny who was surprised about the news asked.
“Yea, Danny we are” Dede quickly chipped in and answered him.
“So is this the reason you are shedding tears this way, come on, get up and wipe your tears my wife” Danny said.
“Danny, you don’t understand, I have really sinned against you and God. I will understand if you end this marriage right away. I will never hold you responsible for your actions. “Helena said.
“Now, you’re beginning to scare me, would you tell me what you want to tell me? Danny anxiously asked again.
“I…I cheated on you with your brother Appiah even before we got married” Helena revealed.
Coincidentally, both Dede and Danny exclaimed “What”. At this point, Dede never knew that Danny was the biological father of Appiah.
“I can’t believe this, you mean, it’s this same Appiah that you have been cheating with on your Husband? How can I have fallen for such a guy? What at all came over me” said Dede while Helena still kneelt there weeping and pleading for forgiveness from Danny.
Danny now began recalling what Ama had told him back at the restaurant. It appears to be shaping up just the way Ama had said it.
“So this is actually true. Tell me who the father of Ishmael is right now” Danny who was so hurt and angry by then, asked Helena.
Helena cried deeply making it even difficult to get words out of her mouth.
“Would you stop crying and tell me who the father of Ismael is” Danny shouted at her
“I’m sorry Danny, please forgive me” Helena cried and said.
“For the last time, who the hell is the father of Ismael” Danny asked again.
“It, Its him” Helena said. “It’s Appiah, Danny, am sorry” Helena finally revealed.
Danny got stunned and speechless. He was hurt, betrayed and heart broken. Words just to him, was even difficult to find.
He just stood there and all he could say was “I need some time alone right now, I will be outside” He said and went out of the living room where they were.
Meanwhile, Appiah had finished packing and was getting ready to leave. He wanted to do this with Ama since she was the only lady he thought could control and rely on.
He then picked up the phone and gave Ama a phone call.
“Hey Hello Ama” Appiah said as soon as Ama answered the call.
“Yes, what can I do for you? Ama asked.
“Aww why are you sounding that, wait till you hear what I have for you then we shall see if you will still sound that way” Appiah said.
“What is it” Ama asked.
“How about you going away with me right now to somewhere in the Ashanti Region, we settle there, get married and make families” He said
“Never knew you such a dreamer, you don’t even have money to feed yourself not to talk of marrying and making families with me” Ama said.
“Hahahaha” Appiah gave a loud laugh.
“You can call it a dream, but you’ll know how serious I am when we get to Ashanti Region. You know as an Accountant, if you aren’t smart on your field of work, you will always have nothing to boost about. Ama, am not such a person. Get here and let’s make this dream of mine real, I will be waiting for you at the VVIP Bus Station” Appiah said.  His statement just showed how stupid he is.
“Will be there in 10 minutes” Ama said and hanged up.
Appiah got to the bus station 5 minutes before the schedule time and waited anxiously for Ama. He was really impatient in waiting. It was as if someone was after him.
In exactly 10 minutes, Appiah saw Ama coming with her suitcase from a distance.
Before Appiah could embrace her, Ama said
“This the best revenge could get for doing that to my sister, Gloria” Ama said this and gave him a slap on his face.
Before he could react, he already in the grips of a team of police men led by Joe.
Apparently, Joe had been able to trace the unknown account and had noticed this account and Transaction were all the doing of Appiah. He had substantive evidence to back his claims. As soon as he realized this, he called the police and began a massive search for Appiah at Ama’s house since Joe didn’t know where Appiah was residing.
Fortunately, it was at their arrival at Ama’s place that Appiah called. He can’t deny it because the phone was on loud speaker and was heard by all the police men who were present. Appiah was then arrested on sight and was taken to the police station.
Danny was still standing alone outside when Dede joined him.
“I know how you’re feeling now” Dede said.
“How could she lie and hurt me like this” Danny said.
“I don’t blame her that much Danny, we’ve all tested the evil part of Appiah. I lost my sister because of him, don’t lose your wife because of him. I know you love her very much, right from the day you told me about what you were going through in your marriage. She also loves you and that I am absolute sure of. If you leave her because of this, it won’t take the pain away neither will it change the mistakes she had make. But give her that chance to re-write her mistake and to be a good wife. Just allow the love you have for her mend your relationship back rather than letting your heart broken tear it apart.” Dede advised.
These words really got Danny thinking a lot. It really touched him. Aside all that had happen he still loved his wife and was ready to forgive her. It was only a matter of time.
“Thank you very much Dede, Indeed, you are a really good friend” Danny said.
“Come on, let’s go in and talk to her” Dede said and they headed towards the door leading to the living room.
Out of nowhere, Joe showed up that night. He was on a two mission, first of all, to break the news about the arrest of Appiah and also use that to his advantage to lure Dede into dating him.
“Dede, can I talk to you for a second” Joe asked.
“Sir, what are you doing here at this time of the night” Dede said.
“I will be inside” Danny said and headed inside to talk to his wife and make things right.
“Dede, please there is something I think you should know” Joe said when he was left alone with Dede at the yard of the house.
“What is it? Dede asked.
“Appiah was just arrested about an hour ago” Joe said.
“What! for what? Dede asked.
“Well, upon investigations we noticed that he has been engaging in money embezzlement. All evidence gathered are against him and it seems he will be in for a very long time”  Joe said.
“Hmm, I see, am not surprise, he should face consequence of his own actions.” Dede said.
“I’m surprise you’re saying that. Anyway there is something else I would like to tell you. I will go straight forward to the point. Dede, you see, ever since you stepped foot in that office, I have always loved and was actually looking for this moment to come clear to you” Joe said.
“But Sir……….” Dede said yet he interrupted her.
“You don’t have to say anything now, sleep and think over it. I will be here tomorrow so we can talk more. Perhaps you may have an answer to me by then.” Joe said.
Danny and Helena had partially settled their difference and were coming to meet Dede outside. They had agreed to start all over again and allow time to heal their relationship.
Helena upon seeing Joe quickly shouted his name out. Somehow, somewhere She knew Joe very well. Joe on the other hand was not looking happy to see her unlike Helena.
“It’s been ages, where have you been” Helena asked.
“Do you two know each other? Dede asked.
“Of cause We know each other, Just last year, I was his wife’s maid of honor at his wedding” Helena revealed.
All of a sudden, Joe began coughing and used that as an advantage to leave the scene immediately. He never returned to the house any more.
Six months the line,  the law court had finished hearing Appiah’s case and already 15 years imprisonment had been passed on him.
Danny and Helena began getting along and working on their marriage which looked like a happier one than it was before.
Dede, However, had a promotion at job and transferred into a main branch were she earned more and became more richer, however she took her time to really look for a good guy who will love her for who she is and she knew that with prayers God will surely grant her heart desires.
(WATCH OUT FOR “ADZO( the untamed)”
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