A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 11


Pemisire waved at her colleague as she left the the duty post for the guy. She had concluded her own part that day, she was weak and tired. It was her first day, people could be really troublesome, ordering almost every time.
“Unknown, you through?” Richard asked Pemisire as she left her post.
Pemisire walked to him with a smile. “Yeah, I’m through for the day. Why have you decided to wait till now? You wanna watch the match by 8:30 too?” She asked him.
“Did i watch the previous one?” He stood to his feet. He had just taken like three glasses from the bottle of wine, just unlike him. On a good day, he’d have drank up to four or more bottles, and possibly be ranting nonsense then. “Are you going home now?”
“Y… yes but why the question? I think I have to leave now because it’s getting late.”
“Please wait, can’t I take you home?” Richard asked her.
….please Pemisire, know the kind of person you put your trust in, if possible, trust no one… Her father’s voice reechoed after Richard asked her the question. She swooshed out a long breath and shook her head. “I’m alright.” She told him.
“You think so or what?” Richard asked.
“I’m sure, I think I have to leave now, it’s dark already.” She smiled.
“Wait… I need your help.” She said stammering.
Pemisire stood akimbo as she stared at him. “Please let it be tomorrow, I’m really tired. Or is it urgent?” She asked.
“Yes, a matter of life and death.” Richard replied sadly, already making up tears.
Pemisire tweaked her nose. “Let’s go outside.” She told him and headed outside.
Pemisire smiled as she halted at the front of the gate, she looked tired but had to know what Richard wanted to say. “So what?” She asked him.
“I need your kidney.” He said.
“You need my kidney? What do you mean?” Pemisire frowned.
“I don’t know how tired you are but I know you must be very tired. But i want you to hear my story if it will move you to give me one out of your kidneys.” Richard spoke.
Pemisire chuckled and stared at Richard at the same time, wondering what he meant. “I hope I am safe, I don’t understand all what you’re saying. Please, hope I am safe?” She repeated.
“That man called God is a wicked person, he’s heartless and wicked! Just tell me why he is so partial to people, tell me why some people are in sound health why some people are in real sickness and even die, why is he as wicked as a hungry Lion? Is it fair? It isn’t fair! It is not!”
“Easy man! You are somehow funny.” She chuckled and continued. “I’m late already oh, and what is this thing you are saying about God? It isn’t good to be saying rubbish about the maker of heaven and earth, what is your problem?”
“We were just two, two children from useless parents that do notcare about my sister and I. I don’t know why they got married, just to punish the poor girl. I don’t know why they are still heartless after the crime that cannot be forgiven which they’ve committed, I don’t know another name to call them.” He started crying.
Pemisire sighed. “Take it easy, you’ve not told me what the problem is, tell me what it really is, tell me.”
“My sister is down, she’s anemic. I fear death, I don’t want her to die, I don’t!”
“Alright, now it’s getting vivid. She’s in need of a kidney right?”
“Yes, the sickness has caused her jaundice, arthritis, and many more. Now, it’s kidney failure. Where has he been? Why hasn’t he performed as they call him, is he not the miracle worker again? I know he knows I’m in problem, he just likes closing his eyes when it comes to my sister and I.”
“Alright, I won’t add petrol to the burning fire. I know you are hurt already but I want you to calm down because if you keep talking, you’ll utter something worst than you’ve been uttering. I hope your sister is not like you.”
“Like me? How? What do you mean?”
“I hope she’s not an unbeliever like you.” She told him.
“It’s just that I need your help, will you donate?” He asked again.
“I’ll meet you tomorrow.” She said and waved at Richard.
Pemisire was deep in thought as she walked down to Helen’s house. She was wondering on the kind of person Richard was, was he real? If he was, his type would be rare on the surface of dust. Many guys wouldn’t care that much, never.
Who could tell her if he was planted to be trailing her or if he was real? She couldn’t get it right, she was confused already until she knocked at Helen’s door leaned against the wall, waiting for her.
“He’s cool, he has a soft heart with all I’ve seen. See how he was crying like a baby, as if it was his lover that was in a big problem. His sister…”
“Pemisire!” Helen tapped her as she opened the door.
She got self conscious again and sighed. “How are you?”
“I’m good, really good.” Helen smiled and walked inside with Pemisire. “What of you?”
“I’m not really good, I was weighed down by someone.” She replied as she dropped her handbag.
“Weighed down? Because it was 1-1 South Africa played? Helen grinned as she sank into the bed.
“Hmmn.. That match got many people glued to their seats, it was breathtaking but at the end, a draw. But, someone made me uncomfortable.” She said.
“Uncomfortable? Who’s the person? How was work?” Helen asked.
“It was a guy, he told me about his sister and her illness. He wants me to donate kidney for her.”
“Kidney? Is the person real? I pray you don’t dig yourself into trouble.” Helen said and paused for a while. “What did you tell him?”
“The story of that guy was pathetic, very sad. I think I should do it.” She sighed.
“Pemisire! Do what again? Don’t forget some people might be out there spying! Girl, wake up!”
“Helen, we should always try to help. I think I should see the lady.” She unbuttoned her shirt.
“Hmmn… now that you will be coming home very late, how’d you do it? And, know that I’m not in support of it.”
“But I feel I should… I didn’t tell him my name oh.”
“That’s nice, it’s a good thing. But, just tread softly.”
“Thanks, let’s just see how it goes.” She smiled.
Richard rushed back to the hospital to check on Christina again, thank God it was Friday evening, even if it wasn’t, he had been unfaithful to his work. He was sad as he saw her just lying on the bed, probably thinking she might die. “Christie.” He tapped her as he sat beside her, on the plastic chair.
“Welcome back bro, how far?” She asked.
“Still hoping, I met a lady and I discussed a little about us with her. I pray she considers me and help us out.” He said.
“Will it even be necessary again?” She smiled.
Richard frowned and stood up. “Don’t start saying any rubbish, don’t say anything frightening over there, Christiana.” He warned and sat again.
“Bro, it’s a matter of knowing the truth and the truth, setting one free. I pray I’ll be alright, but…” she smiled again and kept quiet.
“It is better that way, than saying any rubbish that might annoy me. What have you eaten or what will you eat?” He enquired.
“I’m alright.” She waved her hand.
Richard stared at her as she waved her hand. She had grown leaner than before, it seems that yellowish pattern on her skin has reduced but she looked dehydrated also. He sighed and kept quiet for a while. “I’m asking, what are you going to eat?” He asked again.
“I’m serious, I’m alright.” She replied.
“You’ve grown leaner, but your beauty can’t fade. I love you Christiana.” He said, squinting his face as tears almost fell from his eyes.
“I love you too, Richard. I think you should go home and rest properly.” Christiana said.
“What are you saying? I can’t leave here tonight, I’ll sleep over.”