In today’s episode,
Veronica comes out of coma after Nanciyaga’s treatment and Martin becomes so overwhelmed but the point is Veronica seems to have lost her memory so while Martin tries asking for her forgiveness, she asks him why he does that.
Veronica asks what happened to her to be in that condition and Martin explains things to her but still Veronica finds it difficult to remember a thing. Fernandez arrives to tell Martin that Nanciyaga told him that she has healed Veronica but he thinks it could have been a mere coincidence and not that herbal treatment.  
Magdalene becomes so angry and frightened at the same time about why Clement will ask her to meet him alone before he will give her any information about her daughter. Botel also tries to calm her down and the detective also advises her not to go at all. Clement even bought her a phone so he can contact her through that and suddenly Magdalene states that she is not going to be afraid again of Clement but will face him to learn about her daughter’s death and no matter what Botel and the detective tell her, Magdalene insists on facing him.
Virginia continues to explain all of the happenings in mina Escondida to Salma and as usual, they are all full of lies as she lies to her that Veronica seduced Emiliano into bed but when Martin caught them she makes a lie that Emiliano was only drunk and while she tried carrying him up, he fell on her though Nanciyaga told her (Virginia)  that Veronica asked her out of the house so they could enjoy themselves and it was after that act Emiliano started drinking to the max. Salma believes it and begins to insult Veronica in every way and decides to tell Jorge about everything so he stops being over confident in Veronica.
Emiliano returns from wherever he went to show his father that he is well and without any psychological defect and does not need to be taken to the rehabilitation center and Jorge gives him his vote of confidence. Emiliano also tells his father he is never going to be near Veronica anymore and no one is to mention Veronica’s name in the house since it does him more harm than good.
Veronica tries to remember things with Martin’s help and she begins to get things right about the argument and the offensive things he said to her and suddenly, Veronica asks Martin to leave because she hates him and won’t forgive him because all of the love she had for him is gone and Martin begins begging but Veronica insists that he leaves her alone.
Daniel arrives upon hearing the screaming and asks Martin to excuse him so he takes care of her.
Clement calls Magdalene to ask her not to allow Botel meddle in their affairs because if he does, she will have him to contend with. He then tells Magdalene that he is glad Botel just left the room and she asks him how he knew about that and this actually brought fear and panic to Magdalene.
Virginia says to herself that she is so fed up with Jorge and therefore will have to think of a way of silencing him once and for all but first, she will have to discover  his LAST WILL to know her share of the property. Whiles she decides to go to her uncles office, she overhears him telling his lawyer that he wants to give the largest share of his property to Veronica since she is the most responsible person in his family and upon hearing that, she leaves and says she is never going to allow it to happen and will get rid of Jorge for good.
Virginia goes to take a heart attack syrup, takes Jorge’s coffee from Matilde to go give to him, mixes the coffee with all the syrup and then takes it to her uncle. Unfortunately, the coffee almost killed him but thanks be to God Matilde almost arrives on time.
Martin prays so passionately to God to help him so that Veronica can forgive him for everything.
Veronica asks father Juan why he never told her the truth that Martin and Demetrio were brothers and father Juan becomes so anxious.
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