A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 10


“Will you please leave me alone?” Richard said.
“Alright, it seems you look unhappy. God will make you happy.” She took some steps, walking away.
“God.. hmmn..” He chuckled and poured some wine into the cup.
Pemisire halted and turned around. “What is it about God? You don’t look like a Muslim,  are you one? Even Muslims believe in God’s existence.” She walked back to him.
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Richard wiped his tears as he spoke. He was down already, crying as usual. He found it difficult to stop thinking about Christie, what would become of her? Where would he get a donor as soon as possible?
“You’re crying, what’s wrong?” Pemisire was concerned, she frowned her face instantly as she approached him. She hoped she hadn’t started being too familiar with a stranger, all she was after was to make him attracted to the bar so as to patronize regularly.
“Please.. just leave me.” Richard said quietly dismissing her with the wave of his hand.
“You can’t tell if I can solve your problem, there’s no man without his or her own problem.” Pemisire spoke softly.
“I’m… sorry, you can’t be of help and besides I don’t share my personal details with strangers.” He said.
“Alright, I pray God will make you happy then.” She smiled and walked back to her post.
Richard watched her as she walked back to her post, wondering how friendly she was. Despite she didn’t know him, she was friendly. <em>Wait, I can’t tell, she might be of help! Can’t she donate the kidney? Who knows when a donor would be gotten? I can just pay her off and besides she can use the money to start something meaningful other than being a bartender.</em>
“Hey.” He waved at her.
Pemisire smiled and waved back. “What else should I bring?” She asked.
“Bring yourself here.” He said as he dropped the cup of wine.
Pemisire looked around. The other bartender that had been putting her through the work had left, there were also few people in the bar, drinking. She pressed her lips together for a while before she walked up to him. “Anything the matter?” She asked.
“Why do you wish to be my friend?” He asked her.
Pemisire laughed. “Your friend? I never said such, did I? I was concerned about you and God.”
“That man and I? So, what about me? Why are you concerned about me?”
Pemisire tilted her head for a while. “Why did you term God as ‘that man’?” She asked him.
“You’ve not answered my question.” Richard said.
“Neither have you answered mine.” She replied, squinting her face.
“What’s your name?” He asked.
Pemisire grinned. “Call me… the unknown.”
“You are weird!” Richard smiled.
Pemsire laughed again. “Honestly, you’re weirder.”
“Why do you now work here?” Richard asked.
Pemisire exhaled deeply. “Why do you come here to drink too?”
“Why are you difficult!”
“You’re more difficult!”
Richard smiled again. “You haven’t answered any of my questions.”
“You haven’t answered any of mine either.” Pemisire replied him.
“You’ve made me smile, even in my predicaments. I don’t know the kind of person you are. Alright, which of the questions do you want me to answer?” He asked her.
“Just be patient, I’m on duty right now. I have to leave.” Pemsire left him on seat, smiling.
She relates well, she’s full of life! This kind of person will make Christiana happy, wait… she hasn’t told me her name!
Doctor Kate sat down as Uche and Jay sat too. She got them invited concerning the donor, it seemed she found one already as the guys could read in her expression. “What of Richard?” She asked them as she put the stethoscope on her table and rested her back.
“He went out, probably to drink as usual.” Jay replied her.
“That’s bad, you should have at least stopped him, anyways, I found one already but there’s a problem.”
“Problem? Is it concerning the donor or our girl?” Uche asked.
“Concerning the donor.” She replied and kept quiet for some seconds before she spoke again. “He’s demanding for a huge amount of money because of that.” She added.
“Wao! Like how much is the guy collecting? Why are people thieves like this? Whenever they see you in a problem they tend to take advantage of you, it’s not right.” Uche hissed.
“Do you know I’d have volunteered if we had the same blood group? But, that’s another problem on ground.” She said.
“That’s true.” Jay scratched his head.
“But how much is the money on ground?” Uche asked.
“Three hundred thousand.” She replied.
“What? Then Doctor, we have to go then, let’s go and try our lucks outside there if someone better can be gotten.”Jay stood up.
“That’s also good, it’s a nice idea. Who knows if the guy has contracted a deadly disease?” She laughed.
JUNE 11.
Everywhere was busy already, a time for bars and joints to make money and sell even more than their satisfactions. Hexagon Club and Bar was full of both males and females ready to watch the very first match of the World Cup that was held in South Africa. It was time for South Africa to face Mexico when Richard took a sip from his cup again.
It was just 4:00pm, the match was about to be started when the bar became full. Richard had been thinking that Pemisire would soon be through with all she was doing so that they would talk and know if she could donate kidney to her sister. From the look of things, it seemed she would be really busy that evening. Several people had started making their orders and she was occupied already.
He picked up his phone and called Uche to know what the latest development was when he heard that there was still no donor. He would have left the place if not for Pemisire that might be of help to him, he still had to wait, he needed something.
It was the end of the week already, he looked around and saw the people already ready to watch the game all in the name of buying a bottle of wine to chill and watch the two countries trash each other as the first to kick the ball after the four years of wait.
He wondered when Pemisire would conclude her work, he needed to talk with her and share his story to make her pity him and donate her kidney for his sister. He was cursing Jay and Uche deep inside him, if not for them, he would be able to donate the kidney for his sister.
“Weldone, the unknown.” He smiled faintly as she passed beside him to serve the guys next to him.
Pemisire grinned, exposing her beautiful and neat white set of teeth. She looked even more beautiful as the grin supplemented her beauty. “Thanks.” She replied, rushing back to her duty post because an order might be placed very soon.
[i]She’s beautiful, is she from a poor background or what? But if not, would she be working in this kind of place that can make one lean like a cane? Anyways, I pray she closes soon so that i can know my fate. But wait, there is another match between Uruguay and France tonight, when will she be through?[/i] He wondered.
He sighed and sipped again as the match unfold and the players played on.