A Cry For Love Episode 7



Closing back the door to the bedroom I had Mario and Chisomo locked up, I shouted i would go into town and rushed out to my car speeding off and stopping outside the gate crying loudly.

“What am I doing ?” I cried leaning my head on the steering wheel Feeling the pain of giving my fiancee to another woman. It was unbearable, I felt like going back Inside and tell them to stop.

The voice of his mother came to my head..

“I love my son Ketty and if it were up to me I could have chosen a woman for him. A woman who I know would take care of my son like I did. A Decent woman” she smiled. I knew why she was so cold with me. It was like me having money and being raised in a rich family was some kind of a curse.

I understood I never had the best parents in the world but I had learnt quiet a lot growing up. Especially with Sera’s mother. Every time she would explain things to her daughter I would get some lessons and held them dear. I knew the value of respecting others, how to behave around people. She always talked about how blessed it was to do good. That everyone loves a person that shows kindness and love no matter what surrounds them, money would never buy happiness” she would say and I always respected her more than my own mother who never really had time to sit me down and tell me all those good things parents tell to their children.

Worse off, she ended up with Dad’s best friend a few months after his death and I could not bear to see her anymore. The moment i turned 19 I stood my ground and chased my mother from the house. Well, it would sound bad but I had to. I could not stand her bringing her boyfriend in the house.

“Mom, you have over stayed in this house and since it is mine, i want you out” I told her, she giggled loudly her boyfriend seated next to her.

“Are you mad or something, Am your mother Ketty and I will not allow you to humiliate me like this. Come on, get out of my side before I spunk your silly face”she stood up angry.

“Am giving you tonight mom. Tommorow find your way out of my house ” I raised my eyes at her and walked away she screamed my name calling me back.

Before I could stop, she yanked me back and slapped me across my face and I shook my head.

“You have just defined the end of your stay in this house mother. This very minute I want you out. Pack your things and leave. Dad was right, I should have never allowed you to stay in here the moment he died. Now get out or …”

“Or What? ” She spat holding her waist like a crazy person.

“Well, I got the money, I got the power to chase you out Mom, this is my house as you already know. From today onwards I will not have you around me. You and your silly boyfriend think you can have everything but you are so wrong. Dad left it all for me and I will not wait till you find a way of taking away everything. So am calling the cops to flush you out if I come back and find you here” I spoke coldly and walked out leaving her watching me. Am sure she was wondering if I was mad or something.

That was two days after I found out my father’s supposed accident was planned by her and her boyfriend. I knew she thought I was not aware of her plans to get back all that my father left for me.

With the help of dad’s lawyer, I knew my rights and how to keep myself safe from my mother’s evil plans. I was determined to have her out and that night when I went back home, I found her still in the house and I called uncle Jacob, the lawyer who called the cops to come throw my mother out. .

“Are you really going to do this Ketty?” She asked me the cops waiting for her to move.

“You have never really been a mother to me so it’s not going to be any different now, only this time I will not have to see the face of the person who killed my father and who himulates me with her bad behaviour all the time. Go on and live your life Mom, never come back to this house. Just get the car since my father got it for you. ” I added seeing her off.

I had rushed back Inside crying myself to sleep. My life was never the same after dad passed on. Even as I studied, my heart was not at peace. I always found solace in writing and after my first book at 22 I made writing part of me and never went to work for anyone.

My father’s businesses where running successfully, my cousin was helping me manage it and I had nothing to worry about.

All i wanted was to find a way of being happy but I could see no way with the past always crawling back to my life every time I would think of moving on.

Till the day I met Mario, I had not loved any person. My previous boyfriend was evidently a gold digger I had to let go of him.

My only hope was to have a marriage free of head ache so that I would not have to re-live my past life. I wanted to have a peaceful marriage and the talks of Mario’s mother left me heart broken.

I could not tell her I was not able to get any children because I was raped as a young girl and my mother forced me to have an abortion that left some parts of my womb damaged.

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“Have you heard what I just said?” Mario’s mother looked at my lost face as we talked.

“Yes mother. That you hope am not the type who never wants to have kids cause then you will personally throw me out of your son’s life” I narrated her words and she smiled nodding her head.

“Good. You are learning fast my dear. My son loves you and that is the only reason I accepted him to marry you. I heard about your mother and family from a friend of mine and since then I have never looked at you differently, prove me wrong and maybe i will some day.” she added and I looked at her face.

She was right, initially she had liked me but after her search into my past, she learnt how badly my family ended and since then she had never looked at me the same. She thought I was a spoiled brat that inherited her father’s wealth and chased her mother way.

Back to the present…

Wiping my face, I calmed myself and started driving away from the gate. I had to leave the place before I could get myself to check what was going on inside between Chisomo and Mario, it was my doing but it doesn’t mean I was not hurt by it.

“Ketty, my friend, why on earth are you punishing yourself like this?” Sera pulled me in an embrace when I told her what I left home.

“Its not too late to change your mind you know” she insisted but I shook my head.

“I need that baby Sera. There is no other way. I love Mario and he is the only man that has loved me for me and not my Money. Just let me endure this and later all will be Well” I whispered trying to stay strong inside and not wanting to think through and imagine Mario with another woman.

After some time, I went back home and Mario walked out smiling at me.

“What? Done?” I asked him.

“Baby I.. I..”

“What? Don’t tell me you didn’t …”

“Yeah it’s done. Just the way you wanted it” he held my hand and I sighed.

He watched my face as though he could see I was hurting inside as we watched Chisomo leave. But I was not going to show misery after all the decision was mine.

“Baby, are you not taking a bath?” I asked him after we sat down in my bed, him leaning his head on my laps.

“I don’t think so. I had bathed before coming here why bother?” He smiled biting on the cucumber I had given him.

“You know, I thought you would wash off after…um. You..” I stammered failing to mention he made love to another woman.

“Oh yeah, That,” he sighed like he had forgotten and I smiled at him.

“Go now and bath I prepare something for our dinner. You cannot sleep here, it’s days before our wedding and I wouldn’t want people talking bad about us” I shouted leaving him he shook his head.

“Tonight only baby come on!” He made a face.

“Nope, not today. Go and bath now Mario and stop being a child” I hit his chest and went back to the door.

The rest of the evening I kept stealing glances at him to check if anything had changed about him but he was the same man, he would look at me and smile. He would steal small kisses and say silly jokes as though nothing had happened earlier.

“Well, if that girl will have no impact on my man then am okey with her around” I thought to myself and smiled back at him.

“What?” He asked coming on to me and holding me pushing me to the door.

“Hmm. I love you and am sorry for pushing you to lay with another woman ” I told him honestly.

“Can we not talk about that now?” He chuckled

“Sure. So what do we talk about then?” I looked at his soft eyes and he pulled me closer and kissed me, his grip around my body tightening.

“Baby you have to go now” I withdrew hating I had to push him away even when every fibre in my body wanted him so close. I could not have him after him being with Chisomo.

“But I want you today, it’s been ages you know” he winced but I stood my ground. Kissed him good night and saw him off to the car outside.

“Will see you tomorrow morning for the final rehearsals ” he waved me without saying a word.

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The following day, I called Chisomo before going to check on the line up group. She told me her mother was in the surgery and I reminded her she had to meet with Mario again.

“Can’t I come tommorow? The thing is I want to be with my mother after she is out and…”

“No, come today as agreed. You need to get pregnant and I will not have you make changes to our agreement. ” I cut her short and hang up throwing my phone on the couch, Sera shook her head standing there waiting for me.

“Can we go now?” I looked at her

“Sure whatever you say love. By the way is Mario already there?” She asked me.

“Yeah that reminds me we need him today, let me just call and find out” I spoke walking out the door .

Mario’s phone went unanswered the first time and later on his brother answered it.

“Sam why are picking your brother’s phone? Where is He?”

“Am sorry, but Mario is with the doctor , my mother was involved in an accident and we just rushed her to the hospital.

“What? What happened to mother?” I panicked stopping myself from opening the car door.

“She was hit by a car at the road side at home. She is badly injured Ketty” Sam explained.

“Oh my God! am on my way there” I shouted indicating for Sera to get in the car.

“What is going on?” She asked the moment I put the car into motion.

“Mario’s mom had an accident. She was bashed by a car outside her house. Something like she was crossing the road. ” I quickly explained and Sera gasped in shock.

“Oh God today of all days. We have 3 days towards the wedding. What now?” She uttered but I had no strength to answer her, my mind was where we were headed.

To be continued