A Cry For Love Episode 6



Rushing to her house, I arrived 20 minutes after the time she called me to go see her. I couldn’t tell what it was she wanted to see me for but the agency in Ketty`s voice made me leave what I was doing and rushed to see her.

“Ba John, how are you?” I asked the gate man and worker at Ketty`s house the moment he opened the gate for me.

“Am okey, njala chabe” the man giggled and I knew he wanted another tip.

“Here, get your self-something to eat and make sure you don’t spend this money on beer” I handed him a K50 walking to the front door. I was greeted by a smiling Ketty and she planted a soft kiss on my lips.

“Baby, are you okey?” I asked her worriedly.

“Am more than fine my love, come in I have a surprise for you. “She led me inside and I followed her wondering what was really going on with her. Instead of telling me she went into another room and came back with the lady I saw from my mother`s house, I stopped my mouth from saying a word.

“What is she doing here?” I asked myself looking at Ketty and back at the lady.

“Baby, this is Chisomo. The lady I told you about, she is the one to give us a baby” Ketty introduced me.

“Chisomo, my hubby to be, Mario. “She held her hand at me. I was silent, I don’t know what was going on in my head but realizing the woman I helped the previous day would turn out to be the one to sleep with me for a child, made me stuck in my thoughts I kept looking at her even though her face was down.

“Baby can I talk to you” I finally spoke up.

“Why? Anything wrong? “Ketty responded,

“Please” I begged standing up.

‘Chisomo, go on sit let me talk to him, don’t worry all will be well” Ketty assured the lady now I was aware her name was Chisomo.

“What the hell is this baby? You said I will get to lay with the woman you will find after we are married, why in a rush, its exactly 6 days towards the wedding” I raised my eyes at her.

“calm down Mario, that girl might change her mind after giving her the money, so to make sure she does as required I want you to sleep with her the days before the wedding and make sure she gets pregnant since she is ovulating right now, the chances are high that she could get pregnant” she explained full of excitement she sounded so off I wondered what she was really thinking.

“No, am not doing it, especially with her” I answered point blank and she stood up evidently let down.

“Why? And what do you mean especially not her?” she challenged me.

“Listen, that girl there is a sad soul, she is so serious and it seems she has issues, we cannot have her to give birth to our child Ketty come on. Let’s try to find someone else” I tried to get her to see my point not wanting to tell her I knew the girl.

For almost 20 minutes we argued and to make the matters worse, she wanted me to go and lay her that very evening. She told me she had paid her already and explained the girl used the money to pay for her mother`s surgery and she was now ready to start according to her.

“Oh God Ketty, this is insane” I sighed giving up arguing with her.

“Okey let’s get this over with my love it seems you will never let this go after all” I shrugged and she smiled.

“Good. Now stay here, no need for you to get to know each other, so am bringing her to you and you get to it” she announced and walked out before I could say another word. She came back a few minutes later and pushed the silent and scared Chisomo in the room and kissed my lips walking out she locked the door behind her like we would try to escape.

There was total silence between us after ketty left, she shouted she would come back later as she had to check on something In town. I wondered if she was playing some joke to try me but when the sound of the car was heard from outside and the gate opening and closing, I knew she was being serious.

Clearing my throat, I looked at Chisomo.

“Hey, am Mario” I introduced myself again feeling stupid. She didn’t move an inch she remained in the same position her face still down,

“Look here, am not comfortable too but we are here and my fiancé will not let this go” I spoke up.

“am sorry I didn’t tell her about our meeting at my mother`s place, things are complicated as they are already and am sure you both have agreed to keep this a secret. So how is your mother?”

She looked up at my face and the sadness in her eyes made me swallow hard.

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“your wife gave me some money yesterday and today the doctors gave her an appointment for a surgery tomorrow morning, am not what you think I am, am just a woman desperate to save a mother`s life and I had to agree to what your wife offered weeks ago” she spoke almost in a whisper.

“Okey, so you met my wife to be weeks ago? Well, that is a relief I almost thought you met her the other day.”

All this time she remained standing and I could not get her to sit down beside me. How on earth was I going to sleep with a total stranger, a person I had no feelings for later on know her back ground.

She noticed I was not doing a thing to her but seemed she wanted to get over the thing already, she started removing her blouse and before she could get it all out I stood up and went to her touching her hand to stop her.

“Stop” I ordered holding her hand she turned to look into my face.

“I want to go and see my mother and I have been paid for this, please be gentle with me I have never done this with any man before.” She whispered, that even made things worse as I could not get to break her innocence too.

“You mean, you are a virgin?” I asked still having her palm in mine. She nodded her head slowly.

“Promise not to hurt me so much… I, I” she almost cried out but I shut her pulling her to sit with me.

“Am not touching you today Chisomo. Am not doing it, don’t worry yourself about a thing cause I am not doing this with you” I assured her and she went down on her knees begging me,

“Please Sir, I cannot break the promise I made to your wife and if she finds out I didn’t do as told, she will not be pleased with me. I just want to save the life of my mother please, what is nine months of sacrifice as compared to the many years I could live with my dear mother. Please don`t push me away please I beg you. okey hurt me if you have to but let me do this” she cried begging me, her tears were falling on my shoe I felt my heart break.

“How much does your mother need for her surgery and all the costs?” I found myself asking

“30 thousand” she responded rubbing her hands together as she sobbed.

“What? K30 000, are you serious?”

“Yes” she responded.

“Ketty offered me more than that, she told me I would get 15 to start my mother`s surgery and later on I will get another 15, the remaining 40 she will give me after I deliver the child. So sir, please don’t push me away” Chisomo was now holding my knees.

“Oh my God, Ketty what is this?” I looked up the roof, if only I could afford such an amount of money I could have given the woman before me to get her mother well. But I was not as rich as Ketty was and I had no other way of helping the woman out.

“well, let’s talk about something then, since she said we will be meeting till the wedding day, we still have time ahead of us, I cannot do this today Chisomo am sorry” I told her lifting her and taking her down on the bed again.

She looked at me and back to the floor.

“She will know we lied to her and…”

“shshs” I stopped her and went to sit in the corner of the bed looking at her seated uncomfortably.

Later, ketty came back and we walked out with pretence we did what she wanted to.

“Well that wasn’t hard after, how was it?” she kissed me as we saw Chisomo out, she had given her money for a taxi outside.

I looked at her face and noticed she was hiding her pain of me being with another woman but was playing strong. I hated I was not telling her the truth about what happened but it was better she had her hopes up. It was clear she wanted it that way and I was to support her if that would make her happy.

I did not do it that day for sure but I knew we would not lie to Ketty for ever, the baby had to come and there was no other way but to do what she wanted.

To be continued