A cry For Love Episode 23



We both stared at the door as the woman stood there her face seemingly fuming.

“What do you think you are doing here? Your wife is pregnant and here you are babysitting this popper?” Ketty`s mother started glaring her angry eyes at me.

“Excuse me, this is not a place you need to be at if you ask me, it doesn’t concern you at all” I stood up to make sure she doesn’t bring her madness any close to Chisomo.

“well, I have news for you, that girl there has been lying to you all this while, she got pregnant from someone else and placed it on you, she took advantage of you and Ketty`s plan to dump the baby” she went on with a serious face. I smiled as I realized what she was trying to do.

“excuse me mam, as you can see, Chisomo is just recovering from a comma and she needs to take some peaceful rest, so if you have nothing else to say, now would be a good time to leave” I spoke calmly Chisomo kept looking at us both in silence.

“What is your plan Mario huh? You have wasted my daughters time and money, now you want to play around with this, this good for nothing Gold digger who cheated about her pregnancy?” she asked but this time didn’t want to let me respond to her as she looked at Chisomo one more time with so much hatred and spat before walking out.

“What was that?” I sighed not asking anyone in particular.

“Mario, look, am not well and my babies need me, I have just survived death and I don’t need this trouble with you and your wife, so please, I really appreciated you being here and all but you have to leave now” she spoke to me in a whisper.

“No, am not leaving you, now more than ever you and our twins need me around” I shook my head.

“I cannot get on this journey with you Mario, there is nothing we both can do about this, the only way is for you to stay on with Ketty and be happy” she added with a slight cough I held her hand and watched her calm down she lay back her eyes closed.

“We are not discussing anything about me leaving you, I know I love you and you too know that so well, why are you still pushing me? Can’t you see it?” I paused rubbing my finger on her hand.

“Am not happy with Ketty, it’s you my heart wants and am not giving up my only chance of being happy so I can sacrifice to be with that selfish Ketty. Have you not seen that she only cares so much about herself? “I asked her, Chisomo looked at me in a way I knew she was not agreeing with me on that one, she shook her head.

“yes it is true Chisomo, it’s her need to have a baby even though she knew she couldn’t, she just could not accept she had wealthy, she had me but could not have a child, she wants to be complete, to have a perfect life that she has always dreamed of instead of how her family ended. She wants to mend her parent’s mistakes by having a perfect life. What do you think of that? You think she found you to bare me a child for me? No way Chisomo, that was her fantasy to have a complete life. But we both know life doesn’t work like that, you cannot have everything all at once, it’s not possible, it’s what makes us imperfect and only God perfect, so please let me have you” I paused kissing her hand she sighed deeply her eyes clouded with tears.

“I love you for who you are Chisomo, I loved you even before I knew it, I love you because you are who you are, with your imperfections and you don’t work towards being perfect but to be the best person you could possibly be, that is what is good about you and that is what I need in my life” I smiled watching her face beam up she smiled.

“I love you” she whispered, it was the very first time she had said it and I had not expected it.

“You do?” I asked with my eyes wide open,

“Yes, Mario, it hurts to love you and I know it isn’t easy but like you said, my heart pulls me towards you” she added. I looked at her for a minute trying to ascertain if she would add anything else, but well she didn’t, she just stared at me her weak eyes beaming with some love.

“I love you more. Now let me take care of you and our babies from now on okey?” I kissed her lips and she nodded her head.

A week later, I had practically stayed in the hospital with her, I got some days off work. My greatest fear was Ketty`s mother, I knew the woman had her way with bad things so I didn’t want to leave a chance of her plots on Chisomo, since I had moved to my parents’ house. I rarely saw Ketty. She called me several times but I wasn’t giving her the opportunity to speak anything that would make me change my mind about Chisomo.

That afternoon I had gone to get some clothing’s from her place to change, since most of my things were still at her house. She was typing something when I got there and she didn’t bother look at me as I entered her working room.

“Hey!” I greeted her my hands deep in my pockets.

“Hey” she sighed turning to look at me.

“How is Chisomo and the twins?” she asked in a calm way.

“She is getting better, she had lost a lot of blood but she is slowly recovering, she started breastfeeding the twins too. The doctors said they may discharge her tomorrow” I explained with a smile, she looked at my face and back at the computer.

“That is good” she sighed and started typing.

“So how have you been?” I asked her.

“Okey, I guess, given the circumstances” she shrugged still typing.

“Look Chisomo, am sorry” I paused realizing I was calling her name wrongly.

“I mean Ketty” I corrected myself and she looked at my face again this time she was not smiling.

“Hmm, you have forgotten my name that easily?” she accused

“No am sorry I just… “

“its okey” she cut me. “I understand” she added.

“You do?” I asked surprised at her calmness

“Yes Mario, I do, in fact I just realized that it is not good to fight a losing battle, so” she sighed looking back on the laptop.

“I have decided to let go of you” she smiled assuring. I found it puzzling that she seemed so calm and not upset like before.

“Well, thanks Ketty” I smiled kissing her forehead she looked up my face.

“Anytime, now go on and do whatever you came for “

I walked in and got a few clothing’s, figuring I would grab the rest when I completed the house I had started building from the loan money I had acquired. At that moment I wished I had not shifted in with Ketty, all this time had wished my feelings for Chisomo would turn out to be just an infatuation and Ketty and I would still end up together, it was the opposite in reality. I looked around the room as I finished getting what I needed. The memories of me and Ketty still fresh, I knew at the moment I had loved her, but now I felt Chisomo was the one after my heart and she was more than a dream for me.

“What are you thinking about now?” Ketty stood by the door pulling me off my reverie.

“Um, Ketty I didn’t know you were here.

“I had great times here too” she smiled as though she could hear my thoughts.

“Yeah, same here” I smiled and she quickly came to me holding my waist. Before I knew it she was kissing me, I tried to hold back, and she begged I kissed her back for the sake of old times.

“I can’t Ketty please stop” I pushed her back.

“you loved me at some point, just a few days ago we had great times here, give me this good bye and I swear I will not bother you again, I know you love her and it’s so evident” she pushed me to the wall, she was a beautiful woman and very seductive too, I had been with her for a lot of countless times, so I wasn’t going to resist her for long, and she knew of that fact.

“I love you still, I know you don’t anymore but make me happy one more time” she pleaded and we ended up in bed together. In a few minutes our clothes were off and she jumped on top of me.

“Wow, that was awesome!” she smiled rubbing her well-manicured nails on my chest.

“well am glad you liked it, I got to go now” I sighed standing up. She watched me dress up and sat up before I could leave.

“You always ask me what story am writing, but you haven’t this time” she accused with a giggle.

“Yeah am sorry, what are you writing?” I asked lifting my bag.

“Well, I thought of writing my story with you. I mean it had been a great journey together right?.” She smiled.

“Yeah sure, what will you title it?”

“A cry for love” she smiled again. I didn’t want to stay longer than I had already so I didn’t bother to ask any further questions.

By the time I got to the ward, I was shocked to find it neatly done and another couple moving in the wife was being pushed on a wheel chair. I had left Chisomo there so I wondered what was going on.

“Excuse me sister” I stopped one of the nurses who was looking after Chisomo.

“Where is Chisomo?” I asked her my heart racing.

To be continued