A cry For Love Episode 24



I woke up feeling stronger. Getting up, I slowly walked to the room my babies where being kept. A strange man and a woman I could not see were standing inside the room with the woman holding one of the babies.

“What are you doing here?” I shouted rushing in my heart racing at the sight of the woman holding my baby, when she turned to look at me, I sighed worried. It was Ketty`s mother, she smiled her wicked smile and I couldn’t help but run to rescue my little one. She was holding my baby boy whilst the girl was still in the court kicking slowly from side to side. I wanted to grab the baby and Ketty`s mother shook her head at me.

“mmmmhmh, not any close or I will chock him to death” she warned extending her hand to my tiny baby`s neck.

“Please don’t hurt him. Please I beg you, he has not done anything to you” I cried begging, I looked at her face crying.

“yes, he has done something, these two small things are the reason my daughter is not happy, and I will not allow that” she spat and played with the baby`s finger making my heart ache I felt I would burst with anger.

“no, the babies are innocent, it’s your daughter`s fault whatever is happening to her” I said it before realizing what damage I could cause.

“What? You have the guts to say all this really? I never knew you were stupid too. What do you want from my daughter`s life and her husband to be?” she asked now placing the baby down I sighed in relief.

“nothing mam, I can assure you I don’t need anything from either you or your Daughter, am okey with my kids and she can have Mario, they belong together and Mario knows I have never pushed myself on him, so please stop following me around and tell your daughter to rest easy. Am not going to stand between her and Mario anymore, from here am disappearing with my twins and am never coming back.” I begged crying visibly.

“You see” she responded drawing close to me.

“You have done the damage already, whatever juju you used on that man, now he will not look at my daughter the same. So it’s all your fault, now how about you pay for that sin?” she smiled and the man before us came near me gripping my hands I let a small scream in pain. A nurse was coming in our direction and the man pretended to be helping me stand and smiled at the nurse who passed us without a word.

“Now you listen to me, you will not live to enjoy Mario, your days are over, and since you were paid to sleep with him, these babies are not yours either” she paused making sure her words sunk.

“No, not my babies please, please don’t do anything to them” I cried out panicking.

“Who said I will do anything to them? No, here is what we will do, you will pack your things, the doctor has already signed your discharge papers don’t ask me how. So all you will do is pack your things, leave this hospital and go far away, you hear me?” she held my shoulders squeezing them firmly I winced.

“As long as am with my babies am leaving” I responded

“Well, unfortunately that will not be possible, you only have two choices Chisomo, you leave the twins with me, I will take good care of them, in fact, let me rephrase that,” she smiled. “Ketty and Mario will take care of them and they will do just fine.” She paused again

“Option two, stay around here and watch me kill them both and you get to live with Mario. Your choice” she shrugged casually I looked at her, I was devastated, I would never sacrifice my babies so I live with Mario, yet again how would I trust her to keep them alive when I left?

I watched her explain the details of what I was to do if I chose to leave the twins, offering me a large sum of money that I disappear, she threatened if I ever went back she would not hesitate to kill the twins.

My whole body trembled with fear, the thought of having my baby’s death scared me to the bone.

“What guarantee do I have that my babies will be safe?” I asked her wiping my tears I walked to the court touching the twins.

“Well, I give you my word, and after a while am sure you can peep around and watch them grow. Only then, you will never go any close. Should I learn you have gone even a meter close, I will not hesitate to kill you and them too, do you understand. They are no longer yours but they belong to my daughter. Everyone has seen her pregnant and now she has given birth” she smiled wickedly walking towards the door.

“I watched her my eyes swollen from crying, she was evidently evil even the man she was walking with was displaying pure evil in his face. I recalled the stories Ketty told me about her mother and how she killed her father, that moment I knew the best was to save my twins.

“it’s good Mario will be there for them after all” I thought to myself wiping my tears.

“One more thing” she stopped by the door way and looked at me

“You will have to write to Mario telling him you have left because you feel you don’t need the pressure of raising the babies, tell him to take care for them as you go on with your life with the man you love. Mention Jay” she smiled.

“What? Do I need to do that?” I stood up now getting pissed with her demands.

“Show her” she looked at the man. He came close and opened his phone showing me photos of a dead Jared.

“Oh my God! What have you done to him?” I cried out

“What I will not hesitate to do to you and those twins if you decided to play smart or stubborn with me. “she smiled as I went down the floor crying out.

“My God, who are you?” I looked at her face, she smiled and came close to me whispering in my ears.

“Am your worst night mare if you don’t get that pen and write to Mario, telling him you have gone to be with Jay because he is the love of your life. Tell him you never loved him and he was just a way of you making money. “she smiled I looked at her shaking my head.

“No, please no..” I begged but she indicated for the man to give me a pen saying she would wait till I write the letter. She made sure I wrote each word she mentioned and signed the letter. She placed it on one of the twins and sent me packing. I had to play cool to the nurses and said my goodbye.

“Are you not supposed to leave tomorrow?” one of the nurses asked me.

“No, the doctor said am better now and can leave” I tried to push the tears back and walked away.

“you did good, now get the money and go” Ketty`s mother whispered.

“I don’t need it. You can have your money, tell your daughter if anything happens to my kids, she will have me as her night mare” I warned her and she laughed shaking her head.

“Please, just leave already Mario will be here soon” she smiled and the man took me out by force driving me to my house so I get what I needed. I went to the shops and got the money I could and my credit cards, leaving the girl working there to take care of my business till I was back. I could not tell anyone where I was going since the man was tagging behind me all the time till he personally drove me out of Lusaka dropping me by the road after driving past Chongwe district.

Like a Child, I cried out aloud, I was alone at the road side, it was getting dark and I could not see any vehicle coming my way. I realized he had dropped me away from the main road, so I had to walk to find it.

“My God, if all this I have to endure for the sake of my children, then keep me safe so they will grow up in a good way. Touch the hearts of Ketty and Mario that they both can take care of them like their own.” I prayed as I trekked towards the main road I could hear vehicles from a distance.

It was the longest journey of my life but I had to keep pressing forward. I needed to survive and hoped one day I would tell the story of life and be happy.

After about 2 hours of walking, I found myself by the main tarred road and stopped a car.

“Where are you going?” the man asked me as i stood by the window asking for a lift.

“I don’t know” I responded honestly not knowing where I would go from there, the thought that the only person who could possibly help me being dead killed me.

“How? What do you mean you don’t know? Are you lost?” the man asked me.

“sir, am, yes am lost” I managed to say

“Well. I am going to my farm in Lufunsa, not knowing how far you intent to go maybe I can drop you somewhere, it’s late and these parts of the world are dangerous when its dark.

I looked around, I had no option,

“Thank you Sir, I appreciate your help” I responded and got in putting the bag on my laps in front of the van he was driving.

“So where do you come from?” he asked me, I was feeling really weak and tired.

“I don’t know?” I sighed shaking my head. I could not go on telling him my story I had no idea who he was. He looked at my hand and up my face.

“You are coming from the hospital?” he asked seeing the cannula still on my hand I didn’t even realise it was still there.

“Um, …” I stammered not knowing how to lie further.

“Maybe you ran away from the hospital, you could have amnesia” the man suggested and I looked at him

“Maybe” I quickly responded.

“Oh poor child, don’t worry God will open your mind again and soon you will remember everything. Your parents and your family” he smiled compassionately.

He went on telling me about his daughters in the outside country and his late wife. He told me he was a retired ZAF officer who found a farm after retiring and went once in a while to check the farm works that his house was back in Lusaka.

For some reason I felt safe around the old man. He was so nice and at the end he offered me a place for the night. Giving me a room when we got to his farm, it was a self-contained room, he told me his first daughter used it whenever she went to the farm.

“Thank you Sir” I smiled weakly as he walked out leaving me to wash up and get some rest.

“You are welcome, the bible says, those who welcome strangers might welcome angels, and who knows you are that angel today” he smiled and left the room.

I sighed and went to take a warm bath, taking my medication and lay on the bed crying as I recalled the events of the Day. Prayed for my twins and Mario and fell asleep after a lot of struggle.

To be continued