A cry For Love Episode 22



“What have you done to her you idiot! She was okey I just saw her the other day and she was perfectly fine” Jay was shouting in my face standing there a shoulder taller than me. I don’t know how he heard about Chisomo, I saw him rushing along the passage as he approached me. Standing before me, he asked if at all I was Mario, and he grabbed my shoulder snarling angrily.

“What is your problem? Who are you to ask me such questions” I answered back pushing off my shoulder.

“Am the only person that Cares for Chisomo, you and your fiancée should leave her alone. You my friend has caused so much pain for this girl and now am here telling you enough is enough” he spat

“look, am not sure what you and Chisomo are but am not here to harm her, am here because she needed me, she called me when she was in pain and I brought her here, she has given me two babies and am not leaving till she is out of that comma” I calmly spoke sitting back down. My body felt tired after two days of being at the hospital waiting for Chisomo to come to.

Jay stood there watching me, he shook his head pointing a finger at me.

“Chisomo will never call you for help. I know very well she could have called me, I took care of her for months and things were okey” he went on, I was not sure he was trying to get me jealousy or whatever, but I didn’t give him the pleasure. I took it so cool and let him burn his anger and jealousy on me.

“You can now leave Jay or whatever your name is, you have made It a point you care for Chisomo and trust me, I do more than care for her, the reason you are even bickering like this is because you and I both know she feels the same for me..” I smiled leaning back on the wall.

“Care for you? Are you even hearing yourself, that girl has been through hell and part of that has been contributed by you, you dare boast about her feelings cause you have no…”

“Hey, hey man, we both are grownups, let Chisomo wake up and make her own choice, we don’t need to go on arguing and fighting like people without sense. So come on you have made your point, go home” I raised my hand pointing towards the exit, but he sighed and walked towards the wards. I watched him head to the room Chisomo was and I bothered not to stop him, I was already hurting with Chisomo being in a comma for two days I didn’t want to start entertaining some jealousy thoughts of a man I barely knew. I told myself if he had issues with Chisomo then that was his business and not mine.

My parents were now aware of what was going on, my mother was mad at me for having another woman when my wife to be, that was the way she was now referring to Ketty, was pregnant. I could not tell her the truth about Ketty`s false pregnancy, not wanting to start explaining the whole story how we got where we were.

“Mom, am making sure everything is under control” I sighed ignoring her shouting.

“No, it’s clear you have become this man I don’t know Mario, my own son would never do such a thing, how on earth did you let this poor girl from God knows where manipulate you? Don’t you know that is what these little devils do, they are like leeches and will suck you dry, maybe those babies are not even yours” she held my hand to get my attention. I knew Ketty must have told her part of the story only she left out the detail of her part in it all.

“don’t say things you have no idea of mother, just let me be, my only worry is for Chisomo to get better and take care of both her and those twins she has brought me” I responded.

She shook her head looking at me, “am not going to be part of all this Mario, as far as am concerned you are marrying Ketty. “she made a face.

“I cannot understand you mother, just a few months ago you hated Ketty now you are here supporting her? What is wrong with you?”

“Well” she sighed sitting next to me.

“I know I don’t like that girl so much, but between her and that leech I prefer Ketty, she is pregnant too you know,” she responded.

“Chisomo is not a leech mother, please, I never invited you here so please leave” I told her firmly. She looked at me like I was mad or something, picked her small hand bag and took off without another word.

I walked to Chisomo`s room and sat on the same chair I had been sitting on for the past days, for some reason I thought she could hear me as I talked to her.

“Hey” I started..


Standing there I watched him entered the room which had become my home for the time I was away from my body, I could not tell whether it was day or night, I could not get out or anywhere close to my body, all I did was wait and wait for something to happen so I wake up from my body.

Mario sat next to me taking my hand, he looked frustrated on top of the sadness. I could see it in his eyes. It was like someone had frustrated him.

“Hey” he smiled slightly kissing my hand.

“Hey Mario” I responded as though he could hear me.

“I miss you, you know, if you were here things could be a lot easier, you could tell me you love me and I would stand tall and spit the shame in the eyes of those that think am not being realistic and that you have no regard for me” he smiled again sadly.

“you know, I have lived my life trying to please my mother and other people around me, this time I want to do what my heart really wants and believe me, it’s being with you. There is this thing about you, the peace, the gentleness the warmth in my heart whenever am with you and no one has ever made me feel that way before, I have loved before, but trust me my love, this is more than all the love I have ever felt for anyone.” He wiped his eyes I saw his finger wet before he rubbed it off.

“I need you” he whispered looking at my face. I struggled to get to talk to him, I could not bear to see him suffer any longer.

“God what do I do? I asked myself as I felt the urge to respond to his cry.

“if you die on me, you will take away my only chance of being truly happy Chisomo, you will be a memory I will live on with, do you want me to always cry when I remember you? “ he asked now letting his tears down as he moved closer to my face.

“You want that? The father to your children to only have a sad memory of you? Don’t do this, I love you, come back” he added and like that was what I was waiting for, I pushed myself so hard and in an instance, I felt the gap between me and my body close and I was back in, I could feel my heart, I could feel his hand on me and his face now leaning on my forehead. I tried to move myself, but felt so weak.

“Chisomo! Chisomo! You are back, my God she is back” I heard Mario shout, this time unlike before I could hear him so close in my ears, not the way I heard him the past days like an echo.

“Doctor! Doctor!” Mario rushed out as I tried to open my eyes. He came back with the doctor rushing,

“What happened?” the doctor asked Mario who had his eyes popped up he seemed excited and relieved.

“She moved Doctor, I was sitting here talking and then she suddenly moved her eyes, she even moved her hand “he explained coming to hold my hand.

“Thank you” he smiled seeing I was looking at him, I was still in a shock of what was going on with me, it was like I was in the transition but then I was back to myself. I looked at him and the Doctor checking me.

“The baby?” I asked feeling my mouth so dry.

“Babies” he smiled at me.

“You gave birth to Twins my love, a boy and a girl. They are so beautiful” he kissed my forehead smiling.

At the moment, the doctor asked Mario to wait outside as they had to exam me, calling my sudden awakening as a miracle.

“I told you doctor, she promised me she will fight ” he smiled before leaving.

“Yeah, I now believe in her promise to you” the Doctor smiled at him and he went out I looked around in silent as they went on checking me.

Hours later, Mario walked in and looked up my face with a smile,

“Hey” he sighed

“Hey” I whispered back weakly

“How are you feeling? That was quiet a scare huh?” He shrugged sitting down.

“Am sorry, I was just..”

“Don’t say sorry to me, am the one to apologize for letting you down. Am here now and I promise things will be different from now on” he smiled widely.

“How are the kids?” I asked.

“okey, they are doing better and the past two days I was forced to get them formula since you could not breast fed them, but they are responding well to treatment” he added.

“I want to see my babies” I tried to sit up but was still feeling so weak.

“Don’t force yourself up, you are still weak and the doctors said you need some days to recover, you lost a lot of blood” he stopped me.

“You will see the twins when you are stronger, okey? I cannot get them out of where they are cause they are still undergoing some treatment and observations, you know after being born prematurely.”

We were In the room together the rest of the day, he talked so much about his feelings for me..

“I could hear you” I told him.

“What? Really? Everything?” he asked.

“Yes, everything” I responded with a weak smile and he smiled back.

“So you wanted to punish me huh?” He asked, I didn’t get to answer his question and the door burst out open someone stood by the door way looking into our direction.

“So you have decided to come back huh?” the cold voice asked and the person walked in, I looked up to take a clear view of who was in the room and felt my already cold feet get even colder at the sight of evil written all over the face before us.

To be continued