A cry For Love Episode 21



I woke up the following day feeling sick, I tried to stand up and get some water but my body felt so heavy.

“What do I do?” I asked myself falling back into bed. I struggled for another hour, my mouth was now dry and my throat felt cracked. I felt so sick. That moment I recalled Jay could be of help, so I dialed his line but unfortunately it was off, I tried several times but nothing.

“maybe let me call Esther to tell him” I thought to myself getting to dial Esther`s line.

“Hello, what do you want?” she asked the moment she picked the call.

“Esther I need your help, am sick and cannot even get up, please will you get to Jay and tell him to come help me?” I whispered painfully.

“Well, you think am a fool, you want to play sick so that you get to my man? No Chisomo, forget it, I was a fool once but no more” she shouted in the mouth piece and cut the line. I tried to call her again but nothing, she had her phone off too.

“My God what do I do?” I cried dragging myself to the other room, but couldn’t even reach it. Then I realized I was going to lose my baby if I went on like that, the entire compound was silent and the worst was that most of the flats inside the fence had male occupants, the guys I barely interacted with.

“let me call him, before I get my baby dead” I whispered to myself and started remembering Mario`s number, I didn’t have his line all along and he too never had mine, I wanted it that way, now I had to force my memory to retrieve it in my desperation. The first line I tried went to a wrong person, so I checked the last digit and redialed it.

“Hello” came his deep voice I smiled painfully to myself.

“Hello. Its Chisomo” I went straight to introducing myself, I thought he would shout at me or ask why I was calling but no, and he sounded excited. I could imagine if he was seated he probably stood up and jumped with joy.

“Am here my love” he responded with a deep sigh.

“Am not well Mario, I cannot stand, I cannot move, it’s like my legs are tied, I tried to call…”

“Am coming right this minute, hang on okey? “he responded instead and cut the line. In relief, I sighed holding my stomach.

“Hang on my baby, dad is coming to take us both to the hospital” I cried holding my belly. About 25 minutes later, I heard a car pulling over and seconds later the door was banged loudly.

“Chisomo! Come open “Mario shouted

“I can’t, I cannot move Mario” I let a weak scream.

“What?” he asked now panicking I could hear him trying to click the door open.

“I will break the door then” he shouted back and in a few minutes the door opened widely with a loud bang he rushed to where I was.

“What happened?” he asked trying to lift me up.

“I don’t know, I just woke up feeling sick and I cannot move my body, my baby Mario, please help me save the baby” I cried softly he held my face.

“am here, you are not alone my love, am here okey, I never left you know, my mind was always with you” he looked into my crying eyes.

“I know, ouch” I winced feeling a sharp pains in my belly

“Okey, let me take you to the hospital, you will be okey I promise, and you will be okey” he panted as he lifted me to the car outside. In no time we were rushing to the hospital and he told me UTH was the best at the moment looking at my condition, He had thought of taking me to the military hospital but then changed his mind that it was better to go where there were a lot of available experts.

I was now in more pain as he drove us. He kept whispering I was going to be okey. Upon arrival I was led to the emergency room with him trotting behind the wheel chair as the nurses took me in.

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“Mario” I called him before they could ask him out of the room.

“If things come to the worst, tell them to save my baby” I cried

“No, don’t say that, don’t even think about it, you and the baby will both live Chisomo, you will live” he sighed holding my hand in a grip.

“Just in case i…” I could not finish my sentence and he kissed my cracked lips.

“Please, promise me you will pull through, please promise me that, I cannot lose you Chisomo, have faith please” he spoke sadly.

“Sir we will ask you to wait outside now, the doctors are here to see her” the nurse announced and Mario wiped his tears looking down at me.

“Please” he whispered. I was in pain but his face was killing me more, his sadness, his pleading and desperation made me want to stand up and hold him.

“I promise.” I whispered and watched him leave. He smiled at me and closed the door behind him. The doctors started examining me asking me questions. I could hear them talk as I was now sedated.

“We need to operate her or the babies will die, they too weak” one of them suggested. I could hear the rest of them agree and they pointed out my blood pressure was so low, it was a fifty fifty chance of me surviving together with the baby.

“If we save the babies or the mother we have a 75 % chance” the doctor explained to Mario who I could see standing in the room. He looked at me and then back at the doctor talking to him,

“Please do what you can to save them both” he whispered.

“if things get to the worst” he added…

“Save my baby please!” I shouted inside looking at him, he sighed without turning to look at me.

“Save the mother” he spoke and the doctor nodded, he rushed out quickly. I knew he wanted me alive but I really hoped he chose the baby. I felt I had nothing, my baby would stand a chance of living and being with his father, in my heart I knew Ketty would still take the baby in, I didn’t like the idea of him choosing me over the baby, though I had nothing on my hands at the moment to decide such, I was to let fate decide who got to live between the two of us.

Time passed I had no idea how long I was in the theatre. I just felt myself rising from the bed and a voice crying loudly calling my name. Slowly I stood up and was surprised to see myself standing above my body, Mario was there crying and calling out my name.

“Come back my love, I love you Chisomo please, come see our babies” he sobbed I looked around confused. On the court beside my body was two beautiful babies I wondered how on earth I gave birth to twins. I had never thought of having a scan for anything and I needed the sex of my baby a surprise so I never bothered myself.

“Wow, my God I have twins” I cried watching them from afar. I noticed I could not move closer to them so I kept my distance listening to Mario crying seated beside me.

“I need you my Chisomo. What do I do with these babies, they need their Mother, you promised remember? You promised my love please come back, open your eyes Chisomo please, am sorry for not choosing you in the first place, I was a coward but now am ready to fight hard for our love, I love you” he went on and my God I cried so much with him, only I could not reach to him.

The doctor walked in and patted his hand.

“am sorry Sir, but you have to be patient, God willing she will pull through, if not just leave it to him, you now have these twins to take care of” the doctor whispered to him.

“She will live Doctor I know that for sure, she will live, she promised me” he responded sniffing in.

“It’s good you have faith Sir, it’s very good. Now we will move the babies to another room” he announced and the nurses started pulling them away.

“Okey, am coming with you, let me see where they will be. “ Mario stood up and patted my hand before leaving I remained standing watching myself sleeping silently the machines beeping softly.

“Am I dead?” I asked myself.

Sometime later, I saw Ketty walking in and she stood by my bedside watching me,

“Chisomo am sorry we had to come his far, I really wished you made it out of here, you are a wonderful person and hoped for the best for you, but I love my man and will never let you take him away, he is mine” she sighed shaking her head.

“Yeah, sure am sorry too” I whispered as though she could hear me.

“I will take care of your babies, they are beautiful, the girl looks like her father and the boy, well, he is a combination of you both” she smiled wiping a tear from her face I smiled at that too. It was so clear seeing things from my angle. I felt I could feel the real emotions of people around me and at that moment i could feel Ketty meant every word she said so did Mario.

He walked in a few minutes later.

“What are you doing here?” he asked seeing ketty.

“I heard she was rushed here and I came to check on her and the twins” she smiled weakly.

“What? How did you know? “Mario asked moving between me and Ketty like she was capable of hurting me, I wondered why he was being too protective.

“Calm down Mario. How I got here or knew is not an issue I have actually seen the babies already, they are so cute, did you see the girl, oh my God, she looks like you” Ketty smiled.

“I don’t care what you think Ketty, I don t want you near them or Chisomo, so get out of here. You think I don’t know what you and your evil mother are up to?” Mario was seemingly upset now.

“Mario, what has come over you? Are you crazy? It’s me, Ketty” she shook her head and I was with her on that, what was Mario talking about” I wondered.

“You know what? Now is not the time or place, just leave, am staying with Chisomo till she is out of comma” he shrugged and sat down holding my hand.

Ketty watched him for a minute and shook her head before walking out. I felt for her, the look in Mario`s eyes when he looked at her was not what I saw the first time I saw both of them. I felt sad and looked on as Mario leaned his head on my body and sighed.

“Am here, am waiting for you to come back Chisomo, am here” he whispered.

To be continued