A cry For Love Episode 20



The night silent winds blew in my face as I stood outside leaning on the veranda, pillars. My heart aching and my mind so busy trying to process things that had clouded it. I was more than frustrated that the guys watching Chisomo lost her on the very day I was supposed to find her. I went with them to see her, that day I was ready to tell my mind to her, I wanted to clarify things and make her know she was not going to take away by baby. It was mine and mine alone and I was ready to use force as mom suggested if at all she proved stubborn

“Where is the house?” I asked the guy in charge of finding Chisomo.

“It’s that one mam, I personally took her there and can never forget the place” he informed me proudly.

“Good, stay here am going in alone” I sighed getting off the car. I looked around as I approached the place taking in its poor environment.

“How dare she even think of raising my baby in this dirty place” I screamed in my mind as I trotted towards the door.

After knocking twice, a tall dark guy walked out without his shirt on, he stood there and smiled widely at me. “Hello beautiful!” he greeted leaning his arm on the door knob.

“Hello!” I smiled back at him.

“Um, are you the owner of this house?” I asked feeling stupid,

“How could I ask a shirtless man who was the owner of the house?” I sighed

“Am sorry, I mean, Am looking for someone” I corrected myself before he could respond.

“I noticed” he shrugged lifting his muscles up and down he made me feel uncomfortable, “men in compounds, he has no shame exposing himself at a woman like that” I shook my head paying attention to his response.

“Am looking for a pregnant lady named Chisomo” I finally asked.

“Who?” he asked back his face now turning from a smile to a frown.

“Chisomo, I was told she stays here. Can I please talk to her” I went on.. He looked at me longer than usual and shook his head murmuring,

“Well you have a wrong house, I have no idea who you are talking about. In this part of town there is no lady who matches your description and I have lived here longer than you can imagine so I could have surely known that Chisomo woman you are talking about” he explained seriously.

“No, she is supposed to be here, am so right” I argued. For some reason I knew the guy was hiding something. He looked so guilty and I needed him to give me Chisomo.

“look here, you have no idea who I am, so just let me see Chisomo now and I …” I could not finish my words and he pulled me towards himself, he held my blouse and brought his face so close to me I could see his angry eyes.

“My friend, am not one to be messed with, if you think because you have money and everyone else is useless then you are mistaken. I will not be bullied in my own house, now, turn back around and leave as you came” he made me face where I came from.

“and leave never to return, or you will regret it” he spat and pushed me forward I lost balance going to fall on the ground.

“You are mad! How dare you!” I shouted rising from the dust and looking at him standing tall over me.

“yes, am mad, so get out!” he yelled and I run out like a mad woman, I was so pissed as I got to who I had left in to the car.

“How dare he!” I screamed.

“What happened? Did you find her” the man waiting for me asked.

“I know she is there, that idiot was so mad when I mentioned Chisomo, he must be the stupid boyfriend or something. How did he know about me being rich if Chisomo didn’t tell her?”

“Change of plans” I sighed

‘come back tomorrow and capture that woman, bring her to my mother’s house and I will deal with her from there, let’s see if that idiot will have the guts to push me again” I spat angrily rubbing my now dirt hands with hand sanitizer.

Well, unfortunately my mother’s boys had been going there to try and find Chisomo but nothing, they told me they even broke in when the guy I found wasn’t around but there was no sign of Chisomo, according to them, nothing Indicated she was ever there. I felt so stuck and desperate, she only had a few weeks towards her due date and now I was unable to find her. The fear of never seeing her gripped my throat I swallowed hard wiping my tears as I heard the gate open. I looked up as John opened the gate and there was Mario, he looked so drunk he staggered to get to the steps.

“Mario, you have been drinking like this again.. What is going on?” I tried to hold his hand but he pushed men away.

‘Get out Ketty, just stay the hell away from me! He shouted.

“Well if I don’t help you, you will fall” I went on but he pushed me harder.

“Just get off me! it’s your fault” he pointed his fingers at me,

“Yes, it’s your fault am like this, I loved you, I was okey with marrying you but you thought that wasn’t enough, you wanted a baby that you were incapable of producing, I begged you, yes” he staggered holding the pillar “I begged you to let me be but you wouldn’t listen, you wanted more than I was able to give you and now I fall in love with her, see.. I love Chisomo more than you, I love her and I need her. You took her away, I want my woman, my warm and calm woman, I need her back” he sighed sadly and walked past me into the house I held my self hands akimbo. He was so much hurting and I hated myself for my actions.

Slowly I followed him inside and sat near him as he lay on the couch his eyes closed.

“am sorry Mario, I truly am, I just wanted to give you more as much as you did me, but I ended up messing us. Forgive me my love, I still love you and I promise we can work on this” I held his hand. He looked at me, shook his head.

“You want to make things right?” he asked.

“Yes, yes I do” I nodded my head hopefully.

“Good, then get me Chisomo, bring her to me right now” he raised his hand.

“I, i..” I couldn’t find words, I didn’t expect his answer and he seemed so serious,

“Are you going to?” he asked now closing his eyes.

“No, I can’t Mario, I love you and…”

“It’s okey” he cut me.

“it’s okey. I will fight for her myself” he sighed and lay back his head sleeping instantly. I tried to shake him so he could wake up but it was all in vain. Slowly I withdrew and went back outside this time taking a glass of wine, I wanted to go and write but I failed to process anything at all.

The following morning I went to see my mother, she was watering her flowers outside the yard when I drove in.

“You are welcome “she looked at me without stopping what she was doing.

“We need to talk” I went to stand next to her.

“What? You cannot find her and now you are mad” she asked

“No, am not mad mother, I want my man back, change of plans, we are no longer kidnapping Chisomo when the boys find her again,” I stared seriously

“Well, what happened now, you are giving up so soon?” she laughed softly.

“mother this is not funny, am serious, Mario has been crying over that girl like a baby, now I want her close more than ever, I have a plan and I don’t want anything that will make Mario hate me for life, instead I want him to hate Chisomo, hate her as much as he has come to love her, so yeah, I won’t do anything to her” I explained my mother looked confused.

“I don’t understand” she shook her head now placing the pipe down.

“I don’t want you to understand a thing mom, now tell your boys to let me know the moment the new search is successful”

“Whatever you say boss, our deal still stands though, whether she is hurt or not” she shouted as I turned to go..

“Don’t you dare hurt her mother, should Mario find out I hurt her deliberately, what do you think he will do? “ I asked her.

“well, does it matter, after all that fool never loved you as much as he claimed, look at how he dumped you at the sight of a new woman” she spat

“Stop calling him a fool mother, you know I love him and he is the only one who has loved me for me…”

“hmm, sure, he loves you when the man goes around crying for a woman you brought to sleep with him, wake up Ketty, the only way here is to get rid of that obstacle you call Chisomo, to solve a problem you need to cut if from the roots” she added and I shook my head walking away.

“By the way, what is your in-law saying about that fake bump you are carrying around like an idiot?” she shouted as I got in the car.

“Just get me Chisomo and let me have a baby soon” I faked a smile and drove out.

To be continued