A Cry For Love Episode 14



Seeing Chisomo and Mario walk in I felt all my anger less and less, I smiled and Mario came to hug me though indifferently, I could feel it was not the same passionate hug he used to give me but I brushed the thought of knowing I was probably tired and was deducing things wrongly.

Chisomo didn’t sit around much after I greeted her, she excused herself and left to the room.

“My love, is she okey?” I asked Mario leaning on him. He sighed deeply his muscle movement making me move up and down.

“What?” I asked seeing he was avoiding my eyes at the moment.

“Nothing baby, it’s just that Chisomo has been distant the past week, I barely came to see her because she wouldn’t allow me. She looks sad Ketty, am worried because she needs to be okey for the baby. She only called after your mother gave her a hard time” Mario explained sadly, for some reason I couldn’t explain, I noticed he was sad too, he seemed lost even his words seemed random like he was just picking them without really saying everything that was in his heart.

“Look, baby, its okey for a pregnant woman to feel low and sad sometimes, I have researched so much about pregnancies’. My mother`s coming obviously got her upset too but that was before and she told me she understood her. Besides, remember how we got her pregnant, I know this is a bit too much for her, no wonder I wanted her around so we both could take care of her. What matters now is that she and the baby are healthy” I stated to him. Mario only shrugged without saying anything and the rest of the time we spent together he kept his end of the conversation short, he would respond with one answer and sometimes only nod without a word.

“Could the issue of Chisomo affect him so much?” I asked myself.

That evening I suggested we went out for some dinner the three of us.

“We can talk about the baby and lighten up the moment for Chisomo” I tried to convince Mario who argued it was not a good idea.

“So, Chisomo, how are you really feeling?” I asked as we ate our food to break the silence between the three of us.

“Um, “ she cleared her throat and looked at me and back in her plate,

“am feeling okey, don’t worry. The doctor told us the baby is okey and that is good news right?” she made her relaxed face and went on eating I looked at Mario and he was eyeing her too.

“Chisomo, I know its good news but trust me I want to know about you as well, I mean are you really okey? Do you feel okey emotionally, physically and all, am just concerned about you” I held her finger across the table and she looked at me. Smiling a bit.

“thank you, am okey yes, the thing is I feel lonely staying with you guys and I was hoping I went to do something for myself, I went up to grade 12 yes, but I can do some small less stressing business as we wait for the baby” she told us both but her eyes were just on me.

“What? You want to leave the house? “ I asked surprised at her decision

“Is there anything wrong the two of us have done to make you feel like leaving Chisomo? You know we need you close “I shook my head not wanting to entertain her idea.

“I will be coming to see you guys regularly and you too can be coming, please let me leave” she insisted and to my shock Mario cut in sharply.

“No!” his voice was so firm and commanding like he was afraid of her going or maybe hated her for the suggestion i could not tell for sure.

“Baby, are you okey?” I asked him seeing he was looking at Chisomo without a blink.

“um, yes. I am baby, just that I don’t want my baby to be anywhere far away, I need her around Ketty, we cannot let Chisomo go just like that, she will be all alone and anything can happen , no, tell her she is not going anywhere” Mario`s voice was sharp I for a moment wondered what was going on. he sounded different and mad too.

At that Chisomo seemed upset and she stood up asking for us to take her back to the house.

“But we are still eating and …” I almost stopped her but she stood her ground.

“am sorry, I feel tired and I cannot stay out here anymore, if you can take me back and come back later the two of you” she insisted refusing to sit back.

The driving back home was filled with tension I was afraid to ask what had really happened to them both after I left them. Mario`s face was out the window as I was driving them. I looked in the mirror and saw Chisomo silently seated her eyes closed as she leaned her head on the car seat.

Back at home, she asked to go and rest and of course I had no objection, I let her go and Mario too walked out after refusing to explain to me what had happened after I left.

That evening I entered Chisomo`s room and sat there silently watching her. She too didn’t say a thing she just waited for me to say something.

“What happened back at the restaurant, don’t tell me it was mom cause we already talked about her and you know she won’t be bothering you again. So what?” I asked her finally.

“What? You guys refused to let me go, that is what happened “ she sighed and moved her hand under her head looking at the screen playing some pictures across the room.

“Tell me the truth Chisomo, did you have a quarrel with Mario whilst I was gone? Did he say something out of way or maybe it’s something he did” I pulled her hand in mine and rubbed it gently.

“Am sorry Ketty, I cannot tell you anything of such sort because there was nothing. I only want…” she paused

“How did you meet with Mario? I mean what kind of relationship you have together” she asked this time with a chuckle.

“Well, we are a normal couple, we fight sometimes but over time we have come to understand each other so well, even the issue of the wedding is just to formalize things no wonder am not so much bothered about it. Mario is my man and I know anywhere in the world he would stand with me. it’s amazing how his mother has failed to break us apart after several years of trying, you know why? Because Mario is a good man and he keeps his promises” I explained to her after giving her history of how we met and she smiled I noticed there was some wetness in her eyes she looked away and wiped it.

“Wow, I truly am happy for you, you two sound perfect together and I hope one day you will be fulfilled and live happily ever after” she commented with a smile.

“Chisomo, look here, one day I believe you too will find that man that will love you for you. You will see, there is a Mario out there for you too, he is waiting for you to show up and love him back” I told her chuckling loudly I felt good we had both eased up.

“A what?” she asked, I knew she could not read the phrasing where I mentioned Mario.

“I mean, there is a good man like Mario out there for you Chisomo” I laughed and she smiled looking at me.

“Well, we good right? No more moving out on us?” I shrugged

“Hmm, am not sure, will think about it, cause honestly I think that is what is right for all of us” she uttered her words but I was okey she had brightened up I didn’t want to ask what she meant, lets I sour her mood again.

A week later, I went to see Sera and her family. I had not had time to see her that week as I had to go to the company and follow up the happenings of the business. My cousin had called me to ask that we both went for the review of the business activities, I was glad everything seemed well. I had nothing to worry about.

“So how is the baby coming up?” Sera asked me as we sat outside under a small mango tree.

“Well, it’s all good, the pregnancy is now into the 10th week and am so excited I cannot wait for the last term” I giggled happily.

“Hmm, it worked after all huh? You are going to be a mother. How is Mario taking it now?” she asked.

“Honestly, I don’t know my friend, Mario barely talks about the baby and sometimes I cannot help feel he hates Chisomo. I try to make him understand things but nothing” I frowned sadly recalling how Mario always never talked about Chisomo and whenever he would come home, he never even asked about her or the baby.

“Hmm what do you expect, you forced the man to sleep with a stranger. Give it time he will come around, probably after the baby is born and Chisomo leaves you guys. “Sera smiled combing her baby girl`s hair as we talked.

“He will my dear, now I came to ask if the arrangements for the flowers were done, I have been too occupied the past weeks I sometimes forget am getting married. “

Sera looked at me shaking her head.

“This wedding is the longest planned I have ever seen. Let it pass we all rest easy mwee”

she shrugged and we both laughed out.

I decided to get home after a long meeting with Sera and things were now on point, all we needed was walk to the aisle with Mario and get married. I had seen his mother a few days before and this time she seemed okey. She was not so excited but at least I was just glad she was not being too negative.

Driving in the yard, I saw Mario`s car parked outside and I smiled to myself knowing he was inside.

“Baby! Am home!” I shouted placing the keys on the small corner table and throwing the heels off my feet I touched my feet to relax them a bit as I went to my room thinking Mario was there.

“Where is this man?” I asked myself as I held my hand removing the wrist watch. Then I heard some voices talking.

“sure he is” I told myself now heading to Chisomo`s room.

“I cannot do this Mario, please stop already, just leave me and like you said, pretend I don’t exist, soon I will leave and you will be married to your wife a baby besides you” came Chisomo`s voice I could hear she was crying.

Out of curiosity, I stood there to hear what they were talking about thinking she was trying to get him understand her and not hate her.

His words that moment as he responded to her made me drop the wrist watch that I was now holding in my hand, I quickly picked it before it could get to the floor.

“I love you Chisomo, I have tried to stay away you know that, how can I look into Ketty`s eyes and lie that I don’t like you when my whole being is screaming out to how much I love you. I love you and I need you, I cannot let you go cause I find myself so drawn to you, please do not push me away, I love you” Mario whispered I peeped through a small opening and saw him holding her so close. His hands were firm on her face he spoke without looking away from her eyes.

“What about Ketty?” Chisomo asked him trying to get off him but he didn’t move an inch, it was like he was stuck in the ground and could not let her go. Hi desperation was amazing.

“I don’t know, but I love you too, I love you Chisomo, what can I do? Please I love you!” my Mario was pleading for the woman crying as he spoke I felt myself so weak I went down the floor without making some noise, I was not going to cut that moment short for them, so I sat there for minutes hearing them argue.

I could hear him kissing her and both of them were breathing heavily just after a moment and I stood up running to my room, I could not take it anymore.

To be continued