A Cry For Love Episode 15



She kept resisting me but I decided to take a step and show her what I felt instead of begging her with words. Chisomo, felt something for me too I could see it, she had not been responding to my calls and totally ignored me whenever I would go to Ketty`s house.

I recall one day, I found her outside, and she looked at me as I got off the car and walked back inside before I could get the chance to talk to her.

“Chisomo, why are you running away from me?” I had followed her

“Because I don’t want to talk to you Mario. Now go on inside Ketty is in her room” she sighed and walked away leaving me watching her without a word. The impact of her ignoring me just made me want her more and this day, I decided to go and talk to her seriously. As always she argued about my feelings and tried to push me back to Ketty.

“I love you Chisomo” I said the 10th time that afternoon after kissing her. I lost myself I could not hear anything else besides her soft moans as we embraced so close my heart raced at the pleasure she was giving me just wrapping her hands around me.

“Chisomo, I paused looking into her eyes.

“Tell me you do not feel anything for me and I swear I will not bother you anymore” I challenged her lifting her chin to make her eyes meet mine. She looked at me for a couple of seconds and wanted to look away but I could not let her face go, I turned her towards my face again.

“Just tell me the truth” I asked again,


“What do you want me to tell you Mario? What good will it do? You belong to another woman and the arrangement was not for us to fall in love with each other, it doesn’t matter what I feel but this is not right, you are getting married in a few days, please just leave, Ketty might come back soon and this is….” She went on complaining.

I let her talk her heart out and even though she couldn’t say for sure she felt love for me, I knew she did. I turned to leave her room and she walked towards her bed sitting down with a sigh. Standing by the door way, I watched her and she was not looking away either.

“Chisomo?” I called her

“yes Mario” was her response and like her voice was the lock to the key that was holding me back, I rushed back closing the door and went on to her throwing her down the bed, she was not fighting me anymore so I went on caressing her until I could see how she needed me too. In a minutes we were coined together deeply connected more than before. She had her eyes closed all the time and her body movements were enough to define what I needed, I felt it, it was not Ketty anymore, the woman beneath me felt a part of me, the love and connection between us was so amazing I could not get myself off her till I was calm and down, I allowed her to enjoy the moment longer than last time and was so proud I made her vibrate in my arms she collapsed in them breathing heavily.

Her lips partly parted, she opened her eyes looking at me.

“I love you and am not getting married in a few days Chisomo, I just can’t” I whispered leaning my head on her.

“What? No! You will not do this, no, we will not do this to Ketty, Mario, we will not” she sat up

“What is okey? I marry her with thoughts of you in my head? I cannot it’s not fair that I commit myself to her for life and yet I love you too” I shook my head but she kept on pushing me not to think like that.

In the love moments with Chisomo, I had not realized how many minutes had passed. I had been with her for more than 30 minutes until she practically pushed me out of the room. She was right about Ketty coming back, I found her seated in her bed her face wet with tears. The moment I saw her, I knew she was aware about me and Chisomo.

“Tell me that back there, was just a moment that has past and we are good “she cried standing up and facing me I felt bad at how broken she was looking.

“Am sorry Baby you had to see or hear whatever happened there., I love you and I swear I never planned for this” I started, she slapped me so hard I felt the stinging feeling on my skin where the slap had landed.

“You will not do this to me Mario! No you won’t, you will not tell me in a few weeks you have forgotten about what we have, what we have built in years together” she cried hitting my chest I tried to hold her but now she was screaming loudly,

It was like she had just realized what was happening and now was taking out her anger on me.

“Is it the way of you paying me back for making this decision to have a baby? Is it?” she stopped.

“No, no, yeah I didn’t like the idea before but I didn’t chose to feel this way towards Chisomo, you have to understand me baby please” I tried to calm her down. She was hysterical and screamed out on top of her voice.

She accused me of taking advantage of the situation and lie I loved Chisomo to prove a point, she was the one who was wrong to bring another woman between us. Most of what she said were true but the truth was I felt whatever had happened had nothing to do with what I felt for Chisomo, it was so pure and evident I wouldn’t even call it a mistake.

“okey, I will pretend all this did not happen Baby, let’s just get married and after the baby is born, Chisomo is leaving and we will have our lives back” she wiped her tears coming close. I held her back too, and shook my head sadly.

“am so sorry Ketty, but now I cannot get married, I need to clear my head and It will not be fair for you and Chisomo cause am sure I love you both, I cannot hurt her” I told her honestly and she stepped back shaking her head too.

“no., is that a polite way of saying you don’t want to be with me but with that Chisomo?” she spat now fuming.

“No, I mean, I don’t want to hurt any of you baby and I need time to make the right decision. We have to stop the wedding for now and …”

“We are getting married Mario, “she ordered firmly.

“yes, you and I are getting married and we will not allow your pity for that poor girl to come between us, we will have our baby, pay her and she will leave us in peace, there is no way am allowing you to humiliate me like this Mario, never! You hear me, never! You are mine and mine alone, forget about the pity or whatever it is you feel for that girl and let’s get married as per plan” she made her points clearly and serious she was not blinking as she spoke.

I was quiet for a moment, I walked slowly to the bed and sat down watching her. She too looked at me and we both stayed that way or minutes.

“What do I do now?” I asked myself holding my hands in my face.

We heard a loud bang on the front door and the gate opening, my first thought was Chisomo and I rushed outside Ketty coming behind me.

“John, who went outside?” I asked John

“it`s it`s….. Madam, Chisomo” he stammered shaking his head looking at both of us.

“Where did she say she is going?”

“She didn’t say, but she came out with a large bag, she is getting a cab outside and she didn’t look well boss” John explain.

“What? And you let her go?” Ketty responded, I ran to the gate and rushed outside to stop her. The time I stood out, a car was pulling away I saw her seated in the back seat.

“Oh no!” I panicked

“What? “ Ketty asked joining me outside.

“She is gone” I shook my head looking at Ketty.

“Oh my God, she cannot go with our baby Mario, we need her around just for that baby” Ketty cried out I was now mad at her.

“It’s your fault, you kept screaming on top of your voice and now see what you have caused” I accused her pushing her aside and past to get my car. Ketty jumped into the car too,

“Do you think it`s a good idea you come too. Let me talk to her” I told her

“no way am leaving you and that girl together again, and let me warn you, I will not allow you and her alone anymore till am sure this drama of yours is over, am following you cause I really need that baby, now more than ever , I have already sacrificed a lot for this child to give up now” she made a face and I shook my head in disbelief.

“It’s all you really care about huh? The baby? you cannot even care about the feelings of that poor girl you put in so much pain. I almost cannot believe this is you ketty” I shook my head looking ahead as we drove out.

“Is that why you fall for her? Because you wanted her to feel safe, okey or cared for?” she asked without looking at me.

“Can you stop now, let’s just find her and bring her back” I shook my head

“Answer the question Mario! What the hell happened from that girl disgusting you to love? She is just a cheap girl trying to get your attention by playing hurt, it’s not my fault her mother died, it happened and she has to stick her dirty on my man, no, she was paid to get us a baby and that is what will happen, nothing more, nothing less.. I am beginning to hate her guts you know, you don’t even love her like you think I know you. She’s just a …..”

“Shut up! And if you so much insist on knowing the truth, yes, yes I fell in love with Chisomo but not because I pity her and want her to feel safe and cared for, it’s simply because the first time I saw her I felt something special for her, she is a good person and I fell in love with her the first time I lay my hands on her. Is that what you want to hear huh?” I was raising my voice increasing the speed as the road stretched in front of us.

“I love Chisomo and it has nothing to do with whatever you are saying” I added.

She didn’t respond but looked out the window, her fingers on her face I assumed she was crying. After some meters on the road in silence with ketty sobbing, I stopped and walked around the car to where she sat.

“Am sorry, I didnt mean to say all that to you. “ I told her honestly.

“Ketty! Baby! “I tried to hold her hand but she wasn’t looking at me.

“Am sorry” I sighed standing up straight.

“She is going to give me my baby at the end of the pregnancy and she will leave, I swear to God if she dares me, if she dares me, I will not let her have her peace. She will know better than mess with me” she spoke scornfully I feared for Chisomo. The coldness I was seeing in her eyes was so much tense one would not say it was the same old and calm Ketty.

“Can we go and find that b***h now? I need her close now more than ever” she spat and closed the door in my face before I could even move. Silently I walked to the other side of the car and started driving back to the road.

The time we got to Chisomo`s old house, she was not there. I tried to ask the neighbours if any of them had seen her go in but they all said they had not seen her in weeks.

“My God where is she?” I asked myself worried sick.

To be continued