A Cry For Love Episode 13



I was so excited I was getting back home after a long week touring the country. I could not get my manager to adjust the tour so I had to go by his plan and he was right, at the end of it all we had made a lot of money selling copies of the book. I successfully signed an agreement with some movie publishing director who were interested in running my story and I was super excited.

One thing that fulfilled my heart was my passion to write. In that, I had the entire world to myself, I would go to the ends of the world, explore the best places in the world, eat the best foods and experience the greatest true love just in my imagination and I just loved the satisfaction writing gave me.

I was making a happy dance in my head as I opened the car door to walk inside when John came around looking at me nervously.

“John, are you okey?” I asked him seeing how he was looking.

“Yes madam, nilibwino. Welcome back” he smiled his silly smile.

“What now?” I asked him as he stopped to look at me after pulling the bag off the car.

“um, madam there is…” he could not finish his sentence and my mother emerged from the house elegantly dressed in a classy long black dress and silver heels on her feet, she stepped forward like she was on a modeling contest and I clicked my tongue irritated about her showing up at my house. I hated my mother`s shameless acts and she knew of that fact but her mission was always to make sure she threw whatever I hated about her in my face.

“Well, well, the Queen of the house is back! You look tired and old Ketty” she smiled closing in I felt like pushing her off her heels, I swear I thought it more than once before clearing my throat.

“What are you doing here?” I asked ignoring her stupid smile.

“What I want? Won’t you at least say hi to your mother?” she smiled widely. Even though she was playing all young and diva, my mother was ageing and only she could not see that her actions and way of dress was not matching her trying to be young.

“Hi mom! Now what do you want?” I asked walking past her heading in the house.

“I missed you” she let a soft laugh.

“Hmm” I scoffed with a fake smile.

“the past 10 years of my life I have learnt that you only remember me when you are out on money or you have something bad that you want to throw in my face, or better still, to educate me on how to grab husbands and kill the men in your life” I told her sarcastically. She sat in a couch comfortably it was like my words just passed across her ears and never got to her even a little bit.

“When you are done bickering sit down I want to talk to you about your fiancé” she spat

“My fiancée? I asked

“Yes, I heard you two have pushed the wedding further twice now, who the hell postpones a wedding when everything is in place? “She chuckled teasingly.

“That my dear mother is none of your business. Tell me why you are truly here and leave already, am tired. By the way” I paused looking around I just realized I had not seen Chisomo yet.

“Hmmm what now?” she made a face at me.

“Where is the lady, my friend who was in…”

“She left with your so called Fiancée, I found her laying down in your spare bedroom and I asked what the heck she was doing here since I don’t recall her among your friends. I don’t know what games you are playing but that girl called your fiancé and they left the house about an hour ago” my mother said it with satisfaction.

“You know what? You are evil. If am not Mistaken you gave hell to that poor soul dear mother, anyway, who she is or why we have her here is not your business. Just tell me why you really are here” I shrugged still standing.

“Hmmm am here because I was told, no, “she smiled

“I know that that fiancé of yours is a good for nothing Gold digger. I know he has another woman with him. All he wants is to milk you of your money and marry another” she looked at me

“Okey” I smiled sitting down knowing it was one of her scams to get me upset I swore I would not give her the satisfaction.

“Okey? That is all you will say?” she raised her eyes surprised.

“What do you want mom, please” I shook my head sitting back.

“Well, if you want to know, the girl he is seeing is pregnant too. I was told he took her to the hospital and people saw them together there. You know I get what I want and I got the info the girl is pregnant over 2 months. So my dear, I may not be the best mom in the world but I care about you. There is no other reason why your marriage is not taking off, it’s that woman” she explained and sat back I could see her pride. She obviously felt good she had succeeded in making me get mad or heartbroken. She kept looking at my gestures to see my reaction. For a couple of minutes I was silent. Knowing so well it was Chisomo that Mario had taken to the hospital and who ever told mom was obviously working at the hospital and had access to the patience`s medical records.

Instead of saying a thing, I burst out laughing at how pathetic she looked. She was offloading what she thought was a boom on me meanwhile I knew it all.

“What? Are you okey?” she asked finally when I paused from the laughter. I was so much laughing at how stupid she looked she stood up shocked.

“Mom, oh mother, I like your action you know. Well, so be it if Mario is with another woman, so be it. By the way do you know who this woman is?” I asked to see if she was able to tell the person in her story was Chisomo since she had found her home.

“Not yet, but I will find out and soon, you will be crying instead of laughing at me like this” my mother was now upset I felt proud too.

‘Hmm, good, was that all mother? The thing is I need to rest, you see some of us work hard to earn money, we do not wait to grab a man for his money and kill him after we get what we need” I teased smiling at her she slapped me before I could say more.

“Don’t you dare insult me Ketty, I will….”

“What?” I stood up angry at her now.

“One day, just one day, you will swallow your words Ketty. “She pointed her finger at me and I smiled teasingly.

“I hate you, you know that? You are the reason I don’t even pray anymore, I have not prayed in years since dad died because every time I want to, I end up seeing your face and I stop. You have destroyed my life and now there is no place in my heart for you. Am barren because you could not bare me carry a child, a product of rape as you called it. Your so-called nephew raped me and you cared less about my pain and what I was going through, all you needed was your good name, I bet you are happy I cannot have kids. I hate you for that too, so much that I curse you every time i remember what you made me go through. Leave me alone already. I send you money every month from the company so you have no reason to snoop around my house. Just leave me alone will you?” I whispered my last words getting close to her she was eyeing me so silent.

She sighed nodding her head and started walking towards the door.

“Ketty, am your mother and no matter what I did, I don’t deserve this”

“Yes you do mother, who the hell kills her husband by poisoning his beer and leaves him to die in his car? Who on earth as a normal mother grabs her friend`s marriage, a man who used to be best friends with her husband months after his death, what kind of mother calls her own child a rat and plots to grab back the inheritance left my her father, you know what? Just the thoughts of what you have done make me so angry I don’t trust my actions towards you, so please, I beg you to Stay away from my life. Stay the heck away! You hear!” I yelled the more I could see the maids startling as they were hiding in a corner watching I was too mad to say anything to them.

My mother wiped a tear from her eyes and stepped backwards. She opened the door, gave me a last look and walked away without a word.

“I hate her, err!” I gnarled angrily sitting back down and crying myself to relieve the pain I was now feeling. Her presence was always enough to get me in a bad mood. Now I was no longer making happy dances. I called the maid to give me water and drunk the cup furiously throwing it to the wall it broke in pieces the maid jumped startled.

“Get me my phone!” I screamed at her she rushed to grab my bag and took out my phone rushing out quickly.

“And you!” I stopped her before she could leave.

“Yes mam” she paused

“Next time any of you allows that woman in this house, you will be fired, have I made myself clear?” I asked her holding my phone.

“Yes mom, it’s just that she…”

“Did you hear me or not?” I asked her before she could explain herself.

“Yes madam, sorry” she responded and rushed out almost immediately.

“Where the hell have you both gone to? Am back home!” I yelled in the phone the moment Mario picked it.

“Baby are you okey?” he asked and I realized I just burst my anger on him.

“Oh, My God. Am sorry Mario, just that I found my mother home and you know how she is. Are you with Chisomo?” I calmed down hearing his voice.

“Yeah, she called me that your mother had given her a tough time, I had to get her out before she got to know what is going on” he explained

“Yeah, that was okey Baby you did well, she already has a story running I will tell you when you come. Come back both of you I miss you” I told him pulling off the shoes from my feet.

“yeah, we are coming right away don’t worry and stop being mad okey?’ I could hear him sigh.

“Am sorry baby, am okey now, just come soon alright?” I smiled as I hang the call.

To be continued