7 Ways To Handle The Male Ego


7 Ways To Handle The Male Ego-According to ‘Doktor Mofin’ the male ego is one of the most popular psychological terms used in describing a man and his affairs.

The male ego is responsible for a man’s success, it molds his drive, attitude of work, his perception of the world, his response to threats, response to wife/girlfriend, friends and family.

Despite all the good and prolific qualities associated the male ego, it plays a major role in affecting and impeding a man’s relationship with his wife or girlfriend.

A few examples of a man’s ego at work are:
1. After a fight with their wife or girlfriend men find it hard to apologize or say “I’m sorry” even when its their fault.

2. The male ego doesnt like to be corrected, he is the alfa in every situation.

3. Some men feel threatened when they meet a successful woman or if their wives earn more money than they do.

Coping with the male ego tends to be tricky but it’s not impossible. Here are 7 tips to help you handle your man’s ego:

1. No comparisons, men do not like to be compared with other men, whether in their career, appearance, performance or whatever.

2. Study your man, know what makes him tick.
2. Make him feel like the king of the world.
3. Be diplomatic.
4.  Accept his sexual desire as a real need, just as you accept his need to eat good food.

5. The male ego wants attention and recognition, men have a yearning to be recognized for what they do.

6. When criticizing, phrase your criticism in a positive way so that your man is not hurt by it.

7. Men as well as women have insecurities. Always remember to reassure your man, do not hesitate to reciprocate when he expresses his feelings.

However it is a known fact of life that men are more egotistical than their female partners. A bruised male ego will take a long time to heal and possibly take a toll on any relationship. But, this does not mean that the male ego is something to be despised.

As a girlfriend or wife care should be taken that you do not unintentionally hurt your male partner’s ego. Dealing with male in a nutshell defines how to succeed in a relationship.

By Oluwatobi Bolashodun

Credit: Modern Ghana