Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 24


Kate: Julio? Tomas tried hard to recall what ‘Julio’ mean and why it bangs his head, he was getting hazy flashes which made his head hurt badly. 
Tomas: i don’t know what you’ar talking about, i have to go now. He dashed out of her presence, luckily Nenita was done with a round of the bouncing. 
Tomas: lets go home. 
Nenita: dad? I want to stay here. 
Tomas: i also want you to have fun, but i’m not feeling okay, i think i’m sick! 
Nenita: sick??? 
Tomas: yes, my head hurts. 
Nenita: lets go. So you can take some pills, i don’t want anything bad to happen to you. 
They got into the black toyota camry and drove off. Upon reaching home, Tomas fell to his bed and closed his eyes in a trance. 
“this tattoo represents my love for you, it shows you are and would always be engraved in my heart”……..Julio (Tomas) 
” always look after your kid sis okay Martins?…..Kate “
i love you dad, hmuuuaah i gotta go to school,,,,bye”……Ella “i would be visiting my brother in Manila today”……Julio 
“thank goodness you’ar awake, you don’t know your name, so i’d be calling you Tomas, from today” ……ma’am Naomi
 Tomas’ head hurts as he got flashes of his memory while still in a trance. The images he was seeing were’nt clear, but a woman had a striking resemblance to the one he met today. He resolved to visit the part tomorrow, hoping to meet her again, she would be in best position to answer all his questions and also help him regain his lost memories. 
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 Julio’s attitude towards her was very strange. He went missing for years and now he return only to give her this attitude? Perhaps he have another family somewhere, yes! That was the only logical explanation to what happened some minutes ago. She felt really bad, oh! How she missed him, she love him so much and she would always do. Hot tears found their way down her cheeks as she stared into the pictures they took together- she, Julio, Ella and Martins. 
Now she’s left alone. Ella was kidnapped, Martins living with some unknown brother of Julio and Julio himself…..he….she don’t even understand him anymore. She thought of going back to the park to ask of him, but immediately she kicked against it, she would rather go there tomorrow…… 
From Mark’s laptop, we watched as Adrian woke up from sleep, did a little stuffs before taking his bath, he wore an all black trouser and shirt, tucked two pistol by his side, fixed a black shade to his eyes before finally wearing a long, black tux. The screen went blank at the instant he wore the tux. We were all gobsmacked and disappointed, ‘coz we wanted to know where he was going and what his next move was. 
Samuel: What the…!!! What happened? 
Mark: its possible his tux had an anti-bugger. 
Me: what do we do now? Is this Rodelio guy some sort of god? 
Mark: this is baaaad….. for now, i don’t think we can get Rodelio d–n it! 
Isabella: on the contrary, i have good news…… . . . . .