Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 25


Isabella: on the contrary, i have goodnews! 
Me: good news? What about? 
Isabella: i was able to get his cellphone yesterday!!!!
 Samuel: smarl girl…..i guess with that, we can track his previous phone calls, the conversations made and the locations. Do you have the cellphone with you?
 Isabella: i sure do! She ran her hands through her bag for some seconds and finally retrieved an apple smart phone.
 Mark: the next move now is to get police permit. 
Me: that wouldn’t be a problem! First we go to the station and then to the service provider.
 😉 😉 😉 😉 
Rodelio came into the room where Ella was held captive. The room was devoid of any being and clothes littered the floor. “She must be in the bathroom” he thought, because he heard the shower running. He waited patiently for her, he hadn’t seen her for only hours but he is missing her already. In no distant time, Ella came out of the bathroom, totally unclad, she wasn’t expecting any one! Rodelio got carried away the instant he set his eyes, her unclad body awakened his sexual desires, he instantly got a hard erection. He had never felt like this around her. Ella was a super decent girl, and he always respected her for that, but today was different. Ella on the other hand felt greatly ashamed, she regretted ever thinking of taking her bath today. Albeit it wasn’t her fault, no towel was provided except some dresses and other toiletries, her routine was to take her bath and dress in the next room. She used her bare hands to cover her feminine members, it was too late though. Everything had been captured by Rodelio’s retina and the lustful message sent directly to his brain. Ella reached for a dress on the bed, still in that bending position, Rodelio got off the little couch and pushed her into the bed. She was beneath while he was centimetres above her, thanks to the clenched fists he dug into the bed.
 Ella: please don’t do this, i beg of you. 
Rodelio: sssh…..your gonna enjoy this, we would enjoy it together. 
Ella: you’ve already punished me enough and am willing to take more punishments except this….. Rodelio paid deaf ear to her pleas, as he ripped off his shirt and pant leaving him only on boxers. His heavily muscled body was on display, his rigid abs and tattooed body was what every lady would on a good day die for. Ella seized the interstice he provided to run, but to where? Perhaps the bathroom because the door was heavily bolted. She didn’t take a pace off the bed before Rodelio slapped her into it again. All done and dusted Forcefully, heartlessly and effortlessly he had her, he emptied the cup of lust and was no left with regret to deal with. Ella was sobbing nonestop. 
Rodelio: Ella i’m s….sorry….i didn’t mean to….. 
Ella: oh shut up, haven’t you had what you wanted? Isn’t this why you caged me here? To satisfy your sexual desires, i hate you!!! 
Rodelio: please? 
Ella: i don’t want to ever see you again ‘phiiaaa’ she spat on him, i hate you. 
To be continued