Blood plays three critical roles in our lives. First it transports gases waste products, hormones and heat. Second it gives us protection through the white blood cells which invade and destroy disease causing organism. Finally, it regulates our body’s acidity and our water balance.

Without a healthy blood functioning there can be no life. It is therefore not strange that Akans say ‘sika ye mogya ‘or money is the blood of life. The Good book also says that money answers all things.

With money you can buy goods and services. It gives you stability, security, self-esteem identity and power. A common saying in Ghana is that if your money is small your case is small or if your money is big your case is big.

This makes many believe that any ‘loaded’ man who has free money to ‘spray’ can win any woman. The question is; can money buy love?

Yes money can buy love

Some argue that being financially sound is one requirement for love these days. For example a survey in England showed that men who earned above average were considered good ‘catch’ by women and had better chances of settling with for a happier family life.

In Ghana it is common to hear women say ‘na love you go chop?’

It’s also known that many Ghanaian women prefer men who are rich to men who are handsome, highly educated, hard working or honest because many get into relationships just for personal benefit.

Many experts say everything in life comes with a price, including keeping a loved one happy. In fact money is the leading cause of conflicts and divorce. Even when we are reluctant to put a price on love, the reality is that keeping love comes at a cost.

No, you can’t buy love

Some people believe you can’t buy love. A popular song by the Beatles says you can’t buy love but you can buy diamond.

Love comes from the heart and develops over time. It takes patience, honesty, commitment and hard work to build a fulfilling relationship. Love is therefore not about money.

In business we say may the buyer be warned! Anyone whose loyalty you can buy will let you down if your money gets finished or a higher bidder comes in.

In Ghana and elsewhere we hear of women who have left rich men and settled for poor men

Any compromise

Love is about meeting the emotional needs of our lovers. A man needs a woman who is respectful, submissive, loyal, and attractive. She must also give domestic support, affirmation and sexual intimacy.

A woman needs a man who shows acceptance, affection friendship and family commitment.

In love we give and share with our lovers. If we give from our hearts our lovers feel loved and cherished. It is also a fact that sometimes it requires money to meet the emotional needs of lovers.

For example you may have to buy a gift for your lover’s birthday but if you love your partner you will not make unrealistic demands.

Money is only a vehicle to enhance love. It can buy you attraction, lust, infatuation and even sex but true love is not a commodity. No matter how loaded you are you can’t buy love.

How to get love

Marriage experts believe that you get true love when you decide not to buy it or even look for it. Love is all around us. Live a happy life and build your self-confidence.

The more you love yourself the more others will love you. When you open your heart to people others will open their hearts to you.

Love is our Maker’s greatest gift to us. Freely He gives us and freely we must love. Therefore when true love comes you will know it because it will be free and you will have joy, peace, patience, kindness, godliness, faithfulness and self-control.

Money does not come into any of these. Therefore never attempt to buy true love because you will end up buying something you never bargained for.