31st May Episode 17


Everyday, after service..and when there was no church, she makes her way to his office and waits for him, knowing that he would come ..and then they would begin their session.

it’s been two weeks now…today was the last day .
While he held her, thrusting deep within her and out.. calling on Jesus and the saints..she closes her eyes and prays too.
Done now.. “Sister, it is finished. God has vindicated you. go and receive your healing and your husband. Go!!!”
she thanks him and leaves.

It’s a month now, Brother America hasn’t come. But something else also didn’t show up.
it had been 10 days late..

They were cooking outside their small house , Her mother was by her side, Ogbageli was fanning the firewood, Edemwor was playing draft with his friends when his friend their father comes home carrying a small bag in his hands. it is Saturday night, it was suprising why he was home by this time.
“Look…I want to eat peppersoup and fish when I come out from the toilet you hear woman” he flings the bag to her, slapping his son’s head ” Make sure you beat them okay”
“Yes Papa” he smiles, his friends greets him, he answers nodding his head
“Papa goodevening ” she greets , he nods too smiling. he seemed to be in a happy mood. Maybe he had a couple of beers already.
“Ogbageli ”
“take that water there and wash the fish let me cook it”
“Okay mama”
she empties the fish into the water and began to clean it. Constantly whining her nose and sniffing , then frowning. ..
“Ohhh this fish is smelling bad Papa, where did you get it from ?”
“Where else. .fish market..” he says

she continuous
“Oh Papa…it is smelling..I can’t clean it jor, throw it away ” she says dumping it into the water and washing her hands.
her mother carries the fish and smells. …shaking her head “Do you have problem with your nose..this fish smelling kwa?” She pushes it to Ogbageli’s nose…” This fresh that is fresh that is what you say it’s smelling eh..you have nose problem…take, smell it”
With a force Ogbageli hits it away from her nose…”PHERMMMM!!! Mama it is sme–” she jerk forward once..and then twice. .and then thrice..she takes her hand to her mouth as her mouth suddenly becomes full and bloated , tiny liquid began to trek down the corners of her mouth..she jerks again this time holding her tummy, veins popping out , eyes growing big she jerks up again,running she goes to the back and retches out her insides in loud sounds..
Everyone stares at her in shock..her mother takes the fish and smells..the father does thesame thing..the son and even his friends wanted to smell.

it was fresh..
then what was wrong with Ogbageli . then it dawns on her…
it only had to be one thing.
“OGBAGELI OGBAGELI OHH!!!” her mother wails , running to her and dragging her back to the front..
“Ogbageli. .what is wrong with you??”
“mama , nothing ” she wipes her mouth.
“What is wrong with you. why you dey vomit. begin talk”
“it’s the fish”
“The fish is fresh..only you say it is rotten. Ogbageli ..are you pregnant ?!!”
“you say what??” Her father had his ears standing. .Edemwor stands up immediately …
“Mama no oh..I am.not. ”
“then why..why..” she grabs the fish and pushes it to her nose…Ogbageli gags again..running to go throw up for even longer minutes .
“Heyyyyy ogbageli is pregnant ohhh!!! hey God shame she has brought shame oh”
Her husband goes into the house, then he comes out with a matchet…
Ogbageli who had been coming back to the front, now visibly holding her stomach sees him and starts to scream..
“Come here..I say come here, you will die today..did I not warn you. who is he who??”
“mama” she goes on her knees …’”I swear I am not pregnant, the fish”

“when Last did you see your period ?”
“Erm. ..erm…”
Hey…it was a week now

“when last did you see it..when is it coming. ..tell me..?”
“it hasn’t come mama. .it hasn’t come for over a week now” she began to cry…Maybe she was indeed pregnant.
“HAAAAA TODAY YOU DIE WITH THAT CHILD. WHO IS THAT FOOL. WHO IS THAT BASTARD MY MATCHET WILL CUT HIM DOWN OGBAGELI TELL ME WHO. ” he chases her around, she kept running and falling and going behind her mother and brother to save her. .they push her away form them, they too didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire…
“who ??”
“Papa okay okay wait I will tell you”
“Talk now or come here and die”
“I will talk”
“You are wasting my time.”
“Ehhhh! !! Pastor. .which pastor?! !”

her mother bends holding her head
“Pastor Daddy, your pastor..our pastor. .he said..he said spirit husbands were sleeping with me and only physical man who will sleep with me will chase them and we have to do it for two weeks and ..that is how. .Oh papa. Papa, NA Pastor!!!!” she cries..
Everyone was shocked and speechless, then her father began to laugh and laugh and laugh…
“See it..see am. I no talk am. infact… I will not do anything. Carry yourself. .and your puking, go and find your pastor.. from today. ..you , the child, your spirit husbands and the pastor will go and leave together. .oya…dey go..dey go” He chases her out of his house…
When her mother began to beg he tells her to follow and if his son wants to join them they all can go…but since they had refused to listen to him, they should sleep on the bed they had dressed …
He chases her to the streets , down the path ..down to the church. ..then he walks away leaving her there . Nothing His wife nor son could say could change him mind…he told them that if she ever returned..she would die. and he meant it.

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“Pastor, I am in trouble”
“Ha, sister Rose Ogbageli. .what is it, why are you like this, without shoes and unkempt. what happened to you..what is it??”
“I am pregnant ”
“Jesus .!!! for who..your spirit husbands??”
she shakes her head crying..”For you pastor.”
“Blawd of Zacheous! !! I forbid it!!.Satan get thee behind me!!”
“Pastor Daddy!!”
“Don’t Pastor Daddy me anything. it is not me. go and look for who you have been sleeping with, all this girls of nowadays…go sister Rose..don’t come and soil my image.
who..me..pregnant. have we ever done something before. me a man of God..saints..holy..I can not behold sin like my God”
“Ha!! pastor is it not you that-”
‘” Me that what..ehen come and be going ” he pushes her out of his office.
“Pastor…you..did this..me ?you slept with me here for three weeks saying you were ridding me off my spiritual husbands..so that was a lie.. the American man that is coming..all of it a lie.?”
” Me? it was not me..sister I bind you in the name of the Lord” as some church members began to come around hearing voices. ..Pastor began to speak in tongues binding and casting..
“You weapon of the enemy. you evil from the underwood,you spirit of confusion and blame passer, I bind you in Jesus name. Go..take her away. she is a lier and a prostitute ..all those people who come and want to seduce their pastors and then blame them. I refuse to be soiled. . sbsjsjsnmssmmsns shshshahjaajlllssnsnss I bind you I bind you. .I bind you. go and look for your victim”
everyone who stood began to pray and cast her pushing her away
“Not our pastor. .not our Daddy. our father in the Lord. You devil..whatever you want to do to my Pastor..go away..go away!!!”
they pray and push her out of the church premises. .

Alone..rejected. .abandoned she cries under the bridge.

Going back home her father sends her away…Pastor chases her away..again and again. People curse her..News spread about her..”The possessd girl”

she enters into a chemist, and begs him..to get rid of her shame..

She had no money , no place to stay ..Nothing. .but she only wants to be rid of her shame..he chases her away but she kept coming back.
eventually he offers do it for her, if she only gives him her body .

Without a choice , she offers her body to him …Afterwards he helps her with the abortion, doing a bad job at it .

Staggering out of the chemist in the morning , she staggers to the church. .pain, slowly becoming weaker .. she felt like she was going to die..she knew she wouldn’t survive it, she had lost too many blood and the man had disappeared during it…leaving her alone to bleed to her death when he saw that he didn’t know jack of what he was doing, then he drops his tools and run away..
she staggers to the church. . knowing he would be there, maybe with another victim, not wanting him to do thesame thing to another person, another innocent unsuspecting girl..

she held one of the tools in her hands, the longer and most painful one..it was sharp and rusty..infected.

she knew she was going to die..but let the man, the man who has done this to her…follow her as well .. it is the only logical thing … Her family didn’t want her..

Her church disgraced and chased her away ..

the man who did this to her didn’t want her either…even the child dies horribly between her legs sucked out.

but they…they would go together. . She and the Pastor, they would join him or her soon. she knocks on the door, …

he opens to find her there …it is late, the girl , the new girl he was praying for had just gone, she was sweet, really really sweet and stupid .

All this church members was gullible and stupid…they gave him all their money.. they made him rich and he lived a flamboyant lifestyle on their expense and the women…Whoof!!!! he didn’t need to go out to clubs and the streets to search. all he had to do was just tell them..tell them something ..

He played on their intelligence, putting two and two together, he used their situation haven found out things about them and tells it back to them,they think it’s God telling him..Yeah right!!! they were just stupid., Anything the man of God says is true and honest they believed and even when he suggests the unthinkable. ..beside he could never be seen as someone who is telling a lie…they fall. .they all fall and for years he had feasted on their gullibility ….and if it went south. ..he screamed that they had come to him ..they were demons ..possessed…witches..and they would be chased out…and then why would be forgotten and he carries on with his life….he looks at the girl at the door..This one, amother unfortunate human.

Now why was she here..and why was she bleeding. .
“What do you want Ogbageli? ?” he says frowning ..
“Oh nothing Pastor. ..I just came to thank you” she pushes the door, knowing she had no more strengths left …she falls untop of him., stabbing him as they both feel to the ground. and because he wasn’t expecting it it was difficult for him to defend himself. .. she didn’t want him to defend himself because he would win, she wanted to do it fast and quick. .and she did…stabbing him nonstop. .anywhere and everywhere.

Soon he was jerking. ..jerking as blood sprouted out from his mouth, eyes and neck..gushing out from his chest..

she didn’t stop..she didn’t stop untill she felt her hands go limb, and the life ebbs out of her.. she slowly breaths her last..but with a smile on her face…
but he ..he dies a slower death…feeling the pain..every pain…

the blade had been rusted..and poisoned . It takes an hour before he finally…dies..By tomorrow, the news would be that , A girl who had been going to their church had been possessed and had killed their Pastor…

And back home..they would remember the girl who had left home , who had been impregnated by a Pastor who claimed he was cleansing her away from the spirit world..and that she had died aborting the baby and then the pastor had killed her when she went to tell him.

At the end of the day…whose report would They believe..?
..A girl was dead.!
A Pastor was dead.!
A child aborted…!!!
And then some one else would become the pastor and maybe just maybe…He might just continue from where his predecessor stops..and there would be another girl like Ogbageli. ..Who was too stupid and gullible… and then the circle continous.!!

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