31st May Episode 18


“It’s Friday the 13th. Don’t turn off the lights…don’t fall asleep..Stay Awake Because freddy is coming.!!.#snickering… ” Tsundra flicked the touch off and on while she placed it under her jaw. Her eyes and white teeth sparkled in the dark. She towelled over her sister while she tried to read.
“Stop it Tsundra. You aren’t even scary .

And put on the damn lights . How do you expect me to see in the dark??” Vrandra replied as she laid belly down on her bed. Her books opened before her as she dangled her legs from side to side.
“I am the voice of warning. Do not fall asleep. Do not turn off the lights ..stay awake..or else freddy kruger is coming to get you. He knows what you did last summer. He knows he knows. It’s Friday the 13th and Jason is coming out to play” …Tsundra made eerie sounds and blew air into Vrandra’s face and pulled at her locks.
“Stop it T. It’s not funny . Am gonna call mum” Vrandra threatened .
Tsundra sighed and turned on the light. Throwing the touch on the bed.

“You are such a girl. Chicken!!!!” She sat on the bed .
“News flash dude, i am a girl. Quit being stupid . Freddy and Friday the 13th is just a Blawdy myth. Ain’t true.” She turned on her back and faced the ceiling.
“It is’” Tsundra interjected.

“Tis’not” Vrandra countered.
There went back and forth with the banter.
“Okay what about “bloody mary”??? Tsundra folds her hands and stares at her sister .
“That shit is as crappy as the first one. Made up to scare kids to bed. ”
“Really now?? Okay then. Why don’t you go into the bathroom, face the mirror and put off the lights and say it three times …if you think it’s all made-up” Tsundra baited her
Her sister thought for a second.

“You know what? I will. Am not scared of anything and I will prove to you that you are just a gullible big baby ” Vrandra gets up.
The two girls were two minutes apart. Identical start to finish. Except their dislikes for certain things and hair styles. While Vrandra likes locks ..Tsundra likes her hair to flow touching her waist. Her feminine traits came from their mother. And Vrandra was the tomboy and her love for metallic rock music was something else.
Tsundra stared at her reflection in her sister and smiled.
“You aren’t scared? ??
“Ofcos not silly. ” She heads into the bathroom
“I will do the merengue dance while am at it and probably take a picture in the dark’ She picked up her phone from the bed.
“Wait!!” Tsundra gets up. Fear lazily creeped up her shoulders
“Its not a myth. It’s real everyone says so. Forget it. don’t go. It’s stupid . Let’s play scrabble or something. I can’t stop my heart from beating . ” She pulled her twin back to bed. But she flung her hands away
“No!!! Let’s put an end to your scardy-cat-ness shall we?? At least we have established who the chicken is here. Let’s just put an end to those made up stories . Then you would stop watching horror movies because your delicate heart can’t handle it”
She stomped into the bathroom .

Tsundra went back to the bed, folded her legs and bites her lower lip. Eyes squinted. She was scared.
She heard the door click and the light in the bathroom go off. Then she heard her scream…
“Bloody Mary! !!!

“Bloody Mary! !!

“Bloody Mary! !!!
“I don’t see no body here Tsundra. And am gonna take a picture in the dark to prove it.’”
“Hey bloody Mary and erm ugly freddy…you both can make out in the dark. Friday the 13th is just crappy and my sister is a gullible chicken. So there. ….

Tsundra saw the camera flash and then the door opens and out comes Vrandra .
“I told you there ain’t no such thing ” she flunked her phone to the bed.

“You can get your heart out of your mouth now and breath. You look like a deranged ghost.” Vrandra laughed.
Tsundra let’s out her breath slowly.

And nods.
“There aren’t no such things ”
Knock knock!!!!
There both turned to the door at the same time.
Knock knock! !!!!
“He is here. Freddy is here. Or or Bloody Mary ” Tsundra began to shake and her wisper came in slowly , she held on to Vrandra
“Shut up!! ” Vrandra quiets her

“Who is there ”
Knock knock!!!

Scratch scratch! !!

Whooshing! !!!
“Who is there ???”
The door knob turns . One hide behind the other’s back . The other faced the door.
Rapping knocking and the door flings open. No one stood there.
“Vra-“Tsundra started

“Ssshh” hands to lips , Vrandra stays her..

In another second a masked figure jumped into the room..
which got the girls screaming and hugging themselves .The figure began to laugh and unmasked herself.
“Mum?????” The screams called out.
“Oh you should see your faces ..it was epic. Damn I should have brought my camera. You girls nearly peed yourselves ”
Vrandra disengages Tsundra from her body.

“I wasn’t scared. ”

“Yes you were too” Tsundra stated matter-of-factly

“Was not”

“Was too”
Mum shakes her head at her girls.

“Yeah Yeah we know you were scared. Now to bed. And there ain’t no such things . Sleep well my lil cheery pumpkins. ” She kisses their heads and turns off the light, closing the door behind her.
It was 11: 47pm before the girls finally slipped into a peaceful sleep.
In the dark , while they slept, they didn’t notice the hands and a axe under their bed and the owner who had a face sewed up.

Nor the woman with a long black , over her face which isn’t a face . Blood dripping from the corner of her mouth and her fingers black as though she had been digging .
Well she had.

Someone had called her. And she never likes to be rude . So she had dugged herself out of the earth of forgetton memories and stood behind the girl who called out to her. And managed to take a pose while the camera light went off.

Waited while they said goodnight to their mother. But now she was bored. She needed to play and they would oblige her. .wether they liked it or not. Besides her side of the world is lonely. She wouldn’t mind a new company. The others were old and decayed and only bones left.
She towered over their bed.
He placed his fingers over his axe and tasted the sharpness..
“Don’t put off the lights. Don’t fall asleep. Stay wide awake because it’s Friday the 13th and freddy is coming out to get you unless you don’t fall asleep. But looky-here!!! You are asleep. The lights are off…its me Jason. ..would you like to play????? ” He snickered silently
Drip drop drop

Her blood dropped to the ground

Drip drip drop drop

That tiny watery sounds
“Stop touching my face” Vrandra hits the hands away. But it came back
‘Tsundra stop touching my face. You are bugging me. Go wash your hands it smells” her eyes closed she hits the hands away
“Tsundra stop”” she bellowed
“Vrandra stop screaming my name .and am not touching you” Vrandra rubs her sleepy eyes.
The fingers caresses her jaw again. Vrandra catches the hands .
“Caught your finger. You were saying” ?
Tsundra reaches for Vrandra and places both hands on her chest.

“I said I wasn’t touching you V”
“Then whose fingers are this? ??”
She held on to it. She could feel the fear radiate through Tsundra ‘ s hands from her mother …
“Whose fingers are what V” ?? Tsundra ‘ s whisper was barely audible..she edged closer to Vrandra .
Vrandra reached for the touch with her other free hand …pointed and flicked it on… Their screams tore through the night !!!!!
In the morning, their bodies are found…Barely recognisable and their mother was the one who found them.
Five years later, A new couple moves into the house.. they had three children, one of them, the last daughter had been playing in her room when she heard sounds…

then she had screamed and screams and screamed. The parents and her siblings ran into her room..
“What is it bella??” they ask her, she was shaking..
“I hear them talking…?”
“Tsundra and Vrandra”
“who are they? ?””
“the girls who dies in this house”

“Okay. .too many horror movies for you sweet. .No more. ”
No one believed her.
A week later, The little girl was standing by the bed, staring down her mother and father..
“baby, what are you doing up??” Her mother asks her putting on the lights and finding her all bloodied up.

“I killed them ..I killed them!!”
her mother hits her husband awake..
“killed who baby?” fear creeps into her voice, as her husband jumps up from the bed going around and pulls his daughter to him checking her body, the blood wasn’t from her, but she was holding a knife dripping with blood.
“Tsundra and Vrandra! ! they kept talking …they kept talking about bloody Mary and freddy kreuger…and then they said…she would never do it..she would never shut us up..”
“Who is she. .who is she…?”
” Me…me..so I did it..I shut them up”
“Rick..Jess!!!” The father calls out to his two other children. but no answer..
his wife jumps off the bed and together they follow their 5 year old daughter to her room…fearfully wondering what they could find.

on the bed laid their two other children stabbed in the eye..Rick and Jess. .
“See…I made them stop talking..”

His wife faints and he backs away from the door..
“But the noise papa, the noise wouldn’t stop..wouldn’t stop” she heads towards her mother with the knife in her hands.
Ten years later… a new family moves into the house..