"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 9


The next thing we heard was the sound of a gun shot that came from the the gun Yvonne was holding.
Meanwhile Franca was still trying to wake Yaw up, she had no idea of what to do.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Franca quickly went and opened it as if she expecting someone.
It was Susan the gossiper on campus, Yaw and  Franca’s mate who knew everything on campus.
She came in and saw Yaw on the sofa with blood gushing out of his nose.
“What happened to him?” Susan asked.
“I have no idea, we just came here, one moment we were arguing and next thing, he was bleeding from the nose, i just don’t know what to do ” Franca answered.
Susan attended to him and was able to stop the bleeding. She gave him some pain killers which seemed to have revived Yaw.
He was still weak when he woke up. His head, ached him so hard that it gave rise to his temperature.
He tried sitting down, that was when he saw Susan and Franca sitting opposite him with their attention on him.
Susan on a normal day will never come and visit Yaw, left alone at that time of the night.
“What are you doing here Susan?” Yaw asked.
“Was just passing by the area and decided to check up on you” She answered.
Something about Susan wasn’t the right. Her answer was in a hash tone. It appears that she was angry about something.
The most unusual thing was how she bonded with Franca. They usually were not in that relationship.
However Yaw over looked it and waited patiently for her to leave so he can again start questioning Franca even in his ill state.
At Daisy’s end, as soon as the gun was fired involuntary, Yvonne and Daisy both panicked. Luckily the gun shoot did not hit any of them, because of the struggle it was forced to point downwards right besides Daisy’s feet.
She quickly jumped off Yvonne having felt the heat and the impact of the gun near her feet.
That gave enough room for Yvonne to escape. Daisy was scared because she never thought Yvonne will fire that shot.
“You really tried to kill me, Yvonne?” Daisy asked out of surprise.
“And i will gladly do that again if you try stopping me, this time, trust me i won’t miss my shot.” Yvonne said with the gun pointed at her as she was walking out.
She opened the door only to be heavily smacked by an accomplice of Daisy.
All along he was standing out side looking out for Daisy when he heard the shot.
Yvonne fell to the ground out of that strike. He immediately took the gun from her and pointed at Yvonne who was helplessly lying down.
“Thank you Tiger” Daisy said.
“Bring her here” she further instructed.
Yvonne was then brought to her, she was feeling weak out of the strike from Tiger.
“You think, you can fool me huh, is that what you think. Fuck you Yvonne, fuck you.” Daisy said. She was so furious now.
“Please, please Daisy, i will do anything you say.” Yvonne begged.
“Tiger, get me the camera” Daisy instructed.
Tiger already had it in his pocket. He took it, and gave it to Her.
“Tiger, she is all yours now. Do it right here in front of the camera” Daisy ordered.
Yvonne started begging knowing that Tiger was going to rape her.
She started crying out to Daisy to spare her from this.
Meanwhile at Yaw’s end, Susan was getting ready to go.
“Alright, Yaw, get well soon. I should be on my way”. Susan said and left there without waiting on any reply from Yaw.
Quickly, Franca told Yaw she was seeing Susan off.
Yaw began being suspicious. What does Franca has to do with Susan. Whats going on? He kept wondering.
Right after they went out, Franca shut the door behind her.
Susan asked her a question.
“Have you heard from him?” Susan asked.
“No, he is suppose to be here by now” Franca said.
“Let me know, when he is here, am loosing patient” said Susan.
“But Susan, why should you go that far” Franca asked.
“Look, this is not the time to ask me that question. Just let me know when he gets here”. Susan said and left.
To be continued