"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 8


Franca was so scared of Yaw’s attitude, she fumbled with words as she tried explaining it.
Back at Daisy’s end, Yvonne wondered why Daisy would make a statement that has to do with Yaw’s life.
“What’s going on Daisy, why is Yaw’s life in danger? Yvonne asked.
“You know even in the bible, there is a saying that “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” He is going to pay dearly for taking someone’s life” Daisy said.
“He did it to save Franca, it was a self defense ….”Yvonne tried explaining but was interrupted by Daisy
“Hey, hey, am not the one to explain that to, you want your freedom and am willing to give you that just with some conditions.”Daisy said.
“What condition? Tell me and i will do it” Yvonne asked.
“Ok this is the plan, am already aware that your step Dad will be reading his will on 24th Night…..”Daisy said
“How did you know that information”? Yvonne asked.
“Funny, that’s not your business, all i need is 70% of the wealth you will receive. Liquidate it in physical cash and hand it over to me at a venue which i will later show you, and don’t try to be smart by bringing in the police, because no matter what you do, you still don’t know the one behind your mother’s death except me. And guess what, i’m the only one who can stop Yaw from being killed.”  Daisy said.
Yvonne didn’t want wealth for anything, she was willing to give that up to Daisy.
“Ok Its a deal, Daisy, can you let me go now please” Yvonne asked.
“Not so fast, one more thing, i really miss you and I want you to make one love to me, for the last time” Daisy said.
Yvonne was gradually getting over lesbianism with Yaw being in her life. She was caught in a dilemma as to what to do.
Should she make love to her for her freedom or what?.
Meanwhile, Yaw was still pressuring Franca to tell him those behind the text messages.
The rage in his eyes showed how furious he was. Franca had never seen this side of him before. She was so frightened.
Before she opened her mouth, suddenly blood started dripping out from Yaw’s nose.
He felt dizzy and sat down immediately. He began feeling weak as a lot of blood was dripping out.
Apparently, it was as a result of the accident he had two days ago. He wasn’t properly fit.
Yaw could barely move now. Franca got frightened more at the sight of the blood.
She had no idea of what to do.
Before she knew it, Yaw was totally motionless now. It looked as if he had passed out.
She shook him but he wasn’t responding.
Franca kept calling him.
“Yaw, Yaw!” but he never responded.
On the other hand, Yvonne had made up her decision to make love to Daisy.
She had a plan in mind.
As soon as she agreed Daisy hurriedly grabbed her and started tearing up her top. She kissed her on the lips still with the gun in her hands.
Yvonne still had that part in her that felt good about the kiss but she was able to control it with the thought of Yaw.
She responded to the kiss alright but still had a plan in mind. She knew every part of Daisy’s body that was very sensitive to her.
Yvonne’s aim was to lure her to drop the gun. The only thing she could do was to arouse her, that is a sure way to make her loose control over the gun.
They kissed for a short while and Yvonne started rubbing her hands over Daisy’s breast.
Jackpot! She got her with that touch.
Daisy lost it and left hold of the gun. Yvonne noticing this pushed her away strongly and took the gun from the floor.
Daisy realized that she had been fooled and got so furious and quickly jumped onto Yvonne.
She didn’t care about the gun in Yvonne’s hand. She grabbed her neck and started straining her to death.
The next we could hear was the sound of gun shot that came from the Gun Yvonne was holding.
To be continued