"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 18 finale


The police men led them away and immediately placed Franca on the wanted list.
Soon night fell, and all attempts to find Franca was to no avail.
Back at the minister’s house, Yaw, Yvonne and her step Father sat at the living room feeling quite disappointed especially with Franca’s Father.
“I can’t believe my own daughter will do such a thin. I blame myself, i didn’t bring her up as a father should. I just gave her all what she desired without thinking twice about it, now look” Franca’s Father lamented.
“Dad, you did what you felt was right for Franca but she chose the wrong path. I just hope she is safe wherever she is now” Yvonne said consoling her step Dad.
After some moment, Franca’s Father made a phone call to his personal lawyer.
It was time for him to read his will.
In no time the lawyer arrived and quickly commenced with his mission.
Franca’s Father begun reading…
” I have a total Assets of 1.2 Million Ghc, of which 80% goes to my daughter Yvonne. 15% goes to charity and the rest 5% goes to Franca my daughter.
I also hand over my foreign account with a total cash of 1 million dollars to my daughter Yvonne.
This is my will.”
He signed it, and handed it over to his lawyer.
As if that wasn’t enough, Franca’s Father went on his knees, took Yvonne by the hand and started apologising for all the pain she had gone through, for the lost of her biological mother and everything that she had gone through in life.
Yvonne helped him back on his feet, with tears rolling down her eyes.
“It’s Christmas, it was my wish that your mother and Franca will be here now. To once again unite the family in celebration of our Lord’s birth. But God has shown me who my true family are. You Yvonne, Yaw, my lawyer and all my maids and servants, you are my family. I pray that God will guide Franca wherever she is.”
Having said this, he called all the maids and guards in the house, popped champagne and celebrated for the restoration of peace in their family once again.
All this while Franca was trying to find her way out of the country by land.
She boarded a public transport with passengers hoping to get across the border to Togo.
They got to a check point where all the passengers were asked to get down for inspection.
That was their normal routine, but out of guilty conscience, Franca thought the immigration were after her.
She slowly manipulated and escaped into a near by palm oil plantation.
It was a lonely night. The palm plantation looked risky and she lost her way. She had no idea of where she was or where she was going.
The whole plantation was dark. All what she could hear was the cry and howl of night animals.
She was all alone and completely scared. She cried out and began regretting all what she had done.
All what she could think of was to surrender and ask forgiveness from Yvonne, Yaw, her Father and everyone she had wronged.
All these thought went down through her mind until she heard footsteps coming from the inner part of the plantation.
She started shouting for help to the hearing of whoever was in the farm yard.
Three “Fulani” guys came rushing towards her as they heard her cry.
The footsteps Franca heard came from them.
They asked what she was doing there at this time of the night in their language but Franca couldn’t understand the language they were speaking.
They on the other hand did not understand the English Franca also spoke.
They realized that she was lost and appeared very vulnerable.
Lust sets in. One of them just gave her a back hand slap that made her dizzy, she fell down instantly and begun pleading for help.
Her cry for help was to no one’s hearing. Tears run down her cheeks. She totally surrendered herself to avoid any further torture.
They raped her, all three of them had their turn. It was a sad moment. Franca needed help. After they were through raping her she bled profusely.
They then took her to the streets so that she will be seen by vehicles passing.
They ran away and left her there. Franca was weak, she could hardly move.
She laid down there till the next morning.
Yaw and Yvonne spent the night together at her step Father’s house after the merry making that night.
After a family breakfast, Yaw and Yvonne were left alone at the dining table.
Yaw began confessing
“Yvonne, i can’t forgive myself for doubting you after seeing those pictures. I feel guilty, i feel i’m part of this. Please forgive me. Am not worthy of your love Yvonne” Yaw said.
“Yaw, well i will admit that you are annoying sometimes, but you have also shown me love that was hard to find especially when you discovered that i was a lesbian, you have indirectly changed me, and i’m grateful for that. I will always be with you no matter what the situation may be. Our imperfection does not justify or guarantee for our break up. Love is the reason that has kept us and brought us this far. I love you Yaw” Yvonne said.
“I love you too Yvonne, thank you” Yaw said.
They got interrupted when a police man entered the the living room asking of the minister.
Yvonne called her father out. He immediately joined Her, Yaw and the police man at the living room.
The police man came with a message that Franca has been arrested and she is in their possession.
Her father immediately requested to see her at once.
“Are you not coming with me, Yvonne? ” He asked Yvonne as he prepared to go and see Franca at the police station.
“No Dad, i can’t look into her eyes” Yvonne answered.
Before her Dad stepped out of the living room with the police man, Yvonne called out to him.
“Dad, wait” Yvonne said and ran towards him.
“Tell Franca that, she is still my sister and i love her. Let her know, i hold nothing against her. I really love her and i forgive her for everything she has caused.” She said.
Her step Father quickly left to see his daughter Franca.
When they got to the police station Franca was brought out of cell to meet her father.
She looked sick, pale and weak. As soon as she met her father she began weeping. Her father ordered for her immediate release due to the condition he saw her in.
To his surprise, Franca stopped him.
“No Dad, don’t do it. I don’t need freedom. This is my punishment, and i deserve it. Dad i’m sorry for everything i have done.” Franca said.
The tears in her eyes made her father cry too.
“Tell Yvonne and Yaw to forgive me. Tell them to continue loving each other till death do them apart.” She continued.
Her Dad wanted to speak out but she didn’t allow him.
“Dad, don’t say a word. I know you still love me, the only thing i ask of you is to keep praying for me for forgiveness” She said this.
“Take me back in” she told one of the police men.
Her father cried as Franca was led into the cells.
Her judgement will be passed after she has been processed for court hearing. It was obvious that she will be in jail for a very long time.
That is how far life has brought her. From a rich spoilt girl to a common criminal. From grace to grass.
Written By Elton Nana Amoah.
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