"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 17


It was time for them to execute their plan.
Yvonne set off to the venue where she was to meet Daisy with a suit case full of money.
At her arrival, Daisy was not present.
The venue was an old dilapidated uncompleted building in a very isolated area.
Its surrounding was bushy and it was a clear indication that it was a hideout for criminals.
Yvonne stood there for several minutes waiting for Daisy.
Out of no where, Daisy arrived with a gun in her hand. She stood right behind her, and ordered her to open the briefcase in her sight.
Yvonne didn’t hesitate, she opened it. Daisy got to know the money was intact, she took the money and asked Yvonne to step aside to make way for her to go.
Before she could step out of the building, she was surrounded by police men who were heavily armed, accompanied by Yaw and Yvonne’s step Father.
Daisy looked around for a possible way to escape as the police men kept shouting at her to drop the gun and briefcase.
There was no way to escape, her only option was to surrender.
Daisy panicked, she was caught at gun point. Any little move she tries to make will probably end her life.
She was not ready to go down this way. To die is better than to surrender and go to jail for rest of your life, she thought.
She kept on looking around to escape. Occasionally, her eyes will gaze at the guns pointed at her.
This was what life has brought her. That was the end of the tunnel. How couldn’t she see that this was a set up? She was driven by money, lust and hatred.
Yvonne chose to be with a man, why didn’t she allow her. Now she was at the point of surrendering to a life in jail, s life that will make her regret all the things she had done in life, a life that will restrict her of freedom and of choice.
She won’t go down like this, death will be a better option. She placed the gun in her hands and directed it to her head, ready to pull the trigger.
The police kept shouting to her not to do that but it seemed she had already made up her mind.
“POW!!!”, that was the sound of the gun shot.
Daisy had fired the gun, but she missed it.
Yvonne had ran from her back to push away the gun from her hand. That struggle made her fire the gun.
Fortunately, the gun didn’t hit anyone. This move from Yvonne left Daisy vulnerable.
The police quickly rushed to her, handcuffed her and placed her under arrest.
Yaw quickly run towards Yvonne and followed by her step father.
Yaw: “Baby, are you ok?”
Yvonne nodded repeatedly. He took her into the car as Daisy was led by the police to the police station.
Meanwhile, Mr. Aziz, Tiger and Susan had organised a meeting and were waiting for Daisy to show up.
Mr Aziz: “Tiger, where is your madam, why is she not here?
Tiger: “Sorry sir, i don’t know why, but i think she is up to something.”
Mr. Aziz:”what do you mean?”
Tiger: ” I overheard her talking about the money earlier today with someone on phone. Sir, i think she is trying to double cross us. ”
Mr Aziz: “Fool!! Why didn’t you tell me earlier on. What were you waiting for?
Franca out of no where budged into the meeting sweating and panting.
It seemed she has been running.
“Finally, you’ve decided to show up”, Susan said.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you, why are you looking all sweaty? “, Asked Mr. Aziz.
“We are in trouble, Daisy has been arrested”, Franca said.
“When? how? what happened? ” Mr Aziz repeatedly asked.
“I was to meet her at the old meeting place only to find out that she was being surrounded by police. She tried killing herself but Yvonne got in the way, i was hiding at a distance in a near by bush. I wasn’t seen”, Franca said while panting.
Before she could finish they heard footsteps on the compound, it was the police. Apparently, Daisy had confessed everything to them.
She even showed them the location of their meeting place.
They began panicking. Before they could think of escaping, the police had pounced on them in the living room.
Franca was so smart that, she ran into the kitchen and used the back door where the police had not been able to take charge.
She saw that the place was clear. She quickly jumped over the wall and escaped into the bush.
Susan tried using the kitchen door as Franca had done, but unfortunately for her, she got shot by Mr. Aziz before the police disarmed him and died on the spot.
“Girl, I’m not going down alone, this is for killing the mother of my children”, Mr. Aziz said.
The police men led them away and immediately placed Franca on the wanted list.