"Mansa" season 2 Episode 5


“Its unfortunate, we tried all that we could, but Mansa can’t be able to walk again, it will take a miracle to make her walk” The Doctor said.
“Oh no my daughter, God will surely answer my prayers” Mrs Amposah said.
“He will indeed answer, Mansa will walk again. Doc can we see her now? Obed asked.
“Now about that, did any of you serve Mansa with breakfast today?” The Doctor asked.
Obed and Mrs Amposah looked surprised with that question.
“Am afraid no, what is it” Mrs Amposah asked.
“Can i see you in my office Mrs Amposah” The Doctor asked.
“Yeah sure” Answered Mrs Amposah.
She then followed the Doctor to the office. From the question the Doctor gave, Obed knew that it has to do with food poisoning.
He wanted to see Mansa at all cost. Since he knew her ward, without the notice of anyone, he slowly entered the ward of Mansa.
There she was, lying in her bed, looking up to the ceiling. She was lost in thought.
She knew she has been poisoned and that got her thinking.
Who could have done such a thing to her? What wrong has she done to anyone to be treated like this? And who really sent that young Abena girl who claimed that she was sent by Mrs Amposah.
This were the only few questions among many which run through her mind as she laid in her sick bed.
She had no idea that she couldn’t walk. When Obed walked in, she didn’t even notice because, she was so lost in thought.
Even though she couldn’t feel her legs move, amazingly she felt a cold touch on her toes.
That distracted her from her thoughts, she quickly checked to see who it was. It was Obed.
She smiled as she saw him. Her smile was so beautiful that it also got Obed smiling.
He came closer to her, looked into her eyes.
Mansa called out his name softly ” Obed”
Obed however, placed his finger on her lips, shushing her. He slowly bend his head down and kissed her fore head.
“Mansa, you are well” Obed said.
“I know My God will heal me Obed” Mansa said.
” Don’t talk my dear, just pray and thank God.” Obed said.
He took out a complementary card from his pocket and gave it Mansa.
“As soon as you get out of here, go to this address” Obed said.
“For what Obed, why are you acting strange” Mansa said.
She was worried about the attitude of Obed. He was acting really strange and to some extent it scared Mansa.
“I will be right back, let me check on something will be back then we can talk” Obed said with a smiling face.
“where are you going to Obed? Mansa asked.
” Don’t worry, i will be back. Close that beautiful eyes of yours and pray my dear” Obed said this and walked out of the ward.
Kuu was at the police station, still praying and asking God for forgiveness. He felt alone and sad.
He thought he had been rejected by his family. Ever since he was arrested. Apart from Obed and his mother’s lawyer, no one had come to visit him, not even Chris or his own mother.
He felt neglected for his actions. Even though he had not been convicted yet, already he felt he has been isolated.
His only comfort was in prayer. As much as he always prayed to God for forgiveness, he felt inspired and strengthened after each prayer.
During that morning, one of the policemen came and called him out. To his surprise, the policeman told him that he was a free man.
He couldn’t believe his ears. That was impossible, who could be behind this, he dressed up in the shirt he wore when he got arrested. As he walked to the counter he saw Obed there waiting for him.
“Obed, how did you do it?” Kuu asked.
Obed smiled at him and said,
“Just get yourself ready, i will be waiting for you outside” Obed said and went out.
Kuu was given some papers to sign and as soon as he was done, he went out to meet Obed.
He got out and Obed was no where to be found, he looked around everywhere but couldn’t find him anywhere.
“where could he be? Kuu asked himself.
He waited for awhile to see if he will show up but he didn’t.
He had no option than to go. The first thing that came to his mind was to go and see Mansa at the hospital. He quickly left the police station.
Back at the Doctor’s office, the Doctor had a lengthy discussion concerning the food poisoning of Mansa that almost made her lost her life.
He advised that apart from Mrs Amposah and any other person who she will recommend, no one will have the privilege to visit Mansa until she is finally discharged for precautionary measures.
Mrs Amposah agreed to what the doctor had said and recommended only Riri and Chris. Apart from them, no one will be allowed to see Mansa.
Right after their discussion Mrs Amposah asked if she could see Mansa briefly.
The Doctor gave her the go ahead and together they came out of the office.
“Mum” Kuu called her from behind as soon as they got out of the office. He had arrived at the hospital.
His mother was so surprised to see him.
“Kuu, how, was about to come and see you” Mrs Amposah said.
Kuu shock his head and said
“Am here now, how is Mansa? Kuu asked.
” We are about going to see her, meet the Doctor. he is the one taking care of Mansa, Doc this my son Kuu”
They shake hands but was interrupted when someone called Kuu from the back.
It came from Mansa’s ward. They turned and to their surprise, there stood Mansa on her two legs standing in front of the ward.
She looked healthy and was able to walk.
“what, this can’t be? The Doctor said with amazement.
To be continued at 8:00pm


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