"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 16


Daisy:”Wow, unexpected. I see, your Daddy decided to disclose his will too early, That’s my girl, will call you tomorrow morning and give you the venue.”
She hanged up on Yvonne quickly.
Right after Yvonne and Yaw met with Yvonne’s step father, Yaw told Yvonne about the suggestion of Franca for him to spend the night at one of their Father’s apartment.
They then decided to go with Franca’s suggestion in order to avoid any suspicion.
On their way back, Yaw felt bad for not being supportive as he should have been, but instead was completely doubtful for what he heard and with the pictures he saw.
Yaw: ” I’m so sorry for doubting you, i guess my weakness led me into this, please forgive me.”
Yvonne: ” I understand you Yaw, i just don’t know what i have done wrong to deserve these, I’ve been kept in the dark and now all is coming back to me. I made certain bad decisions in life and somehow i have paid dearly for it. I never knew i had a twin till now. He deserved what he got. And i still thank you Yaw for saving my sister from him.”
Yaw: ” Talking about your twin, Franca already told me about him.”
Yvonne: “what! Franca knew this too?”
Yaw: “Yeah, her dad told her. Look baby, lets forget about it and hope whatever we have planned goes well.”
Yvonne: “I hope so Yaw, I hope so.”
Yaw had to alight some few metres away from Franca’s father’s house. For now, they thought it wise not to let Franca see them together.
After Yvonne had entered the house, Yaw called Franca to meet him mid way through.
Franca in no time showed up.
Franca : ” You are late, and where are your belongings?”
Yaw: “sorry about that, i had to go and check up on some few things on campus, i will bring them tomorrow.”
Franca: “You need to be very careful Yaw, anyway its good you are here. I just saw Yvonne entering the house, i have a feeling she went to see JayJay.”
Yaw came back to his sense as soon as Franca said this.
“Did Franca just made that comment?”, he asked himself.
Everything came back to him, he knew at this moment that Franca was a liar.
However, he kept everything within him. Franca took him to the apartment.
Yaw went into the shower to wash down.
As soon as he went, Franca had a phone call.
Yaw over heard Franca talking on the phone and had to strain his ears to hear.
Surprisingly, Franca was on the phone with Daisy.
Daisy :” Franca, Yvonne says everything will be ready tomorrow”
Franca: ” Are you sure about that, My Dad never told me about this, all i know is he will be reading it on the 24th”
Daisy: “look girl wise up, your father is giving everything to Yvonne, you better wise up, now we ain’t going to tell sir about the meeting tomorrow. We must leave the country when we get the money because trust me we may be caught if we stay.”
Franca: “That’s a good idea, But i can’t leave without Yaw. As I’m talking to you now, he is with me.”
Daisy: ” You don’t mean it! this is your chance girl. Already he might be doubting Yvonne.”
Franca: “let’s talk later, its not safe. Will meet you tomorrow.”
As soon as she hanged up Yaw came out of the shower.
He was now sure that Franca was behind everything after hearing the conversation. He just decided to play along.
Yaw: “Franca, how did Yvonne meet JayJay?”
Franca: “Well Yvonne is so secretive, she and JayJay grew up together until he went abroad, i didn’t even know they were going out until JayJay came back. All along i thought she had told you because she claimed she loved u and if she really did, I’m not sure she would have hidden it from you
Yaw: ” hmm, anyway thank you so much for letting me know this, don’t you think its getting late?”
Franca: “yeah, you are right, i must be on my way, Yaw can i ask for a favor”
Yaw: ” Sure, go ahead”
Franca: “Can i get a kiss?’
Yaw: “Franca, i’m sorry you know all whats happening has got me stressed up, give me some time to come around. The least i can do is to give you a hug”
She didn’t hesitate for that, she went over and hugged him.
Yaw began hating on her, how could you do such a thing to your sister?, he thought.
Before Yvonne could wake up the following morning, Daisy had already sent to her the venue where they were to meet.
Yvonne quickly told her step Father and Yaw about it.
It was time for them to execute their plan.
To be Continued