"24 Days to Christmas" season 1 episode 17


Yvonne and Daisy were lesbian partners until she met Yaw where she fell in love for the first time and had real sex for the time.
Yvonne was driven by pains that her only consolation was to go back to her old ways.
It wasn’t her will, that wasn’t the life she wanted to live. She wanted to be with a man like other people.
Yvonne and Daisy started as normal high school best friends. They virtually did everything together until they were  both influenced by Porn movies.
Initially they became addicts to these movies, then one thing led to the other.
They started exploiting each other’s sensitive parts and eventually became sexual partners.
Some fellow Students of theirs begun suspecting them but they had a way of hiding their intercourse.
This continued even after school, straight to the university and law school.
They will call each other, meet and have sex. Things began to change when Yvonne met Yaw, she wasn’t picking Daisy’s call anymore until today that she was so much hurt with the actions of Yaw and Franca.
When Franca and Yaw saw them, they were both speechless and amazed by their sight.
Yvonne quickly pushed Daisy away and stood up from the bed.
She stood there naked and embarrassed by her act, especially with Yaw seeing her do these nasty things.
Yaw couldn’t bare the sight of the scene, he left the room without uttering a word, feeling very disappointed.
Yvonne in her nakedness run and followed Yaw. She got hold of him just at the living room, knelt down and with tears in her eyes began to beg him.
“Yaw, Don’t go, am sorry” Yvonne pleaded
When Yaw turned around and saw that she was still naked, he suddenly knew that Yvonne needed help.
He took her up and asked her to go and dress up.
“Yvonne, went upstairs and dress up, i will be here” said Yaw.
Daisy on the hand had already rushed out of the house. Franca, all these while, also stood there looking at Yvonne while she begged Yaw.
She was surprised that after all these incidents, Yaw will still act in that manner towards Yvonne.
As soon as Yvonne went upstairs to dressed up, Franca went and confronted Yaw.
“Yaw,  did you just see what happened and you’re acting like nothing is going on, you are not even paying attention to me” Franca uttered.
Yaw was shocked by the statement Franca made. He began to see the other side of Franca. .
“Franca, she is your sister for Christ’s sake, she has been there for you ever since you were admitted at the hospital and even now, why are you not being sensitive, she needs help. ” Yaw said.
Yaw was very objective and didn’t run into quick judgement. He was not ready to abandon Yvonne until he knows what exactly pushed her into this act.
In no time Yvonne came out of her room dressed up alright but looked ashamed.
She joined Yaw, who was with Franca at the hall.
“Yaw and Franca, i know i have disappointed you all, but i need you to listen to me, please” Yvonne pleaded.
“Please Franca, please keep this away from Daddy” she continued.
“Yvonne come here, sit with me, lets talk about everything” Said Yaw.
Franca was getting angry with Yaw’s attitude. She couldn’t help it. She ended up busting in anger.
“Yaw, i can’t believe you can stand her, she is a disgusting lesbian, i thought you came here looking for me, why are you doing this now, you think  am not aware that you love me all this while.
You don’t love her, its me you love, since the first day we met at the library, i saw it in your eyes Yaw.”
Yaw and Yvonne suddenly got surprised of the words that came out of Franca’s mouth.
“Franca, how come you remember all this, this happened 3 years ago in level 100, how come you remember?” Yaw anxiously asked.
To be continued