"24 Days to Christmas" season 1 episode 18


“Franca how come you remember all this, this happened 3 years ago in level 100, how come you remember?” Yaw anxiously asked.
She stood, realizing she had said too much out of anger. She got more furious and started spilling the beans.
“Yes i remember, i remember everything right at the moment where i saw my tape on Ray’s laptop,  So stop looking pity on me. I can be on my own now.” Franca said.
“But Franca how, since when, how? Don’t you think we need explanation” Asked Yvonne
“Look who is talking, the lesbian….”  Franca said but was interrupted when her Daddy arrived from work.
He heard Franca’s statement and wondered who they were referring to.
“Whats going on here, who is a lesbian, and who is this gentleman” He asked
Franca almost said the whole thing but Yvonne over shadowed her and interrupted.
“Ermm Daddy, you are welcome, this is the young man i told you about, the one who saved Franca’s life today, he came here to thank you himself for ordering for his release”  Yvonne quickly lied to save the situation.
“Is that so, i should be the one thanking him, young man thank you so much, how can i repay you” Daddy said.
Franca immediately seized the opportunity and turned things around in her favor.
“Father, let me use this opportunity to officially introduce him to you. His name is Yaw, my boyfriend” said Franca.
Yvonne and Yaw didn’t know what to do. Yaw himself was just choked with words. There was no way  he can deny Franca at the moment.
He just stood there mute with nothing to do. Franca’s attitude just turned him off.
He had never seen this side of her before. To him Franca was just a little naive lady who was the emotional type.
He just couldn’t believe that Franca can be cruel this way.
Yaw had no option than to ask for permission to leave.
“Sir, thank you very much as well, but i will kindly want to take my leave now, my area is quite risky at night ” Yaw said.
“Oh i understand you, i can’t let you go just like that, have dinner with us then you can leave tomorrow morning, there are so many rooms here, am not going to accept no for an answer. ” Daddy offered  and quickly ordered the maids to set the table of dinner for four.
Yvonne just kept it on a low all this while. She had less to say about what was going on. She didn’t also want to step on Franca’s toes before it pushes her to blow out the news of her being a lesbian.
Within some few minutes dinner was set. Franca was all over Yaw in as much as he expressed dissatisfaction, she ignored it and kept doing her own thing.
Mid way through the dinner, Yvonne couldn’t bare what Franca was doing anymore that she had to go to her room and lock herself up. She cried all night long.
“Whats wrong with your sister” Father asked Franca.
“I don’t know Dad, she has been very very busy today” Franca said being sarcastic.
Yaw was so worried about Yvonne, he just needed the slightest moment to talk to her alone.
Franca’s Father called a maid to prepare a room for Yaw but once again Franca quickly turned things around.
“Aww daddy, why the need for that, Yaw will sleep in my room tonight.” Franca said.
“It’s not advisable my daughter, anyway, you are both matured to feel free to do what you want to do. I just want to see my daughter happy” Said Daddy.
Yaw never liked the idea, but he was limited with choice.
Franca’s room was just adjacent to the living room, unlike Yvonne’s room which was upstairs.
When dinner was over, Franca’s Father sat at the living room to work on his laptop.
There was no way Yaw could opt for another room since Franca’s Father knew he will be sharing a room with Franca.
Eventually Franca held Yaw by the hand and went into her room right in front of her Dad who was sitting at the living room by then.
To be continued.