“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 16


Yaw saw Yvonne differently now, he finally saw the good in her and that made him feel more guilty as ever.
Soon, Yaw was released right after they finished processing the bail.
Yaw wanted to show appreciation to Yvonne so together with Franca they both headed towards Yvonne’s car, where she was waiting.
Franca held Yaw’s hand without regarding what Yvonne will feel about it.
As soon as they got to the car, Yvonne was seated behind the wheel ready to take off, Franca jumped onto Yaw with a hug.
“At least, the good news is you have been released. I will call you when i get home, byeee” Franca said this right after the hug and went into the car.
Yvonne was still hurt and kept her eyes away from Franca and Yaw. Tears couldn’t stop rolling down her cheeks.
As soon as Franca got into the car, Yvonne quickly drove off giving Yaw no opportunity to speak to her.
Franca was not being sensitive to her sister knowing very well that she was hurt. She smiled all the way through till they got home.
Yvonne never spoke any word to her, she just went straight to her bedroom and locked herself up.
Franca thought it was normal, she sat at the living room thinking of Yaw with smiles all over her face.
Yvonne kept shedding tears in her bedroom. Her pillow was soaked with tears. She felt so hurt that she needed someone to talk to.
The only friend she had since high school was Daisy. They were no longer friends any more because Yvonne changed her ways of doing things because of a guy (YAW).
This was the only opportunity to reconcile with her, she thought.
She immediately picked up the phone and called her to come over.
Daisy got there in no time, Franca then directed her to Yvonne’s room.
Franca couldn’t stop thinking of Yaw. She picked up the phone to call and talk to him.
Yaw: “Hello”
Franca: “I miss you, i just called to show my appreciation. ”
Yaw : ” Don’t worry, is Yvonne around?
Franca: ” Yeah, she is in her room.”
Yaw: ” i am coming over right away”
Franca thought that Yaw was coming to see her (Franca), she was so happy and excited. She quickly went to shower up and waited for him.
That wasn’t Yaw’s intention. He wanted to make things right. He made up his mind to make it up to Yvonne and there was no way he could wait for another day to do that. It has to be now or never.
He quickly went to Franca’s place. It was a bit late though when he arrived.
Franca gave him a big hug upon seeing him, she wanted to give him a kiss but surprisingly Yaw refused and asked of Yvonne.
Franca was surprised when he asked of Yvonne.
“She is in her room, Baby, i thought you came to see me? Said Franca.
“Far from that, i want to see Yvonne, let her know i’m here” Yaw insisted.
Franca had no option than to call Yvonne for him. She shouted out her name but no answer.
“Yaw i think she must be sleeping or something” Franca said.
“Franca, kindly go and check for me, i need to see her” Said Yaw.
Franca who was reluctant to go in the initial stage, eventually went. Yaw couldn’t hold himself up any longer that he ended up following Franca.
Franca only noticed Yaw was following her when she was at the door step of Yvonne.
The Door, wasn’t closed, the first knock was enough to push the door open.
To Franca and Yaw’s surprise, Yvonne laid naked in bed with Daisy’s face buried in between her thighs, giving her an oral sex in other words licking her clitoris.
Yvonne and Daisy were lesbian partners until She met Yaw where she fell in love for the first time and also had real sex for the first time.
To be continued tomorrow.