Woara Episode – 9 “Good Consul”


She looked very pale, it was as if she was sick. When she succeeded in getting my attention, she said nothing else and headed to out spot where we used to sit and talk alone. I read between the lines and knew I had to joined her. Eventually, I left Efua and Ishvi alone and went to join Yvonne.
My ego was just at it’s peak because I knew I was right and so my plan was just to stress her as soon as she tries to apologize. I got there and without even allowing her to talk, I started yelling at her. Honestly, I wasn’t even angry but that was what I wanted her to see.
I wanted her to see that I was hurt and perhaps use that to even end our friendship. I felt that will even give me the opportunity to get back into Afra’s life.
“What do you take me for, you think you can buy me with money and break my heart like that. I have my pride, I’m really disappointed in you Yvonne” I yelled at her.
She tried as much as she could to come in yet I was just acting like a “bitch”, I was not even ready to listen to her. I went on and on making her feel bad.
The yelling got to her and before I knew it, tears was rolling down her cheeks. As much as I felt bad, I didn’t want her to see that, so I went on, without stopping.
“You had a serious guy all along and you just wanted to take advantage of me.” I said. She couldn’t handle it anymore, the only thing she could settle to was to run off in tears. I felt I had succeeded in breaking up with the friendship, but I knew that wasn’t the best way to do that. But hey, she was the one who lied to me, so I was still right at that moment.
My “Samsung pocket” started buzzing right then, It was Afra. There she went about with her mysterious attitude. She was like she wanted to see me again at her place. I needed that company especially after everything that had happened.
Afra sounded differently on the phone, she sounded as if she needed me that very moment. I didn’t hesitate at all. I rushed there quickly. That was where I met Fred. He was the one who persuaded Afra to call me.
Just when I got there, Afra went to her room leaving me alone with Fred. I began bleeding from nostrils after Fred landed a heavy punch on my face.
“Stay away from my wife, or else you won’t live to feel another punch on your face, now get out” He warned. So that was the whole motive behind the invitation. I was surprised to even see Afra part of this whole thing but I was ready to even get that punch from him.
I had scheduled a hangout with Ishvi before I left campus. Maybe he could be of help with all this happenings. I told him everything and he on the other hand was even surprised I was acting so childish.
“You know what, I think you should listen to Yvonne first before you do anything. Like you rightly said she has really been helpful to you all this while, I think you need to listen to her” He advised.
As much as I knew he was right, I wasn’t ready to adhere to his advice as at then until he made another shocking revelation.
“I really love her sister too, You remember how I used to talk about her back in school and now that I have her, I don’t want to loose her just because of Yvonne” I said.
“Yvonne is not the kind of girl you think she is, I know what am talking about” Ishvi said. He sounded as if he knew her.
“Why are you talking as if you know her” I asked.
“Look, you are my friend and I don’t want to hide anything from you. Yvonne is a good girl, I honestly don’t know this guy called Fred, but to tell you the truth, I was in a relationship with Yvonne until, I cheated on her with Efua.” He revealed.
End of Season One
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