Broken Seal ~Episode 16


​Adrian quickly hid behind the door in such a way that the door would cover him when opened. I was suprised to see my door half opened, was i that much in a haste that i forgot to close the door properly? I wish i never left the house in the first place! Sitting on the couch, i felt uneasy, it seems i’m not alone in the room. Isn’t that weird? I checked to four corners of the sitting room but no one was there. To satisfy my curiousity, i strode to the adjoining room to search for the ‘invisible’ person in my home. ____________________­________ Adrian watched as Isaiah walked to the inner room. He seized that opportunity to stealth out of the house. _____ Oh i’ve been hallucinating, no one except me is in the house! Whats wrong with me lately? Things around me are getting more weird with each passing day. __________________________ Adrian happily went to his boss’ Rodelio, and explained all he had done. As a prove of it, he(Adrian) put on the tele-bug and rewound it to where Isaiah was having a phone conversation. Rodelio was pleased, as a reward for a job well done, he gave Adrian an envolope containing 5,000 peso. _____________ 
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Today is february 13th! You know what tomorry is right? Oh you don’t? Okay i’d tell you, tomorrow is Valentine!!!!! Can you imagine that? Woooo huuuuu i can’t wait to give my baby the best valentine gift ever! What do you suggest i give? Everything is already planned out, its gonna be a big surprise for Ella. I told samuel about my plans and he’s also helpinq out! The remaining hours of my day were so boring, dunno why. I sat on the couch watching a soap since i wasn’t sleepy yet. When i was about going to bed, my clock gave an alarm, indicating its 12am already. I reached for my phone to call Ella. The phone didn’t beep twice before she picked up.
 Ella: hi dear, not sleepy yet?
 Me: i closed my eyes, opened it then closed it again and realise i can’t sleep without wishing you a rossy valentine. 
Ella: hmmmm thanks! Any plans? 
Me: yeah alot.
 Ella: tell me about it. 
Me: its meant to be a surprise.
 Ella: can’t wait.
 Me: hahahaha goodnight i gotta sleep. 
Ella: dream of me!!!
 *hung up*
 Its morning already, i had a long dreamy night. I got off bed lazily, did my morning hygiene and got clad in the best valentine wear i can think of. Thanks to Chuck Taylor. Valentine here we go! I drove to a supermarket, bought a silver necklace for ma’am Kate, alongside with my ‘something’ ______ 
Within few minutes, i found myself in Ella’s home. It isn’t too early, i guess the time should be some minutes past 10am already. We took permission from ma’am kate, then Ella and i hopped into my car, driving to my arranged destination.
 Ella: mind telling me where we’ar going? 
Me: calm down miss, you’d find out. 
___To be continued___