Broken Seal ~Episode 15


I opened the door only to meet a kid who shouldn’t be more than 16. He was wearing teary eyes. I seem to be a cry fuel to him ‘coz immediately he saw me, he bursted into another cry session. I tapped him gently on his shoulder. 
Me: hey kid, whats wrong?
 Kid: sorry for disturbing, my dad is at it again, he’s treating momma like a punch bag again! 
Me: what!!! 
Kid: can you help me stop him? 
Me: sure! Why not? I hate it when men bully their wives, its so annoying! And you know what? 95% of those men can’t stand a fight with their fellow male!!! where do you live? 
Kid: about 3 houses from here. 
Me: okay, lead the way lets get going. As we walked out, he muttered some words i didn’t comprehend, probably he said “thank you” 
Adrian saw them passing by, mission1 accomplished! He had paid that kid to put up the act. Adrian was still clad in his black bike suite, with black handgloves. Swiftly, he jumped over the fence and found himself in a fairly large compound. He turned the door knob, which suprisingly opened, great!!! He succeeded in planting a bug in one of the remotes he saw on the table. But the bug won’t help right now! He need a tangible information. Yes a dairy would be perfect for that! He located the bedroom, with the hope of finding a dairy. 
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 walked briskly past four houses, didn’t this boy say his home is only three houses from mine?
 Me: hey kiddy, aint we there yet? 
Kid: (pointing to a path off the main street) this way…. I followed him quietly, we walked for few minutes, i didn’t hear any strange sound that would tell someone is being bullied…. 
Kid: (pointing) thats our home, it seems the neighbours have intervened, she isn’t screaming anymore. 
Me: are you kidding me? Lets go in and find out!!! 
Kid: thanks for your help! (jogged away) 
Me: aaaaaarrrgghh so annoying! I just wasted my time mtcheeeew! This kid must be stupid. 
Finally found a black grimy dairy on the mini-book shelve. Fliping through its pages, he found nothing interesting, until a write up caught his attention…. “oh dairy! I’m so tired today, guess what, we dropped Isai in her dorm, room 25A san sebastian college. Hahahaha i won’t forget dad’s warning -protect my princess blah blah blah. Of course i would protect her, why not? #feeling drowsy goodnight dairy!!!” 
Adrian grinned after reading that…ahah! He’ve found something useful. Now in the living room, he turned the door knob, only to see Isaiah. (i knew his name from a write up in the dairy). Isaiah was already in the compound. WTF! What should he do? The house have only one exit, should he use his gun or better still start a fight? Many thoughts ran through his head. ___
To be continued___