“Woara Episode 8 “The Ex”


“What” Yvonne yelled out. “As a matter of fact, he is even here with me” Afra continued. I had no idea of what was going on. Yvonne actually had a boyfriend yet was able to even ask me out. Though I was more into Afra, I was surprised to even see myself hurt over this. But there was nothing I could do at that moment.
You could imagine the look on Yvonne’s face after Afra had said that. Right there and then, Fred, who was all along waiting somewhere at the parking lot, joined in and there we all stood, Afra, Yvonne, Fred and Myself.
Honestly, I felt really jealous of this whole thing. I felt I was been cheated on. Even with all this, I found myself lucky for not accepting her proposal in the first place. She really had a boyfriend all this while. Perhaps, what I should focus on is rather finding a way to win Afra’s heart. If sex meant nothing to her, I will definitely make her see the essence of it. I just can’t brush this off like that.
“What are you doing here Fred? Yvonne asked. From her tone, I could tell she was very upset and everything showed that she wasn’t even happy to see Fred around. Before Fred could answer her, I just had to excuse myself and to my surprise, Afra also opted to follow me leaving Fred and Yvonne alone to settle their unfinished business.
That gave me the chance to ask Afra more about Fred and Yvonne. She wasn’t that hard nut to crack this time around, she wholeheartedly opened up and told me everything.
She began telling me everything as we walked down the road from the car park.
“Fred and Yvonne had been together for ages, I can’t really make out the years, but trust me, its been really long. Even before I went abroad. I just wondered why they haven’t even gotten married by now. Everything about them is just perfect. I guess this the time Fred want to make everything right and take her to the alter” She revealed.
I couldn’t say anything. I was just chocked by own words.
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“I just wish I had a man like Fred you know, she is the perfect man every lady would want to be with.” Afra continued. Having said that, I felt very inferior. Now I couldn’t even stand Afra’s words as much as I wanted to hear more. This made me realize how confused I was.
One moment, I was much into Afra yet I get jealous of Yvonne in the arms of another man. Who do I even love? I asked myself. Afra and I parted ways and just there and then I went straight home.
I had a terrible night, I stayed up thinking about everything that had happened in the day. The very day, Yvonne stood by in front of the whole class and defended me to the extent of rebuking her own best friend Efua. Just when I thought that was enough, she went ahead to even clear the debt I owed in school by paying off everything. Then came in Afra, the one I claim I am in love with. She also ditched me even after the sex and all that and now, out of nowhere, here comes Yvonne’s supposed husband to be, Fred.
I went to campus early the next morning, hoping to get an explanation for all that had happened. Surprisingly, Yvonne didn’t show up that day. Perhaps she was spending quality time with her boyfriend, Fred.
Just when I thought I had enough for the day, Efua came in. Initially, I thought she was going to ask of the whereabouts of her best friend but it only turned out that she only came to apologize for her actions towards with me with regards to the letter.
Well, that boosted my confidence, I asked if she knew the whereabouts of Yvonne after we reconciled but her response was not positive.
I thought of using that moment to my advantage. Efua is Yvonne’s best friend so she may know who Fred really was. Her story was no different from what Afra told me. Yvonne was really dating Fred all this while. I wondered how she was going to react when we get to meet in person.
It’s after two days now and yet there was no sign of Yvonne. I didn’t bother myself to call her, since I felt I was so right at this point.
I got a reason to smile, when I got to campus the third day after the incident. I met my old mate, Ishvi. This guy and I really had fun back in school. We rolled together and besides, he was the one who gave me the name Zygote. That guy was so smart and that made him attractive to the ladies.
You can imagine the reaction when we met. I had even forgotten I was on campus, He shouted my name out and so did I.
“Herh Ishvi, what are you doing here” I asked him.
“ I never knew you were in this school oo…I came to see my woman” He said.
Wow, Ishvi was going out with a lady here. The way he even went about saying “my woman” showed that he had really changed from his old ways. Back in school, Ishvi had all this ladies of which he called them “side chicks”. He never had a serious girl.
Just when he said that, Efua came out of the class and joined us. To my surprise, Efua was the lady Ishvi was referring to. It was good we had made peace by then if not, I would have snitched on her to Ishvi.
Just when I thought I had had enough for the day, I heard the voice of Yvonne, calling me from behind. I turned and our eyes met. I noticed right there and then that, aside all what had happened, I had really missed her. She looked very pale, it was as if she was sick.
To be Continued
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