Broken Seal ~Episode 11


​*phone rings* Me: ooooohhhh who is calling this early morning? ‘coz Some people have phone, i can’t sleep well? Mtcheeeeew. The caller is Samuel, i guessed right! If not him nobody would interrupt  my sleep like this!!! *on the phone* 
Me: hello? 
Samuel: hi frogy! 
Me: what!!! 
Samuel: just listen to your voice, a frog’s is far more smoother. 
Me: you woke me up to hear my voice? 
Samuel: you’ar still in bed? Its 8am already! 
Me: am not lying on your bed am i? 
Samuel: whatever……uhm this is black week, which means you’ar free today, why not come over lets have fun!!? 
Me: black week not fun week, you’ar supposed to be mourning by now! 
Samuel: don’t keep us waiting! 
Me: us? 
Samuel: yes ‘us’ i’m not alone, catcha. He hung up before i could reply,. ‘Philippine black week’ is observed every year, in honor of our soldiers who died during a grand war with the Americans. Americans are damñ powerful!!! History has it that they used robots to fight our ground soldiers. Can you imagine that? Someone would be in the control room, programming the robots while real humans drop like flies. Wickedness!!!!!!!!!! I had my usual morning hygiene before leaving for samuel’s house. Am still in possession of his car and i have no intention of returning it. 
 I had the most boring ride ever, thanks to the crowded street. I arrived Samuel home and was let into the compound by his gatekeeper. Samuel was playing long tennis with a familiar looking dude. They were both clad in white t-shirts and white shorts, white oxford sneakers and a tennis cap. “hmmmm-hummm” i cleared my throat to make my presence known.
 Samuel: welcome buddy! 
Me: thanks….christian? 
Christian: hey bro, longest time. 
Me: exactly, where were you hiding? 
Christian: in a rat hole (chuckles) 
Samuel: (wiping his sweaty head with a small white towel) okay guys lets go in! 
*in the living room* 
Christian is a guy i met here in Manila, months ago, he’s a cool, tall and muscular dude. He is also friendly, reason why we always get along.
 Samuel: what can i offer my hungry guests? 
Christian: who told you we’ar hungry? Snacks would do. 
Me: with lot of ice cream. Samuel went to the kitchen and came back with some snacks and cans of ice cream. We enjoyed ourselves for over an hour and decided to take the fun to any nearby bar/eatery. 
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*in the compound* 
Me: why don’t we take my car? 
Samuel: huh? You’ve gotten a car? 
Me: common, do you expect this baby (pointing) back? 
Samuel: thats my best sport car, especially ‘coz of its blue color. 
Me: tell it buh-bye. 
Samuel: you can have it, only on one condition. 
Me: lets hear it. 
Samuel: you’d let me date Isabella! 
Me: hahahaha, if i ever see you around her, you won’t live to tell yout story. 
Christian: funny dudes, can we go now? 
Me: yup! 
Christian: i’d drive, its been long i set wheels on fire!!!
 Samuel: show us what you gat. I tossed the key to christian, and we hopped in. Samuel was at the back seat while christian and I were in the front. Christian was driving crazily! I love his stunts especially in a sharp bend. The tires seem to be flying. We arrived at D & F bar, it looked more of a night club. 
We found ourselves a round table with three chairs round it. Christian and Samuel sat next to each other while i was facing them. We each ordered for pork pepper soup and bottles of exotic drinks, we were eating and chatting at the same time.
 Christian: Isaiah, isn’t that your……..(pointing) 
Samuel:(cut christian short) what! They are even kissing, shes such a cheat!! What are these guys talking about? I asked myself and turned to see for myself. What!!!!!!! I screamed, when my head interpreted the message my eyes sent. |||can you guess who i saw and why i screamed?||| ::::::::::
To be continued::::::::::