Woara Episode 6 – “New Me”


I kept asking myself if I had done something wrong? Or was it that, I was bad in bed? I asked myself as I slowly walked out from her house.
I had so many unanswered questions on my mind as I headed home, aside everything I felt really good with the whole sex thing. What more could i wish for? Commitment. That’s the word I’m looking for. I felt that the sex was a major deal to me that I thought, once it had happened, it meant that our love for each other had been reaffirmed.
Taking a second look at the whole thing, Afra actually said nothing about love or commitment. All she told me was to come to her place so we can catch up with old times and from all indications, sex was just the perfect way to catch up with old times I guess.
Even with the manner at which she spoke to me afterwards, it was as though nothing had happened. Maybe I was expecting too much or was dealing with this whole thing seriously. I really needed some answers. I needed to know our way forward. I still had feelings for her; I wish to be committed to her alone if she allowed me to.
Soon the day ended and a new day began. At 4 am, I had already woken up but still laid on my bed, thinking of what happened between Afra and I. My manhood was just acting like an on and off switch. Anytime I think about the sex, its get erected and shrink the moment her last words to me cross my mind “kindly shut the door behind you on your way out”.
Its almost 8:00am and yet I was still on my bed, thinking. I checked the time and realized I was running late for lectures. My toothbrush was my first call and within the space of 30 seconds, I had already finished brushing my teeth. Usually, you will find me heating water to take my bath in this ”Harmattan” season. But today, I was running out of time, so I gave my bath to the grace of the Almighty.
I dressed up quickly and off I went. Strangely, this whole brouhaha about my letter was not really a matter to me. I begun to feel that it was normal and for once, I went to class with my head and shoulders up like I was a force to reckon with.  I don’t know what was actually my motivation but I felt like a man. In fact, I just had sex last night and that made me feel equal with my peers. After all, I was involved with two sisters. One who happened to be my first love, and the other who happen to be center of attraction on campus.
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This is me, this is why, I was nick named “Zygote” and for once in a long time, my ego was up and I was beginning to feel comfortable of myself.  As late as I thought I was, I got to the lecture hall to meet the class in its usual chit chat mood. I saw Yvonne sitting right at the corner where I usually sat busy going through her phone. And just when I thought I was a man enough to face my obstacles, Efua switched to her teasing mood.  She was the very girl who snatched the letter from my hand and began reading it to the class.
“Kwame Maradona is in” She shouted, calling the attention of the whole class upon my arrival. Then they began laughing, mimicking the exact words I used in my letter.  I hastily walked and got myself seated right beside Yvonne. Suddenly she stood up and left me. Initially, I thought I had done something wrong but not knowing she was standing up for me.
 The next thing she did was go and stand right in front of the whole class.  “ Efua, I’m really surprise at you. I’m surprise as best-friend you will go so low to the extent of mocking Kwame.” She said looking very angry.
“My face lighted up suddenly as she began talking. “We all know how bad your grammar is yet we overlook it.” She continued “Now class, tell me what is wrong with the letter, have we all not done this before? We are matured and such childish things shouldn’t be tolerated” Yvonne scold the entire class to the extent that the whole Lecture hall was filled with total silence.
The whole class was stunned, you can imagine how I was feeling. I got the hottest “chick” on campus right at my back. Upon a second thought, she reminded me of her proposal, what more would I really want in a woman. She was endowed with beauty, brains and above all, she got my back like tattoo.
But I was so much into Afra, my first love, she was the girl I always long to be with. It only happened that, just when I wanted to move on with Yvonne, out of no where Afra showed up.  Having said and done, Yvonne stepped out of the class. The “Jon” in me got sparked as I quickly followed her out like a hungry toddler running after his mother for food.
“hey, I really don’t know what to say, thank you for standing up for me back in class” I said as I got closer to her.  
“It’s about time, someone put them in place. I should be the one thanking you for yesterday. My sister really appreciated it, apparently, there is something she said she needs to discuss with me which she categorically stated that your presence will be needed” Yvonne said.  
No!!! that was not what I was expecting, what does Afra need to discuss that requires my presence? I just hope it’s not what I was thinking of. I began to freak out that very moment. Well I love Afra, but this will actually break Yvonne’s heart if she finds out I got intimately involved with her sister.
To be Continued.
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