Passion and Power – Monday (30-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
Eladio tells Julia he has accepted to recognize Franco and she thinks it’s a good idea. Julia sees that Eladio has also taken his ring off which she can truly tell now that he has forgotten her totally and Eladio says No and takes the ring out of his pocket to tell her that he still have the hope that one day they will come back together because he can never forget her and Julia nods her head to asks why it seems so since she knows he is going out with Nina but Eladio clears things that Nina is just a friend because the only woman he will forever love is her (Julia) though he accepts the fact that she is now with Arturo which he holds no hard feelings .
Franco tells Marintia that seeing Julia always makes him throw up but he still has to pretend to love her in other to prevent Eladio from getting back with Julia and Marintia thinks it’s a good idea.
Eladio tells Caridad that he now wants to recognize Franco and she looks so much overjoyed and thanks him so much for doing that. Eladio then asked her to keep it a secret from Franco until he tells him.
Jorge celebrates Regina for their one month of being together at Fiesta Americana in the presence of David and though it was tough for him, he still congratulates them for their celebration.
Caridad not being able to control her feelings about the news Eladio gave her, she discloses it to Franco that Eladio now wants to recognize him as his son and he becomes so happy.
Arturo asks Julia to be very careful about Eladio since he thinks she still loves him and not him (Arturo) and that he is going to do whatever it takes to make sure that she comes back to him (Eladio) just to prove that he is a better man than he (Arturo) is and Julia says she isn’t an object that they should be having conflict over her. In the act, they get attracted to each other and begin to kiss so passionately and a photographer was there taking pictures of them without their notice.
Nina proposes to the Montenegro shareholders about her plan to expand the provinces but Arturo, Erick and some others go against it whereas Miguel supports her because he thinks it’s a good proposal and Nina looks shocked about Miguel supporting her.
Augustin takes Gabby out for a lunch and Gabby tells him that Franco has already apologize for selling the Factory and Augustin asks if he is going to trust Franco again and she says Yes since he regrets what he did but Augustin thinks that isn’t enough and therefore he prefers that she listens to Franco’s recording on when he tried to blackmail Arturo and Gabby goes nervous.
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