My mum had noticed that something fishy🐠 was going on. Well it wouldn’t have been fishy if she had just told me what really happened:?.
Sometimes I hear her talking with my dad in whispers, and then my presence tends to halt the whole whispering conversation😶. Don’t tell me they were talking about love because last I checked, love in African marriages end at the altar:roll:.
I have been dreaming about Monica like crazy. Just yesterday, I dreamt that I was married to Monica and we were on our way to Canada🇨🇦 for our honey moon. We packed our luggage and happily left for the airport. I bent over on the counter with my passport and the airport turned into a chopbar in my area:twisted:, and we were buying Kokonte.
That was a crazy dream. I guess my mind was playing games with me, or its African electronics doing their thing😈.
When Sunday finally came I was all smiles. Manny had stopped calling me like she said and I knew exactly what was going on. I quickly dressed up for church only to be stopped by my mum and dad. They said I am not going to church today:oops:.
Now that was crazy! Why? And they said it’s for my own good. I was angry😠 and I knew I wasn’t going to be stopped. I told my mum about Monica Mensah and asked her why she doesn’t want me to know what happened. She told me I won’t understand! I hated that statement😒! I told her she was not going to stop me from seeing Monica.
She then asked me why I don’t like Manny. She told me Manny is crazily in love😧 with me and don’t I see it?
Then I let the cat out of the bag. I told her Manny was not the girl she pretended to be. My parents didn’t believe me until I showed them the messages from her facebook account. She was sleeping with a man of her father’s age👴🏾 and apparently, he was the one who got her that position in Ecobank. And this was the man she called her uncle.
As I scrolled through the conversation, my parents seemed quiet😷. Then I heard a thud! My mum had collapsed!


Watch out for episode 17. It’s ur man Eddy💫