Now I had to keep cool and work things out, if not, my parents would say I am going mad:o and have me put into a psychiatric hospital or something.
Manny had lied to me about not knowing Monica Acheampong, and my mum was hiding a whole lot of things from me. Now my next target was Julia my little sister. She had left me a note on something about Monica Acheampong which I didn’t understand😑.
I don’t remember exactly what the note said but I remember her saying it was something important. I had to find that doll or whatever it is that my mum was hiding in her drawer😒.
For the past few days I have been keeping to myself, talking to Akosua when I am feeling bored had become a norm. And also I have been reading Manny’s conversation with Thomas too🙈. I had checked Thomas’ profile only to see he was about 62years old:oops:🙊. And his conversation with Manny showed that they were intimate👉🏻👌🏻. I figured he was the man Manny keeps calling her uncle. Now, I am just waiting for him to come to Ghana🇬🇭 so that I can be sure of what I am anticipating. I was waiting eagerly for Sunday so that I can confront Monica Serwaa Akoto Acheampong. This name had caused so much confusion in my mind and I was ready for clarifications.
However, I didn’t want anyone to interfere so I planned on following her after church.
Anyway, my conversation with Akosua has changed over the weeks, she was now open and told me a lot of what transpired at home when I was in the hospital🏥.
All the information I was acquiring pointed to the fact that I was in love with this Monica Acheampong. And indeed I was! I had loved her in my coma and I was ready to do same in real life. I just didn’t know what exactly had happened after the accident. As I was sitting and chatting with Akosua I got a call, it was Manny. She told me her uncle had returned and that she may not be seeing me for a while😒. I told her I would still have to meet her uncle. She kept giving some trivial reasons and I managed to ask her to send me at least a picture of her uncle after much persuasion. She told me I haven’t met him before but I insisted. And guess whose picture she sent!!


Watch out for episode 16. It’s ur man Eddy💫