Moving on with reality was not as easy as I had figured😐. After lunch with Manny, we decided take a little stroll before we part.
I held her hand and that was all I could do. I looked away every time she looked at me☺. I liked her, true, but the whole relationship thing seemed to be too hard on me😣.
I had to fake laughter😆 to make her happy sometimes but I was not going to live a fake life forever:?. I had no memory to share with her. So I decided to ask her questions about herself. She told me she had lost both parents and that she was brought up by her uncle.
She was a branch manager for Ecobank😬 and was hoping to start her own business soon. I liked the way she was thinking. She told me she lives alone now since her uncle had traveled to the States, and wanted to know if I would like to pass by her place before I go home:roll:. That was a no for me. It just didn’t feel right, I was too confused in life to get myself into more complex situations. I know for sure what would happen when we go to her place because I have noticed how she looks at me. I am not stupid! I just lost some few memories, or maybe about one terabyte of memory😄.
I asked her if I had been to her house before. She said yes and the way she made her face showed that I didn’t go there to just admire her home. I guess I wasn’t a virgin then! And I wasn’t as religious as I was in the coma.
Well, things had to change. I told her I would pass by her place some other time. She looked disappointed:(. When we parted she paid my taxi fare and then gave me a goodbye peck on the cheek😚☺. Felt good though. I smiled at her.
When I got home I went straight into my room to rest. I saw a piece of paper with a writing on it. It was Julia’s handwriting. It read “Mummy is keeping Monica Acheampong in her drawer in the bedroom. She doesn’t want to give it to me”. She continued “Sister Acheampong had something in it for you, she said it was important.”


Watch out for episode 9. It’s ur man Eddy💫