As I was dressing up for church👔 today I was filled with mixed feelings. I was afraid😓. I had no idea the people I would meet there, and how I am supposed to relate to them all. I won’t know who to smile at:mrgreen: or who to give a hug.
But I was happy too. Manny had told me of Slim Kiti, and I was hoping to see him today:). I had her send me his picture so that I don’t confuse myself.
Before I forget, yesternight my brother poured water on me. I had no idea I was that free with him. I felt like slapping😒 him actually, but I managed to laugh it off. And Manny also texted me this morning asking if I would like to have lunch with her after church. She was practically asking me out😄. I understand her, and I think I have heard her once saying she misses me:|. I replied affirmatively✅. As I moved about in the house I could see my parents keeping a close eye on my every action. I won’t be surprised should I find a hidden camera in my room.:? When we got to church I tried to keep a warm face. I had forgotten the name of my church and even how the Pastor looked like😬. After preaching, my parents had a thanksgiving offering presented on my behalf. I was prayed for and then returned to my seat. It was as though the whole world had eyes on me👀.
I had spotted Kiti and so I approached him right after the service. He didn’t really seem to be much of a friend😐. I smiled as I walked over to him but he kept a simple look on his face, not what I was expecting to see.
It made our conversion very weird and awkward. He seemed to be closing up on me. As I took a step back with a smile I bumped into some one. Only to see it was Monica, or well the lady who said she is not Monica:oops:. I smiled:D and said hi but she looked away quickly and walked off. I am sure she thinks I am partially mad or something. I looked at her as she walked away and then I saw her look back at me again. There had to be something about her.
As I was looking at her I felt someone wrap my eyes close from behind. It was Manny, and she was looking beautiful😘. I asked her who that girl was, and she told me she is one of the “too-known” girls in the church. No wonder she didn’t even say hi😒.
I left with Manny for lunch and what?? That girl was *ucking rich. We spent about GH470 cedis at the restaurant. Funny thing is that when she ordered for the food I was trying to be a gentleman by paying for it, and then she stopped me. A plate of rice along with the drinks and chips cost GH120 cedis:oops:😁. So calculate for the two of us. And tell me the degree of disgrace my GH50 cedis could have caused me.


Watch out for episode 8. It’s ur man Eddy💫