Every morning I brush my teeth, take my bath and even ease myself under a nurse’s supervision :(😠. Then I have a long series of tests.
It’s usually the same routine. The doctor asks me a number of questions about myself which I reply, he doesn’t tell me if I’m right or not. And then he shows me some pictures of certain people to find out if I can tell their names. My answer to all the pictures is no❎ except for the one with the guy with big eyes👽, how can I forget LiWin?
All this while my left hand is locked in a device attached to my bed. The doctor said there have been cases where people who return from coma misbehave or behave like madmen. The doctor will then ask me to tell him what happened in my coma😣, everything I did or saw.
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Honestly, I just tell him a fake story. And each time he asks about Monica Acheampong, the name I mentioned when I woke up, I tell him I don’t remember. That’s a lie though. And I had stuck with this routine and story for about 9 days now.
Today, the doctor had the nurse unlock my hand from that device☺. The doctor then told me that each day, he will permit me to ask him one question or request. That sounded nice, and we were starting today. I was tempted to ask him the name of the lady with mum when I woke up, but then I changed my mind. I asked him to give me my hospital file:mrgreen:. He looked at me and chuckled. I bet that was unexpected. He walked off vertically swinging his pointed finger at me as he shook his head with a smile. He returned with the file.
My personal information was not different from what I had in mind. I was admitted to the hospital by someone called Serwaa Akoto. She seemed to have visited me for three weeks and then her name doesn’t show up again. The lady who visited me with my mum was called Manny Maame Foriwaa .
It didn’t sound familiar at all. I had had my doctors changed twice, and this was my third doctor. I dared not asked any question again. I assumed they thought my situation was helpless. I was admitted to the hospital unconscious and with no sign of bleeding.
When I lifted up my head I saw a lady passing down the corridor, she seemed to have stopped for a second or so and looked into my room. As soon as I saw her I knew who she was. It was Monica Acheampong:oops:!!!


Watch out for episode 3. It’s ur man Eddy💫


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