I have no idea what is going on. I was about to probably have the best days of my life only to wake up in a hospital🏥. As if that is not enough the doctor said ” It is possible he had had many hallucinations during his coma, and may even suffer temporal memory loss”, and he was referring to me😦. He added, “He will be fit for discharge after a series of tests and scans”.
I was totally confused. I had a very good life going on somewhere else and this, I wished was a dream! But it was so real to be a dream. So I asked my mum how I got here, she looked quietly at my face and then at the lady beside her. She told me she will tell me about it when I am discharged. Then I asked of my dad and my siblings. All this while I kept looking at the lady beside her👀. She looked very familiar but I couldn’t grasp where I had met her, how she behaves or even her name.
It was like a knowledge hidden in the dark. Or like an examination question you cant answer not because you haven’t seen the term before but that you have forgotten everything about it😬. But I knew I know her. I didn’t want to be rude by asking my mum who she was.
She was about my age, well a little younger. I smiled and winked at her;). I watched as her faced changed from a worried look into a smile. I waited patiently for my mum to mention her name in their conversation. She didn’t mention her name so I asked my mum for my phone. It was lying on a table nearby. She picked it for me and then I switched it on. I tried using my pattern to log on but it kept failing. I told my mum that my pattern is not working and she said I may have just forgotten. Well this was the pattern I had been using in my coma all this while.
When she helped me out, I immediately changed the pattern to the one I know:roll:. I then went straight to my contacts list. Most of the names seemed familiar but I couldn’t picture faces to them.
Then I went to my gallery. I had pictures of some animals and my family and some with the lady who sat beside my mum in there:oops:. Before I could say anything the doctor came back in. When he saw me holding the phone he was angry with my mum, he took the phone from me telling my mum not to joke with my memories. Ah😒!
I was getting a bit angry and when I tried to sit up he and a nurse held me down and gave me a hot injection.😭💉


Watch out for episode 2. Its ur man Eddy💫