Afia walked backwards in fear as Kafui walked towards her, they entered the room and Kafui locked the door.

“you killed Elom, and you had the guts to come live here, I can’t really wrap my head around it, how…….”

If you are not Elom, why did it look as if you hated me, since you came you’ve been acting like I was your enemy, what did I do?”

Kafui looked at her in disdain and pushed her onto the bed, she struggled to rise but he pinned her with his knees and pulled down two belts hanging up that she had forgotten to pack, he tied her to the bed and rose.

“You murderer, you are going to go to jail, you are not going to get away with murder”.

You haven’t answered my question, why did you already hate me?” She asked, her voice shaky.

She knew she had come to the end of the road, the only thing she regretted not doing before going to jail was making Patrick pay for what he had done to her.

“I’ll give you that answer when you are in a cell…where murderers belong”.

Kafui stepped out of the room and locked her in. Afia stared at the door for a few seconds and started crying, her life was ending right in front of her.

Kafui walked down the corridor, he had hated Afia the moment he saw her because he thought she was one of Sedi’s sex toys.

He knew Patrick loved his sister enough to let her do what she wanted so he just thought Patrick had allowed another lesbian into his house.

Now he had found out Elom had been murdered. They hated each other, that was no secret.

Elom was incapable of loving but he was very capable of ruining, Elom had taken his woman and married her just to piss him off, he had had three kids with her and dumped her.

But that didn’t change anything, this was death, this was murder and the culprit had to go to jail, that was the only way his mind was going to be at peace.

He had to tell his sister and her husband what was going on and who they had right under their noses.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and answered.


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Afia was lying in the bed wriggling, damn the bastard, he had tied her in such a way that she couldn’t free herself.

Whatever she had done to Elom he deserved, one less bastard in the world, she was going to go to jail, she wished she could see Korkor just once before, but her fate was tied to Kafui.

She somehow understood him, it wasn’t easy to patiently listen to the person who murdered your brother, no matter what your brother did, murder is murder.

Afia heard the turning of a key in the keyhole and stopped wriggling.

Who was going to come through the door, Kafui, the police, the whole family?

The tears flowed down her cheeks again, why hadn’t she believed Korkor, she might have been sitting with Korkor cracking funny jokes by now.

She saw the door being pushed and retreated into a small corner of the bed where she prayed silently.

Who was coming through the door, the whole family, the police or Kafui?

Find out in Episode 2……