I didn’t know what was going on😱. I quickly helped my dad hold my mum up. I rushed for some water💦 and after pouring about a bucket-full on her she gained consciousness but too weak to move.
My dad asked me to get the car keys🔑 and then wake my brother up. When I checked, his room was empty😟. So my dad got my mum into the car and I had to drive her to the hospital😋😷.
My sisters were not awake and my dad didn’t want them to wake up with no one around so he decided to stay and join us at the hospital after they’ve left for church⛪.
Come and see 💨speed. This was the first time my dad was letting me drive his car and I was all smiles but my mum’s situation wouldn’t permit me to show it.
When we got to the hospital I signaled for help and that was very dumb of me😣. I had forgotten it was a public hospital. For your information, most public hospital workers seem to be unconcerned💁🏾 about emergencies or anything. The nurse I signaled to was just looking at me with her nostrils wide like Akrob3to😒!
It was a young man who helped me walk my mum into the hospital. After all the ups and downs she was admitted, and the doctor said it was a heart attack:oops:. Now I just hoped she will be okay.
Not very long after that my dad joined us. When it was almost afternoon, my dad asked me to leave for church and go home with my sisters.
I was already dressed up and so I left. Service was almost over and I kept looking round for Monica👀. When I couldn’t find her I walked over to a lady who often chats with Monica, she was called Winifred and I asked of Monica’s whereabouts. She told me she has decided not to fellowship in this church again. What😰!! Then I asked her to please give me Monica’s contact number. She told me she would have given it to me but she doesn’t have it😒. I could tell it was a lie but there was nothing I could do. I stood there looking at her face😐.
She seemed a little snobbish🙅🏾, so I decided to just walk away.
Then I remembered I had the bracelet from Wafaz in my pocket. I turned back and asked her to kindly give it to her for me, I faked some tears in my eyes😪 to make it look emotional. Then she said, “Awwww, she told me not to give her contact out but, hmmm Eddy you are still troublesome”. Wait a minute:oops:! She even knew my name. This girl paa😠!


Watch out for episode 18. It’s ur man Eddy💫