The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 7



I wasn’t happy that night, But Nancy will surely be very happy. I know she’ll bombard Mirabel with lots of questions and other things she would like to know out of her curiosity. She won’t let Mirabel rest because she’ll want to know a lot from the little opportunity she got to sleep on the same bed in the same room with the President’s Daughter which happens to be her brother’s girlfriend *Winks*


Around 5:21am I heard a loud knock on my door and heard momma’s voice calling my name, it was time for our morning devotion which was Nancy’s turn to lead.

I joined them in the sitting room singing praises to God. We heard the word, we prayed, did some chores, bath, then ate bread and tea for breakfast.

I didn’t know if i should be angry with Mirabel or not. I hate being disappointed. Did she really disappointed me?  She made her point sha buh i still didn’t like the fact that she turned me down.

Mum got prepared to go to the shop with Nancy. Mirabel asks if she could join them. Mum agreed while Nancy was glad. Mum asked me if i’d join them, but i declined.

Mirabel took me to a corner and gave me a quick kiss,,, just a kiss before she left with them. I was left at home,,, alone.

What i did i do?

I dashed to the kitchen immediately, took a big cup, put a lots of my momma’s powdered milk with chocolates, then used cold water to drink it.

I went to the sitting room to watch movies,,, many channels were showing interesting movies, series, and music but they bore me. I got out of the house to the game house. I related with my hommies and they showed me love. We played, gists, we had fun till i left there later in the afternoon when i got hungry.
Mum called me to inquire if i would go to the shop for lunch, or prepare something to eat at home, or buy something to eat. And of course i chose to buy something. I don’t really enjoy suya in the day time so i bought meat pies and hollandia yogurts. I got bored at home again, i decided to watch the television and NEPA seized the power. I don’t chat when i’m bored so i just slept.

I don’t know how long i slept but i know i didn’t wake up intentionally. My rap ringtone actually woke me up and the tone appeared in my dream.
**Picks up**

Me: Hello *horror voice*

Promise: Hi,,, why weren’t u picking up? Have u been sleeping?

Me: Yeah

Promise: Yeah,,, seems so sounding from your voice. So how u doing?

Me: Fine i guess

Promise: Mirabel told me she’s been at your place since yesterday and that you weren’t feeling too well, so how u feeling now?

Me: Better,,, i’m ok now

Promise: Of course, why won’t u be ok now when she’s with u

Me: Yea,,, how u doing?

Promise: I’m ok, rocking my iPhone

Me: I see… that’s good

Promise: Yea, the camera is wow!

Me: Yea it is

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Promise: U sound boring, what’s up with u?

Me: you just woke me up from my sleep

Promise: Even at that, its not like u

Me: Promise I’m fine

Promise: Sure?

Me: Yea sure

Promise: Ok, we’d talk some other time when you’re more ‘lively’

Me: Yea, bye

Promise: Byee…

**Hangs up**
I saw 2 missed calls, it was from Promise.

The power got restored back buh i still wanted to sleep. I was enjoying my dream before Promise cut it short.
It was even her call that made my dream sweeter. Because i was hearing my rap ringtone in my dream.

The dream was….

I was in class and the Lecturer was lecturing. Then suddenly, the Lecturer started rapping my ringtone in the class which was 2Pac Shakur’s. I joined him in the rap ‘coz i know the rap and i love it.

That’s how my Lecturer and i was rapping in the class before i woke up and discovered that it’s my phone that has been ringing.

Later in the evening, Mirabel and Nancy came back from the shop to start preparing dinner. I really missed her,,,, i mean Mirabel.

We exchanged pleasantries and i got just a peck from her.

Me: How did it go?

Mirabel: Very fine, the sales was good

Me: Oh i see… i know Nancy disturbed u

Mirabel: Not at all, she’s fun and good to be with

Me: Really? Even with her talking problem ?

Mirabel: Its not a problem Victor, its her Natural gift and its cool

Me: Hhmmmm (speechless)

Mirabel: Talk to u later, lemme freshen up (Walks away).

After they did a little freshen up, Nancy went to the kitchen while Mirabel came back to me.

Mirabel: I will be leaving tomorrow Victor

Me: I thought u would spend the week here?

Mirabel: I never planned on doing that, besides your Dad called to inform your Mom that he’d be coming back tomorrow

Me: So, U will leave me like this?

Mirabel: Like what?

Me: We could spend quality time together tonight

Mirabel: Not gonna happen

Me: Come on,,, not even a kiss? Or kisses rather

Mirabel: **smiles** (she walked closer to me and whispered) Mum instructed us to prepare fried rice and chicken for dinner, and she’d bring some yogurts. So hold that thought for later (She gave me a simple kiss on the lips then walked away smiling) I was like ‘Hhmmmm’

About 45 minutes later, I started perceiving a delicious aroma from the kitchen. I couldn’t bear the suspense of the aroma any longer so i left the house to the game house to pass time, I hate suspense.

There was a kind of party at the game house. I was told earlier but i forgot. On reaching there, they start hailing my name. I felt like a local celebrity. They dragged me to a seat claiming its mine and brought in drinks for me. I don’t drink alcohol anymore but i couldn’t refuse it because of how they were hailing me.

They showed me love. And the hailing also made some girls come around to me. I was hesitating to drink but my guys were pushing me to drink before displaying on the dancefloor. I finished one bottle, they opened another one for me. I was about to empty the bottle, before two of my guys dragged me to the dancefloor. The people that knows me started screaming. My head grew bigger, the DJ changed the music to one of my favourite song for dancing which was ‘Alingo’ by P’Square.

The song burst my head that i didn’t know when i started dancing. Its been long since i last danced but i still didn’t missed my moves. Before i knew it, girls started bringing their waist closer to me. One even came and put my hands around her waist then she started twisting it for me. The party ‘entertainers’ came to me from behind and offered me a cup of dry gin and two piece of condom (That was how we party) It was the gin that got me high.