Now I am surrounded with trouble on every side, however, some troubles outweigh others😑. Akosua has asked me once who Monica is, and I have been honest to her about everything except the part where we were intimate🙈.
Thing is Akosua didn’t seem to be much concerned. The other challenge is quite bloody. I woke up one morning only to see blood stains in my shorts😱, first I thought I had had my menses, or womenses! But then I saw that during my sleep I had killed a bedbug as big as a cockroach:roll:. Hahaha, just kidding😜!
But yeah, bedbugs were my newest challenge. I think they followed me from where I camped this year. Last Sunday during the reading of the scriptures I was sharing my Bible with a neighbor. The scripture was Isaiah 43, and when I got there a bedbug was playing in Isaiah:oops:🙊.
I quickly tried to clear it off but the guy had noticed it and told me what it was…..as if i dont know😒. Then he told his friends to have a look too. That was soo annoying.
Anyway today is a holiday. It is Eid-ul Adha. And I am hoping to spread Akosua today. When I called she told me she had plans with her girlfriends and that she was so sorry:|:|. Well I was getting used to that already. Then Monica came over to my place. She asked if I would like to go out with her to West Hills Mall. I told her I can’t and that I just wanted to stay home😣. She decided to stay home too and we really had fun.
We played all the games we used to play when we were kids…..except “maame ne paapa” .Then we played Video games too. We could scream and joke and make faces because we weren’t shy of each other, and I loved it. Then when we were quiet I told her about Akosua.
She didn’t like it but I knew it was the right thing to do. Apparently my sisters had already told her about Akosua. She told me a lady who leaves her guy for her friends on a holiday is not really ready for a relationship:?…ikr. As she said it she approached me steadily raising an arm towards my neck. Oh my😁! Not again. Well she was just killing a bedbug!


Watch out for episode 10. Its ur boy Eddy💫